Fire Dublin (A LitRPG Fantasi–Sci-Fi Adventure)

Fire Dublin (A LitRPG Fantasi–Sci-Fi Adventure)

by Rprast0m0

The royal conflict will never stop raging. Betrayal, coup d'état, usurpation for the throne, have become part of royal life. Plus, there’s a strange material that’s spread across the world through a major catastrophe. A strange virus spreads all over the world, causing death for all humankind.

Elisia Naumann, a princess from the kingdom of Gwelissa, has to accept an astonishing fact in her life. It sent her to an unknown place, alone with no experience. Her journey with her new partner will determine the course of her life and unravel all of her past.

Join with Elisia on an adventure to seek the truth in a post-disaster world that will fill with mysterious material infections, agents and bandits, dangerous places, and strange monsters that will confront her with a game system she has never seen before.

Cover art by @fireytika

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