The Last Prophet - A LitRPG

The Last Prophet - A LitRPG

by Briizy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

How am I to go against my prophecy and slay the Gods who blessed me from my first breath?

Jayce Wolfenshine , a for-hire mercenary by choice and prophet by force, spends his days traveling between the kingdoms who curse his name. A man who some believe cursed must fulfill his prophecy and please his Gods. 

With the world against him, he must traverse across forgotten lands and dungeons to best monsters—of supernatural and humane origins—to find the Key of Mythos and use it to access The Core. Such a gift will grant him immortality and power.

With this burden on his shoulders, it is no wonder that he struggles to make allies along his journey.

After one of his Gods warns him of trouble brewing, he finds himself at a crossroads. He must fulfill his prophecy at the risk of his own life, or go against the words of his Prophecy and destroy the entities that created him.

"To become immortal, or to destroy a God. That is my fate—a path set for grim tidings."

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this is not a review-swap. Just did it with the author on another fic

Since the first chapter has come out, I saw this as a perfect time to make a review. Not an advanced one, though. That's for next week.

The story starts up decently quickly, introducing us to this mighty fine MC. Defender of- probably shouldn't say that. Very fine one, though it was very close to Jason. Might have actually been intentional but whatever.

Style is good, ALBEIT THAT STARTING CAPS MAKING ME MILDLY SURPRISED. No real complaints to voice yet. 5/5 from me.

Marcus Breeze

This is an amazing start to a story with a good hook right at the start.  The concept of the Gods is something truly fascinating with tons of potential, and is done in a way with that will allow interesting interactions in the future.  The world is detailed and each chapter also comes with its own piece of artwork that helps set the scene and allows you to feel like you have truly entered the setting the author is creating.  I recommend giving this story a follow so we can see where the story takes us.