Blood Quest - A LitRPG

Blood Quest - A LitRPG

by Ely

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Leon's family has been diagnosed with a new type of incurable blood disease. It's an absolute death sentence and when it turns aggressive, you only have a few more years of painful life left to live. His mother has just begun the last years of the disease when a person supposedly comes back from death with supernatural abilities. He talks about a choice you get after death--get an extra chance to come back to life, or die.

Even with Leon's diminishing life span, he won't consider the option of going there, until he meets another survivor who had the same goal as him and succeeded.

Leon has a choice to make—die now for a chance to save his mother, or die in a few years, where the disease rapidly melts his muscles from his own body. 

He enters a game-like world, a sort of limbo, where his ultimate goal is to climb the tower of Katastroph before his mother's time runs out. There are a few problems with this though. The tower is almost impossible to beat, if you die you won't revive, and only three people in over twenty years have actually made it back. Leon has two years to climb the tower, with the help of the few people willing to try. People with agendas and problems of their own.


The story starts pretty dark but goes onto a lighter tone. Then (more) dark again.

Disclaimer: This story is an experimental project and I hope to get any and all feedback you can give me.

Warning: First draft.

Chapters tend to be between 3400-4100 words long (about 8-11 A4-pages). Mentioning it since I've seen it in other fictions :P Sometimes they're shorter, sometimes they're longer.


Cover made by: Jack0fheart



I hope to release a chapter every weekend—the release usually happens on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays.

I really appreciate all comments and feedback, so if you have anything to say, feel free to voice it :) 


A rundown of things you can expect to see:

* Characters having different goals

* Sometimes unlikable characters that grow—some readers love them, some readers hate them

* Characters dealing with different traumas while chasing their goals

* Lies and deceptions—what/who can you trust? 

* No sex scenes, and no dealing with sexual traumas

* Stats, but not in battle

* Tower climbing (once in a while)

* A pretty grim, unforgiving world that poses as a generic fantasy setting (for the most part)

* Progression—OP isn’t a word that’s used here

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Table of Contents
42 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1—Miracle ago
Chapter 2—Results ago
Chapter 3—Decision ago
Chapter 4—Taking a Leap of Faith ago
Chapter 5—A New Chance ago
Chapter 6—A Fluffy Companion ago
Chapter 7—Exploring A New World ago
Chapter 8—Bad Luck ago
Chapter 9—Life of a Scab ago
Chapter 10—The RagTag Group ago
Chapter 11—Let’s Have a Party ago
Chapter 12—The Other Corridor ago
Chapter 13 - The Great Escape ago
Chapter 14 — Tests and Goals ago
Chapter 15—Run ago
Chapter 16—An Unexpected (but really, expected) Skill ago
Chapter 17—Pet Project ago
Chapter 18—Yes, Boss ago
Chapter 19—Levels ago
Chapter 20–Information and Preparation ago
Chapter 21—The Day has begun ago
Chapter 22—Into the Tower ago
Chapter 23—The Challenge Begins ago
Chapter 24—Ugly Truths ago
Chapter 25—Neverending Chests ago
Chapter 26—Lost Things ago
Chapter 27–Trust ago
Chapter 28—Hurt and Tattered ago
Chapter 29—Something to fight for ago
Chapter 30—Rewards (aka: So many boxes) ago
Chapter 1 (or rather, 31)—On the Defense ago
Chapter 32—What to do next ago
Chapter 33—Surprises and Consequences ago
Chapter 34—A Somewhat Unfortunate Change ago
Chapter 35—Party Tryouts ago
Chapter 36—A Friend ago
Chapter 37—Pest Control ago
Chapter 38—The Power of The Arrows ago
Chapter 39—Progress ago
Chapter 40—Warning ago
Chapter 41–Season Shift? ago
Hiatus ago

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This novel drew me in from the beginning, it’s well done
the characters are great and all the action scenes are fun
the dialogue is pretty good, the system all makes sense
the way the lead is introduced is nuanced yet intense

The style is standard isekai but with heavy tone
the lead is sympathetic, from the inner thoughts we’re shown
there’s a bit of humour, and the chapters all fly by
aside from some game-info-dumps, on pacing, this scores high

The story follows someone who would die to save his kin
through sacrifice he winds up in the tower-world he’s in
the mysteries and world are still unraveling right now
but the story has already earned stars anyhow

The grammar score is high considering the site we’re on
it’s nearly native, easy to read, scenes are clearly drawn
the author puts a lot of work into the editing
there’s clear distinction between dialogue and narrating

The characters are good and introduced at a nice pace
we get to know their flaws and the various goals they chase
the party is still forming as of this early review
but they’re likable and justify the things they do

Overall, I strongly recommend this budding tale
if you want a tower isekai, this will not fail
I was sucked right into it, and I’m sure you’ll be too
this one stands out to me, and I’ve read more than a few


Not entirely original but it's great to not see another Jason.

Anyway. Reading this, I didn't see any obvious red flags. Sentences ran smoothly enough, grammar wasn't that big an issue, and personalities were easily understandable. Nothing crazy good but that doesn't really matter. Reads fine and that's what is important in the end. I recommend reading it. 5/5


No mistake, this is a must read!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 10—The RagTag Group

*No Spoiler Review*


‘Blood Quest’ is a LitRPG with a well-structured premise, logical approach and real consequences that set this tale apart from others of the same genre. Ely does not pull punches in the opening chapters, setting a dark tone before entering the game world. When the story gets truly underway it is a rewarding read that keeps me coming back for more.

Style + Story:
The story of Blood Quest is nicely done, following Leon and the choice he makes due to a condition that threatens his life and those of his family. Unlike many LitRPG’s, the main character knows what he is getting himself into and he has a defined goal. Once ‘in game’ it feels like a more traditional high fantasy with built in LitRPG elements that are a natural part of the world, adding to the story rather than a tale that revolves purely around dropping stats and inventory lists.

I really like that Ely has approached the dark themes in a logical fashion with plenty of reasoning to support the difficult decision that Leon makes in the attempt to find a cure and save his family. Humour is sprinkled among the chapters in little moments that really bring great warmth to the tale.

Characters are nicely crafted and a joy to read. The main, Leon is no exception. Despite his issues, it is easy to empathise with his decision and follow his path as he begins his journey. His experiences and reasoning  are well thought-out, keeping the reader in the character’s head-space, giving a nicely grounded and immersive experience.

Another aspect I am thoroughly enjoying is that it is not a power fantasy, Leon has to work for it, it’s not easy and sometimes the game-world is outright unforgiving.

Support characters are a joy to read, with lots going for them! They may not be much (at the moment) but they bring a lot to the tale!

Punctuation and grammar is nice, and nothing to complain about!

Overall, ‘Blood Quest’ caught me completely off-guard; I just want to keep on reading! The tale is tightly presented, is well-grounded and makes awesome use of its characters and world-setting! The first chapters are strong and the premise is well defined, hooking the reader in and making you want to come back for more. All I know is; I want to see where this story goes! Don’t hesitate, give it a try!


Blood Quest – A litRPG is a, well, a litRPG fantasy story about Leon. The premise of the story is super interesting, starting when a man who had died returns from another world and back to life, becoming an international sensation on television as he tells the world about his return from the other side. Apparently, anyone who meets the criteria is able to fight their way up a tower and to return to the living world.


Because of the disease spreading through his family and claiming them one after another, Leon ends up taking matters into his own hands and eventually finds himself in the other world of Gaitol, starting his journey as an adventurer as he learns about the world and makes his way to the tower. Along the way, he meets several people who we see more or less of, Hert and Ava being the two most commonly seen. Both of them are interesting and dynamic, Ava is a little annoying at first, but she becomes easier to stomach once you spend more time with her honestly. The three of them get along well.


The world itself is interesting and well built, the introduction chapter is a very strong hooking point that I really enjoyed. The writing is strong with good prose. I found no noticeable spelling or grammar mistakes. The author makes ample use of stats and numbers, but only starts using tables later on, so the earlier numbers are a little messy to read, but nothing fatal.


All in all, if you’re looking for an interesting litRPG with a somewhat darker premise, then please give this one a fair shot! =)