The Demon's Rapture

The Demon's Rapture

by MoonlitRayn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A man down on his luck, a world that's following suit. Caught up in a battle as old as time, Earth is devastated by mass disappearances, natural disasters, and all sorts of world bending feats. Divine interference refuses to let Earth progress as it was meant to, and those left behind can only do their best to survive. Sebastian just so happened to be one of those left behind. Scorned by those above and below, he does his best to survive in what can only be described as the Rapture.

Hey! This isn't my first piece of writing but definitely my first piece of what would be a webnovel. Release is planned to be daily but will probably be inconsistent at first, and feedback would be greatly appreciated! Inspired by many other authors on RR

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Lord Soul

Fast paced action with a hint of martydom

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: Unit 506

World building:  so far been interesting to read, some sort of biblical apocalypse, with a bit of a twist;Wtih the twist being a system of sorts ,recording the world, or being the bringer of change( Not much has been explored yet due to it being at the initial stages). There is also just a hint of wuxia cultivation but hasnt been one into depth yet, which is kinda intriguing, since the setting is in america, and this sorta thing is usually found only in eastern novels  But definitely an interesting and welcome twist to the usual post-apoc tales.

Plot: Has been pretty good actually, really enjoyed how the story has flown so far. With the MC being unvieled a bit at a time, along with pretty well thought out logic in the plot. No glaring holes so far; that ive noticed; Looking forward to how the plot thickens with them moving out of the city.

Grammar: Pretty good here as well;  Havent noticed anything off, maybe cuz the plot was pretty captivating. A big plusl.

Character: As i said before i think the author is trying to pull off a bit by bit unvieling of the character; but at first we are shown a 25 year old man. Who's some what philanthropic, when he feels good. Getting caught up and taking the apocalypse in stride, supporting his group. Whilst harbouring a somewhat guilty secret of sorts, which the author leaves crumbs of... After which we find out some of his motivation behind behind helping the group and friends is because he has.. or rather had a son. Which makes some convoluted sense


Overall i would definitely recommend this a read, if you like Lit Rpg and Apocalypse , along with a hint of wuxia cultivation. Looking forward to how the story develops.


Overall good but not great, on par with the greats of this site.

The author's obsession with edgyness and scars and body disfigurement is a little annoying, plus with such a thing as vitality, the system and magic something like scars shouldn't exist, much less holes. I think it's because the author is dedicated to making the mc an ugly scary dude, I don't like it.

Setting is very boring. The monsters are very bland. The author should spend a little more time describing them and making them exciting.

The mc is... Bland, just like the setting. He is just badass from the start, we don't know if he had friends or family or a girlfriend, he does not have any goals beside 'getting stronger', making it a bit of a boring read. He's not much of a hero or a leader, so his only points of interest are his powers and his 'badass' aura. 24 chapters in I don't remember his lastname, his age, hair color, eye color. This is like sun ken rock without the likeable mc.

Not much of a plot either. Just people reacting to apocalypse stuff. No conflict, no stakes. No reason to love him, as you would Naruto, Luffy, Jon Snow, Ned Stark and Jesse from breaking bad.

It's just as good as the best is this site. 



I'm not a really complicated or deep literary expert. I like this system, the powers, the characters and enemies. So I'm giving it five stars out of five. I also like how scars aren't just magically healed when he puts a couple of points into constitution. Another thing I like is the Ice affinity, I just don't see it used that often compared to other more popular affinities.