Bandit don't start as Bandits

Bandit don't start as Bandits

by Miracle Doctor

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

You always read zombie stories with the dumb zombies or special types of zombies. The easy bash in the heads and the need for a swarm of them to kill a survivor. 

Well, I wanted to try a different style of zombies. Showcasing the brilliance of us gamers that other stories downplay. Of course sneak a little revenge in the Starbucks clerk that messed up my order. But welcome to the new world of zombies. The new order of fighting for your life.. also please give me feedback.. first draft.. do wish to prefect the art as much as possible.

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Miracle Doctor

Miracle Doctor

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
42 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
breakfast is valuable ago
Night of ago
I can do what you can do? ago
Day 2 ago
I ran out of memes titles, I think this is day three ago
Pay dues to the fallen ago
Why are dogs so cute? ago
I have yet to learn my lesson ago
My jail has a thick stone wall, HBU? ago
Umm, I did wrong title switch up ago
Chow ago
The first signs of the awakening ago
Start of a beautiful relationship, with some blemish ago
change begins with the letter I ago
Oops did I do that ago
Wonder how the rest of the world is coping.. ago
Structure isn't all that interesting but chaos.. that's something I can dig ago
Hello, this is walker enterprise. We have a wonderful sale... ago
Too lazy to think of a title.. ago
What is the difference between summer fire and wildfires? ago
Criminal thoughts don't start from nothing ago
I found a reason to become what I always thought I could be ago
Damn, he's not so bad after all.. dizzy prick ago
Ass be like dat now? No more cornbread and collar greens? Sign me up ago
Life is like a box of chocolate ago
missing half ago
Guns don't kill people, my bad singing does ago
My sleep is great, hbu? ago
Economic growth is the first step to developing greed ago
plans meet reality meets chaos ago
The pangs of love often times feels like a mastermind behind the scenes ago
The petty war begins, let's see who wins ago
What happens when you take raw food away? ago
This is not what I expected but I'll accept it ago
We all mourn the lost of a best friend in different ways, right? ago
You play in the shadows but my fires burn as brightly as day ago
Walkers are friends, government is the government, so what's next? ago
Knowing when to run and when to push someone down, is an art ago
I feel kind of miffed but I know why ago
The wisdom of media ago
Tofu burgers are life.. honest ago
Can we take a time out? Bathroom break? Wait, I want to discuss peaceful resolution with you! ago

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(Disclaimer I did not read particularly far as of writing this so take my options with a grain of salt)

In my personal opinion the story could do with a lot of work, the first chapter is super rough and needs a rewrite because I barely made it through it. I kinda lost hope for the story after the mc refered to a highschooler as slutty. 

Grammar is decent but the sentence and paragraph structure needs a lot of work. 

I'll give the author credit theres some nice action scenes that I enjoyed and the idea of intelligent evolving zombies is neat but it needs some real work to the MC and the surrounding characters. So in summary characters= bad, plot= decent, action= good, grammar= passable.

Edit:changed it to 4 stars because i felt it was warrented