Specimen One

Specimen One

by ReggieRome

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

I'm walking down the side of the road, minding my own business and thinking to myself, and decide to go to sleep under my bridge. But then I wake up somewhere totally different! Who are these people? Why are they covered in blood? And what the hell is this place? They're speaking a totally different language that anything I recognize, but they're speaking at about four syllables a second, so from that I can assume...

This is a story about a homeless genius who gets taken somewhere totally different from where he went to sleep. He uses his talents not only to understand his environment, but eventually, maybe even conquer it? Explore the mystery, action, and psychological theory with our main character as the world gets totally flipped upside down and he has to find his way through!

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The god of time would be pleased

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

Tensing in this story threw me off so damn heavily. I get that it's grammatically okay to do, I get that there's nothing wrong with doing it, and I understand that I shouldn't rank a fiction lower just because of it.

But screw whoever thought that. I don't like those kinds of tenses and that's my personal opinion. Some people on this site are going to like it, and I will respect their decision(even if it's a stupid-*ss decision.)

Grammar is alright. Kinda heavy on descriptions and not much else. Would have to read more to figure out if it's just like that in the start but I guess I'll leave that up to any other readers. 4.6/5 from me.


An alien in Alien world

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

The premise it´s a promising one, a human from our world throw it in a one who resembles the alien worlds of the stories of Clark Ashton Smith, the grammar it´s right but i feel a bitt confused right now by the direction that it´s a full description right now of the setting and the protagonist trying to process this uknown situation not giving much attention to understand the nature and motives of the other characters because of the language barrier, but it´s the main course for now, there it´s potential.