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Encyclopedia - Artwork, Definitions, and Important Info


A note from Briizy

Hey everybody :) Here is a chapter with fun artwork and a glossary of information that you can refer to if you feel the need to. Let me know if you want me to work on any specific artwork and/or lore that you'd want me to include here :) 



If you right click (or mobile equivelant) on the image to open it into a new tab, you will be able to zoom into the different parts of the map and see it in higher definition


Glossary of Mythical Allignments - Gods

Jayce is our MC - his stat boxes will be red. It should be noted that we begin his journey after he has leveled up significantly already, and while his Gods serve to aid him, they counter his natural strengths with a handful of weaknesses as well.

His base stats are:

Strength: 120/100

Agility: 100/100

Strategy: 95/100

Sanity: 80/100

Charisma: 90/100

IQ: 90/100

EQ: 85/100

Gods Thionius Genux Ateres
Information God of Immortality - aids Jayce in battle that are out of his realm. Thionius is mischevious and distracting, and as a result the reality around Jayce is blurred and difficult to understand.

God of War - Genux hightens Jayce's focus and ability to strategize. Genux only comes when grave danger is near, such as war and bloodshed. Where Thionius deals with trivial yet difficult pursuits, Genux focuses on the larger issues at hand that threaten more than just Jayce's life.

God of Death & Afterlife - Jayce has never interacted with his Ateres, but knows she is female. Not much else is known other than she is the Goddess of Death & The Afterlife
Strenghens Mischeif (+10 max), Immunity to worldly pain, Strength (+10 max), Agility (+10 max, or +5 each if combined with strength), Mana (+20) Intelligence (+20 max), Strength (+20 max), Strategy (+25 max), Charisma (+10 max) Unknown
Weakens Sanity (-20 max), Charisma (-10 max), Emotional Stability (-20 max), series of intense delusiosn and hallucinations, along with miscellanious weaknesses sprinkled throughout Agility (-10 max), Patience (-5 max), Emotional Intelligence (-10 max) Unknown, but death probably...


There are no leveling systems inherently built into the story, however we will be introduced to quests, side quests, and choices that will either increase/decrease his natural born statistics consequentally.

As the Lore is built, exposed, and explored in this story, please let me know if you would like me to expand on any of the information above or create new sections to the encyclopedia. I hope you enjoy the joruney to come.



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