Speedrunning the Multiverse

Speedrunning the Multiverse

by adastra339

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Dorian achieved his life's goal: reach the peak of power. What now?

Do it all over again, of course.

But faster.

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Full disclosure: I've read the story ahead of time, so this review is based on what I've read in 6 chapters.

I see an immense amount of potential in this story. It has been a while since I've been so thoroughly entertained and excited to see the progress of a story, but this one has certainly managed to catch my interest.

The story concept is very simple, we follow a bored god, who in his eternal life, has decided to reincarnate multiple times to try and speedrun the Dao and reach the peak of cultivation.

Now we follow one such run of his, and get to see for outself, what it's like, to speedrun becoming a god.

The idea is simplistic and fun, the writing is quite well done and flows very well. I can't say much about the characters so far, Dorian as an MC is just what you'd expect of a god bored out of his mind from eternal life, and the other characters have not been too notable so far, but it is the progression and the potential for the impact the MC can have, alongside the simpistic fun of watching a main character focus on getting stronger, and purely just that is what excites me.

Which is strange as normally murderhobo MC's are rarely interesting, but in this scenario it is anything but. I wouldn't call the MC a murderhobo yet based on his actions, but that may very well be the path things may take.

Overall, this is definitely worth checking out and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an engaging and fun read.


I genuinely enjoy some good power fantasy. The the spectacle of someone being really good at something is always pretty fun.

The power fantasies I enjoy normally has 1 of 2 properties: grounded or spectacular. 

This one has spectacle and it revels in it. It's very enjoyable to read. 

It also has the extra of the MC being a bit insane which is always a plus in my book. 

Eagerly awaiting what comes next


"The only psychopath he respected was himself!"

Reviewed at: 10. Suspect Alchemy

The synopsis of this book is succinct and perfectly describes what the book is. An immortal godking with infinite time on his hands becomes a serial reincarnator to speed run getting back to the godking level of power (it's a strong from the start OP MC cultivation novel with litrpg level up messages, fyi).

We join him on his latest run where he's reincarnated into less than desirable circumstances. Will our cunning, ruthless, funny, self-proclaimed psychotic MC recover from his unfortunate start and complete his fastest run yet?

I guess we'll see!

Day 1: escaped from sure death, murdered a man, face slapped young masters...and lots more.

Our MC, Dorian, isn't joking about needing to go fast! And honestly that premise is both uniquely brilliant and hilarious. Sure, a reincarnated grandmaster can reach the pinnacle again, being slow, methodical, ruthless, etc. But now you add a serious challenge into the mix--doing it as quickly as possible. If you're trying to do things speedy, you can't do things the slow and steady route, hiding in the shadows and hiding your strength.

I for one am really excited to see how the plot progresses since the MC is already taking an interesting "look at me, I'm a prodigy, gimme resources" path vs the Reverend Insanity biding time in the shadows path.

The prose itself is good, and there are no glaring grammar issues at all. Good stuff!


Early days, but good so far

Reviewed at: 10. Suspect Alchemy

More please, really intriguing and fun so far.

Only been a few chp's up to this point (chp10), but what's here is a fun, interesting, and new take on the xanxia/cultivation experience.

It's still early days, so no idea where this is gonna go, and it could easily become a rushed mess due to the context, but what's here so far has made me want more.

I enjoy an mc power up story, as long as there is some sort of structure/logical progression to said power up. Not just systems handing out endless overpowered skills/spells/abilities, cause plot needs it so.

I'm also a sucker for my blue boxes, which are here but so far pretty minimally. Some stories use these as nice little notifications, which this one is at least to this point, and it works as these type of stories done need huge stat tables every other paragraph. As the story itself is doing the work, and doing it well, they seem to be there just as nice little highlighters.


The Arrogant Young Master That Could

Reviewed at: 9. The Son

EXTREMELY good story with entertaining, quippy dialogue, a unique setting and a really interesting cast! Super excited to see where this story continues, although I hope existing characters don't get abandoned as our protagonist keeps powering up and presumably raiding tomb after tomb into the 8th realm. The main character's semi-sociopathy is fitting and doesn't feel edgy, I just hope he doesn't become another protag who isn't at all invested in side characters beyond what rational value they provide to him. Anyways, extremely promising and interesting story, well worth a read.


New Run, Peerless Godking%

Reviewed at: 5. Prodigy (I)

I'm a fan of cultivation. I'm a fan of do-over stories. I'm a fan of speedrunning. Combine them all into one and guess what? I'm a fan. 

Honestly, Speedrunning the Multiverse is the traditional do-over story taken to the logical extreme. Not only do we have an insanely experienced OP protagonist brought back to square one, but we have one that has experience with the very act of doing it over and over again. Much like the gaming communities which this story takes its name from, Dorian features an almost meta-level understanding of his world and what the optimal strategies will be at each turn. He's a ruthless, borderline sociopathic OP MC done in the best way.

Adastra339 also has a very fitting style for such a character, with prose that is complex but not trying too hard, if that makes sense. They can add splashes of glorious poetry here and there, but they aren't afraid to keep it simple either. 

The grammar is pristine, too. 

If you're in any way like me and love a good do-over story, this one will definitely treat you right. I'm expecting to see great things from you, Speedrunning the Multiverse!

(This counts as a top trending prediction. +1)


It's not a 5 star story, but it's 5 stars in enjoyment. With well written charector, funny jokes, and eloquent language, I can't help but smile at every page.

The real gold dust here is actually very simple. Almost all cultivation novels pretend to be deep and end up falling into obvious cliches. This just goes, why pretend, and then intentionally uses those cliche tropes in clever ways. It's refreshing. 


For some reason I'm really liking this story, idk if it is the fun characters and interactions, for the first time seeing systematic knowledge of alchemy in a cultivation novel, or the fact the mc speedruns the world. Hope there's thousands of chapters to come, so I can read them all!


Logical... in a fantastic and outlandish way

Reviewed at: 14. Explosion

Let me just say... this story is pretty bad ass. If I was in the MC's place, I would probably do the same thing he's doing. The premise makes great sense. It's a lot of fun -- great entertainment value! Cannot really describe the plot without spoilers, but... just try it, OK?




This guy, girl, ancient mummy, "whatever" it is writing this knows how to introduce a character and while in action describe the character.      

Its like watching a painter draw a picture of your face with 3 lines. And somehow it has personality.      

Its keeps the pacing very brisk and yet you get complex characters that live and breathe.