The Violet Dawn (a dark litRPG adventure)

The Violet Dawn (a dark litRPG adventure)

by UnrestrainedElder

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The Central World of Grandemyr, the highest of magical worlds— limitless and inexplicable, its vast boundaries roamed by countless existences of arcane abilities and power.

Experiencing betrayal and death, syndicate member Kiera Ashborn wakes up in a forest at a remote corner of Grandemyr— devoid of information, weapons, and acquaintances, with only a plain white dress covering her new small body.

With her only tool being her new homeworld’s system, Kiera will learn the joy of adventure and battle, stroll through fields of death, cross colossal oceans and encounter mystical races, with a set goal driving her forward— become stronger.

Note for new readers:

This novel is a work of fantasy that includes magic elements, thus— I strive to implement the reality of a world where humanoids hold supernatural powers and construct hierarchies based on their power levels. Inevitably, such a novel includes many negative elements which may traumatize some readers, such as and not limited to: rape, profanity, detailed violence, and sexual acts.

The Main Character is a former assassin and thus more of a villain than an anti-hero, she shall value only what grants her maximum benefits, even over the lives of others. She is antisocial and prefers to work alone, she doesn't consider others as comrades, only as means to an end, and will have zero problems discarding them herself.

Schedule: two to three chapters per week.

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Slightly updated review from Chapter 8.

Kiera is a main character that is ruthless and will achieve her goals. The story is based on a system and has some very unique worldbuilding and power systems which is enjoyable.

From what we have seen so far the world is based on many Isles and the size of the world is much, much larger than Earth. We have now also seen how the tyrannical attribute fits onto the world power-wise. 

There is a great cover, a great look for the system display, a main character that uses experience and quick thinking over plot armor to survive, a well-thought-out way early on for why someone who reincarnates keeps their memories without 'because god said so.' 

There are many aspects of the story that are slowly being revealed, the first few chapters are more establishing the world as Kiera slowly makes plans on how to improve herself in the world.

The latest arc currently gives a lot of worldbuilding information that will give you a better idea of Kiera's power. There are also creative solutions to fights that give a satisfying end. 

If you have not read the synopsis then you should. This is a dark litrpg for a reason, if you do not like dark-themed stories then better find something else. 


Instantly hooked. I have an extreme soft spot for LitRPGs so I can't say much past that bias. But things I can say that take this down a star is the very odd dialogue and pacing. Things feel like they just keep going and don't really linger on one thing for too long, and I understand some readers like that but I like deep description as a reader. For the dialogue, I'm just purely not a fan, it feels like it's supposed to be comedic and serious at the same time? It feels unnatural and flows as such. 

Other than pacing and dialogue, I do not like how page encompassing the windows are. Without being separated from the story itself, it's kinda hard to tell where it ends and stops (though maybe that's just me).

Overall it's a 4/5.