Master of the Loop

Master of the Loop

by beddedOtaku

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Life in a fantastical world didn’t add up to everything Sylas thought it would be. There were no pretty ladies goading him, there were no overpowered items and abilities tossed his way, and there was no calm and peace. Instead, he was tossed directly into a hellhole some few hours before it was to be invaded. That was it, he figured. His fantasy adventure in another world would be a short-lived one. He’d die and that would be it. Except...


You have died.

A ‘Save Point’ discovered.


You will be returned to the ‘Initial Save’ point.

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Word Count (20)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Unwound ago
Chapter 2 - Castle of Ethwar ago
Chapter 3 - Again and Again ago
Chapter 4 - Death is Alright ago
Chapter 5 - Better Off Ignorant ago
Chapter 6 - Search for the Boy ago
Chapter 7 - Boy Towels ago
Chapter 8 - Kingdom of Ethernia ago
Chapter 9 - Princely Woes ago
Chapter 10 - Means of a Conman ago
Chapter 11 - A Night of War ago
Chapter 12 - An Exalted Prophet ago
Chapter 13 - To Become a King ago
Chapter 14 - Bendor Estate ago
Chapter 15 - When Loyalty Falters ago
Chapter 16 - Temptations ago
Chapter 17 - To Outwit the Witter ago
Chapter 18 - Shadow in the Walls ago
Chapter 19 - Heartseeker ago
Chapter 20 - Monster in the Hiding ago
Chapter 21 - History's Most Eventful Week ago
Chapter 22 - Remnant Shadow ago
Chapter 23 - Subjugating a Spirit ago
Chapter 24 - Changes ago
Chapter 25 - Respite ago
Chapter 26 - Swordsmen & Blademasters ago
Chapter 27 - Trailblazers ago
Chapter 28 - Departure ago
Chapter 29 - Tale of an Exorcist ago
Chapter 30 - That Which Can't Be ago
Chapter 31 - Echoes of the Past ago
Chapter 32 - Pouring Skies ago
Chapter 33 - The Unspoken ago
Chapter 34 - Tales of a Prophet ago
Chapter 35 - Calling of the Dead ago
Chapter 36 - We Remember ago
Chapter 37 - Talisman Circle ago
Chapter 38 - Cold Snap ago
Chapter 39 - Dyn ago
Chapter 40 - From Wilds, They Come ago
Chapter 41 - To Wilds, We Go ago
Chapter 42 - Fire ago
Chapter 43 - To Take a Life ago
Chapter 44 - Cold ago
Chapter 45 - Children of the Condemned ago
Chapter 46 - A Complex World ago
Chapter 47 - Shard of Ascindium ago
Chapter 48 - Headaches Upon Headaches ago
Chapter 49 - Invisible ago
Chapter 50 - Repeat Offenders ago
Chapter 51 - The Harrowing Terror ago

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First, the story feels like it is being forcibly guided by the quest system so if you don't like that then don't read it.

The side characters aren't developed well and we barely know more than one or two traits for each one. The Prince also contradicts his description. First he is described as not able to deal with older women sexually harassing him but later we find out he was a player and cuckholded a couple nobles? This happens with other parts of the story too.

Another thing I find annoying is that  the Mc can kill himself without flinching, watch as dead bodies fall from the sky without puking or anything, but when he kills someone for the first time the author has to make him sick enough to fall into a literal coma. It just doesn't make sense and the author did not seem to be willing to consider the criticism of the majority when there was some backlash to this. Not that he should change it but he basically said that he would not consider the criticism.

Basiccally, a lot of key parts of the story make no sense but since this is a timeloop story it can be explained away as consequences not happening because he resets.

Overall if you love timeloop stories I recommend it, but if you like well thought out and well fleshed stories with indepth characters then this is not for you. Personally I will keep reading because it is kind of funny.


Its the Main Character for me.

Reviewed at: Chapter 44 - Cold

Im not gonna mince my word here. 

This is the same guy that kills himself or willingly lets others kill him on a silver plate. But the second he kills someone and enters a new loop. He shuts down his body and his mind goes in isolation FOR THE ENTIRE CHAPTER. I really had to read a whole chapter dedicated about a drama queen being dramatic about his first kill virginity. I would have let this slide if this was chapter 3, but this was chapter 43. 

Also the mc is weak. How weak? Weaker then a 9000 year old door that would shatter if it was forced open and that happened chapter 30ish. 

To top it off when the story starts its established that MC is a conman (a average one or at least semi decent) and that so far in the story he never had to go all out. Heck he even had a main quest pointing that he start tricking people to come over his side while making a supposed dead but still alive prince as the king to the throne....So tell me why later on when theres a meeting about entering a forest, i read this guy starting to question if the only thing hes good is to time loop which isnt even his thing.......i think the author forgot or is hoping we forget that his mc isnt a conartist. 

Im not sure about u guys but to me the mc infuriates me for being weak, useless and idk whatever the fuck ch 43 was about because hes not that guy. Man kills himself hundreds of times. Why should he care about killing someone in a kill or be killed situation

Sm taking a star away for the mc. The other star is taken because i fear in the long run the author is gonna fuck it up. The sign is already there.  The story has nothing to do with the main quest or at the very least doesnt feel like an advancement. And the author has 6 other novels with half of them being in hiatus.

So yeah the the mc for me that ruins it. I cant enjoy a story if i dont like the mc in a time loop scenario


Neat story with simple plot and motivations, but fun characters and exicting twists.

The style is everything you can hope for in a loop story, with all the fun that is included in such a genre.

The story is rather simple in terms of set-up and motives, but has plenty of unexpected plot points and fun world building. To be fair to the author, going over the ins and outs of a person in a isekai/timeloop situation would be like watching uncle ben die for the fifth time, boring and kind of insulting.

The grammar could use some work, but it's only a few misspelled/missused words here and there. Syntax errors every so often. It's just what happens when a story isn't ran through with a fine comb by an editor. Nothing like some of the stories on this site. Nowhere near enough to make the story unenjoyable.

Good, believable, fun characters. It's nice, and horrifingly refreshing, to see a 'morally grey selfish mc that cares for the greater good' that is actually a morally grey character that cares for the greater good. Normally those are just complete and total psychopaths that are portrayed as normal by the story, like really, I am genuinely concerned for some of the authors on this site... Anyway! I like the MC. Good to see the lighter side of grey.


Desperate MC in desperate world

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - Temptations

Of course he wouldnt survive. Honestly, just who expects to be thrown into dumb-heck nowhere where he knows nothing with the idea that they'll be the god-king within a wee few hours? This guy certainly doesnt.

Other reviews are likely better than mine, but I really just wanted to say that I liked the plot-building. Might not have reached the greatest parts yet, but I'm sure it'll come around soon.


It has everything you'd want in a time loop, the despair, the desparation, the crazed plans, and the practice, all without giving the main character any over powered abilities, other than his grasp on life. It was an enjoyable rea that I binged in one sitting, and I eagerly await for more chapters.


Great book with a great MC. Though I wish he was just a bit more physical in his actions. He's a coward at first but is slowly starting to find his footing. Its nice to see actual character growth in a book. 

Side characters are fun. There are a bunch of future events hinted at so that you have something to look foward to.  

All around solid book.

Edit: Skip chapter 44. That chapter does not exist. Nothing to see here. Just go to chapter 45. The author does a alright job recapping what happened and how the MC copes in chapter 45. 

Again don't read chapter 44. I am way better off from not reading it than 90% of the people who did. If you must read it, instead read the comment section and you'll see what I'm talking about. 


The main character is crude and a bit of a selfish jerk. He is slightly unhinged and does not always make the most rational decisions. Don't usually like these types of characters but seems to work in this context. Enjoying the story despite not being something that I would usually read.


I'm enjoying this story a lot!

The settings are well described; characters are unique; motivations are understandable/relatable; the story is intriguing; and the mechanics of this universe have me curious.

For me, the first couple chapters weren't confusing so much as I felt that I was missing some context/information, but the MC seemed just as out of it as me, which made the story that much more relatable. The writing is clear, so the reader understands what they're being presented with, but the why and how of it remain a mystery yet to be unveiled.

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the story!


The story is well written so far, the characters feel real (each has their own goals, etc...), the grammar is a lot better than MTL, so you don't need to waste additional brainpower on the mundane task of imagination.  

If you like real time loops and not... not loops? then this novel isn't for you, the author decided to branch out from the usual loop genre at CH 23 by deciding to make permanent changes to the loop.



One of the better Time Loop Stories out there

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Monster in the Hiding

Well this novel certainly has taken chunks of inspiration from the Movie "Edge of Tomorrow" with the desperate situation, start of the loop as recruit, even the first dialogue is copied from the movie but the story itself takes place in medieval setting instead. 

The MC doesn't know why he is in the loop and who put him there so only thing he can do it to take advantage of the fact that he is in a loop and keep dying to learn more about the world and to figure out his role within it and the goals given to him by the system. 

Some grammer issues here and there but author has done much better than most new works on the site.

Mc and characters are believable and humorous. Author has done well to not dwell to much on the side effects of dying too much in the loop and how it affects the brain. It keeps the story a bit light hearted. Pacing is good too.

Good to see that MC doesn't turn into a psychopath but keeps his rationality and morality in the loop makes it fun to read.