Speedrunning the Multiverse

Speedrunning the Multiverse

by adastra339

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Dorian achieved his life's goal: reach the peak of power. What now?

Do it all over again, of course.

But faster.


Tentative M/F schedule. 

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1. Time Starts Now ago
2. Plan ago
3. Alchemist Hu ago
4. Stung ago
5. Prodigy (I) ago
6. Prodigy (II) ago
7. Prodigy (III) ago
8. The Chief ago
9. The Son ago
10. Suspect Alchemy ago
11. Apprentice ago
12. Angels of Death ago
13. Blood & Bloodlines ago
14. Explosion ago
15. The Chosen & The Spurned (I) ago
16. The Chosen & The Spurned (II) ago
17. The Chosen & The Spurned (III) ago
18. The Chosen & The Spurned (IV) ago
19. The Chosen & The Spurned (V) ago
20. Luck & Loot ago
21. Calculations ago
22. Buying It ago
23. Death & Rebirth ago
24. Fight & Flight ago
25. Sinkhole ago
26. Pill Bonanza ago
27. Interlude I ago
28. Loose Tongues ago
29. Stick & Carrot ago
30. Moving Fast ago
31. Closing In ago
32. New Blood (I) ago
33: New Blood (II) ago
34. New Blood (III) ago
35. New Blood (IV) ago
36. New Blood (V) ago
37. New Blood (VI) ago
38. Tearing & Repairing ago
39. Festivalgoers ago
40. A Hard Reunion ago
41. Tribal Ties ago
42. Yama's Chains ago
43. The I in Team ago
44. A Taste ago
45. Playing Doctor ago
46. Arrival ago
47. Life Sacrifice ago
48. Commencement ago
49. Faustian Deals ago
50. Golden Boy ago
51. Trial of the Body (I) ago
52. Trial of the Body (II) ago
53. Trial of the Body (III) ago
54. Trial of the Body (IV) ago
55. Filthy Rich ago
56. Preparation & Separation ago
57. Trial of the Mind (I) ago
58. Trial of the Mind (II) ago
59. Trial of the Mind (III) ago
60. God's Eye ago
61. Soul-Strike ago
62. Trial of the Soul ago
63. A Killing ago
Short Break Announcement ago
64. Fate ago
65. Red Solstice (I) ago
66. Red Solstice (II) ago
67. Red Solstice (III) ago
68. Red Solstice (IV) ago
69. Red Solstice (V) ago
70. Sunset ago
Interlude 2. The Ones Left Behind ago
71. Azcan ago
72. Rats ago
73. Tour ago
74. Artifice (I) ago
75. Artifice (II) ago
76. Artifice (III) ago
77. Artifice (IV) ago
78. Artifice (V) ago
79. Artifice (VI) ago
80. Artifice (VII) ago
81. Artifice (VII) ago
82. Drifting ago
83. Borrowed Power (I) ago
84. Borrowed Power (II) ago
85. Borrowed Power (III) ago
86. Borrowed Power (IV) ago
87. An Old Nemesis ago
88. The Parts of a Heart (II) ago
89. The Parts of a Heart (II) ago
90. Friends! (I) ago
91. Friends! (II) ago
92. Friends! (III) ago
93. Mister Popular (I) ago
94. Mister Popular (II) ago
95. New Horizons (I) ago
96. New Horizons (II) ago
97. New Horizons (III) ago
98. New Horizons (IV) ago
99. New Horizons (V) ago
100. New Horizons (VI) ago
101. New Horizons (VII) ago
102. New Horizons (VIII) ago
103. New Horizons (IX) ago
104. New Horizons (X) ago
105. The Highest Bidder (I) ago
106. The Highest Bidder (II) ago
107. The Highest Bidder (III) ago
108. The Highest Bidder (IV) ago
109. The Highest Bidder (V) ago
Interlude III (I) ago
Interlude III (II) ago
110. Splendid Weaponry (I) ago
111. Splendid Weaponry (II) ago
112. Splendid Weaponry (III) ago
113. Splendid Weaponry (IV) ago
114. Splendid Weaponry (V) ago
115. Splendid Weaponry (VI) ago
116. Splendid Weaponry (VII) ago
117. Splendid Weaponry (VIII) ago
118. Splendid Weaponry (IX) ago
119. Splendid Weaponry (X) ago
120. Splendid Weaponry (XI) ago
121. Splendid Weaponry (XII) ago
122. Splendid Weaponry (XIII) ago
123. Splendid Weaponry (XIV) ago
124. Splendid Weaponry (XV) ago
125. A Divine Warning (I) ago
126. A Divine Warning (II) ago
127. The Tournament (I) ago
128. The Tournament (II) ago
129. The Tournament (III) ago
130. The Tournament (IV) ago
131. All That Power (I) ago
132. All That Power (II) ago
133. All That Power (III) ago
134. All That Power (IV) ago
135. All That Power (V) ago
136. All That Power (VI) ago
137. All That Power (VII) ago
138. All That Power (VIII) ago
139. All That Power (IX) ago
140. All That Power (X) ago
141. All That Power (XI) ago
142. All That Power (XII) ago
143. All That Power (XII) ago
144. All That Power (XIII) ago
145. All That Power (XIV) ago
146. Beyond the Sky (I) ago
147. Beyond the Sky (II) ago
148. Beyond the Sky (III) ago
149. Beyond the Sky (IV) ago
150. Beyond the Sky (V) ago
Interlude IV: The Loneliest Man in the Multiverse (I) ago
Interlude IV: The Loneliest Man in the Multiverse (II) ago
Interlude IV: The Loneliest Man in the Multiverse (III) ago
151. Beyond the Sky (VI) ago
152. Beyond the Sky (VII) ago
Brief Announcement ago
153. Beyond the Sky (VIII) ago
154. Beyond the Sky (IX) ago
155. Beyond the Sky (X) ago
156. Beyond the Sky (XI) ago
157. Beyond the Sky (XII) ago
158. Beyond the Sky (XIII) ago
159. Beyond the Sky (IX) ago
160. Beyond the Sky (X) ago
161. Beyond the Sky (XVI) ago
Interlude V. Calm ago
162. Storm (I) ago
163. Storm (II) ago
164. Storm (III) ago
165. Storm (IV) ago
166. The End (I) ago
167. The End (II) ago
168. The End (III) ago
169. The End (IV) ago
170. The End (V) ago
171. The End (VI) ago
172. The End (VII) ago
173. Epilogue? ago
174. Demon Food (I) ago
175. Demon Food (II) ago
176. Demon Food (III) ago
177. Demon Food (IV) ago
178. Demon Food (V) ago
179. Demon Food (VI) ago

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Now that's a power fantasy

Reviewed at: 50. Golden Boy

I genuinely enjoy some good power fantasy. the spectacle of someone being really good at something is always pretty fun.

The power fantasies I enjoy normally has 1 of 2 properties: grounded or spectacular. 

This one has spectacle and it revels in it. It's very enjoyable to read. 

It also has the extra of the MC being a bit insane which is always a plus in my book. 

Eagerly awaiting what comes next


Trying to satisfy two different types of readers

Reviewed at: 38. Tearing & Repairing

The style and grammar for this novel are top tier, minimal mistakes with the right words that give a vivid image of the events that are happening. But that is where the good ends, both the plot and character of mc suffer from the author trying to satisfy two different types of readers.

TLDR: We are told mc is a neutral evil character, but because author wants to satisfy moderate readers he does things which arent neutral evil but is explained in a way that makes it seem like they are and the plot suffers as a result.   


What do i mean by that? That ties directly with the premise of the story, an age old god obssesed with speedrunning the cultivation journey because he is essentially bored. The nature of a speedrun means taking any advantage and doing whatever is necessary to get to the end goal as fast as possible, as a reader logically looking at this I expect the mc to do just that and the story does deliver on this. The mc does take every advantage possible and manipulates those around him to his advantage, its even explicitly stated that one of mcs rules is to never get attached to anything, this includes ppl, hes the definition of a psychopath. The author tries to satisfy readers that enjoy a neutral evil lead, someone that will do anything to acomplish their goal while also trying to satisfy those readers that enjoy a more traditional hero story, where the mc gets stronger with his allies. Under the guise of gaining allies to act as 'meatshields' for the mc, he decides to invest resources into his sister, ok fine i can accept that, she will have her uses because she is currently stronger than him and there will come a point where she is sacrificed for his goals, its something you see alot in evil mc stories. That is what i thought until chapters 35 & 36, spoilers from here on.

Now to be fair to the mc he does use her as a meatshield in order to steal a treasure, and as a result she takes a direct hit from an enraged best two whole realms above her. Here is where the author starts jumping through hoops in order to satisfy moderate readers using alot of plot armour. His sister survives, she lands nearby him, her injuries are severe all limbs broken and half her body is destroyed, right as mc is about to escape she makes a sound alerting him to her. What happens next is what i consider the biggest sin of this whole novel, under the guise of what we are told as 'greed' the mc decides to save her and escape, this would have been fine if he was confident he could do it without endagering himself but he doesnt know, its a complete gamble, he risks his whole run to escape with a half dead person when he already had the treasure. Her purpose of being a meatshield was fulfilled, mc had the treasure, as someone with his experience I expected him to make the choice of leaving her and escaping but if that happened how would you satisfy the more moderate readers who love this character? Now after the fact the author tries to justify mcs decision by saying he can use her as an excuse to use the treasure but it just sounds like a cheap excuse at that point.

Similar hints have been teased throughout the story that shows the author trying to satisfy the moderate readers. Mc has had lovers in past runs which most likely means he will have one in the future, what happened to his rule of not getting attached, hes adamant on nurturing allies as 'meatshields', a poor excuse given to the reader just so the author has a reason to have mc help those around him. Whenever something similar happens we are told oh look at how manipulative the mc is, hes still doing all this for his goal. We are told the mc is a neutral evil character but when an opportunity arises with real repurcussions to show it the author pulls out the plot armour to satisfy moderate readers. This results in an mc that has a conflicting character and a story that has plot armour. 


Full disclosure: I've read the story ahead of time, so this review is based on what I've read in 6 chapters.

I see an immense amount of potential in this story. It has been a while since I've been so thoroughly entertained and excited to see the progress of a story, but this one has certainly managed to catch my interest.

The story concept is very simple, we follow a bored god, who in his eternal life, has decided to reincarnate multiple times to try and speedrun the Dao and reach the peak of cultivation.

Now we follow one such run of his, and get to see for outself, what it's like, to speedrun becoming a god.

The idea is simplistic and fun, the writing is quite well done and flows very well. I can't say much about the characters so far, Dorian as an MC is just what you'd expect of a god bored out of his mind from eternal life, and the other characters have not been too notable so far, but it is the progression and the potential for the impact the MC can have, alongside the simpistic fun of watching a main character focus on getting stronger, and purely just that is what excites me.

Which is strange as normally murderhobo MC's are rarely interesting, but in this scenario it is anything but. I wouldn't call the MC a murderhobo yet based on his actions, but that may very well be the path things may take.

Overall, this is definitely worth checking out and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an engaging and fun read.

Jack Hock

An Ancient God Who Feels Like An Ancient God

Reviewed at: 158. Beyond the Sky (XIII)

I have lost count of the number of stories which have a supposedly ancient or godlike MC who ends up acting just like everyone else. Most stories seem to treat the premise of being ancient or immortal as nothing more than a measure of the MC's power without all of the nuance that comes with that kind of age.

That is why I was pleasantly surprised when Dorian started showing us that his age and Godhood is not mere lip service and that he actually acts like an immortal God treating the world below him as nothing more than an amusing game.

The story follows pretty standard cultivation tropes and I have read a dozen stories with a similar setting. The thing which made me pick this one up is the unique premise of a God speed running ascension just for fun, so I am glad the author is keeping this premise in mind instead of letting the story turn into another dime a dozen cultivation power fantasy.

I have a few minor problems with the consistency of the story especially in the early chapters but nothing major enough to mention specifically.

The author has done an impressive job creating tension and an intriguing mystery despite Dorian having all the knowledge of a God and generally being OP as hell.

Overall I would definitely recommend this story for fans of powerful protagonists and cultivation settings.

I hope the author continues to show us the ways that Dorian is different from a typical cultivation protagonist in the remainder of the story.




A fun read. I've been keeping up with it and enjoying vast majority of chapters. It's an OP protagonist, but not the annoying kind who must always DIG DEEPER and gain More WILLPOWER! or something like that. Instead he comes from knowledge of the world and his limits, high as they may be. Plus, the concept is fun, and it doesn't take itself too seriously- gave some genuine laughs. Give it a read! 

Writing this review as the authors update speed increased. Normally it's been a relatively short chapter + cliff hanger per week, but pace is faster. Wish author all the best on making it a career!

UPDATE: My review holds true as of end of book 1. If anything this ride only has gotten better as it's gone on, Srsly, just give it a read. 

Not a literary masterpiece, but a fun 5/5 for RR and the web.

PS: Despite what some reviews say, I'd say this novel has some unique ideas in it. I come from a place of being so tired of every cliche and standardized litrpg/cultivation/slice-of-life/whatever typical web novel genre that I actively seek the outliers that can bring a feeling of genuine enjoyment. Take that as you will, I recommend this one. 


I think this story deserves a lot of credit for the setting. Dorian is a God who is so bored he restarts his ascent to godhood, trying to entertain himself in his immortality.  He takes over the body of young Io, a nobody from a nomadic desert tribe. There are a lot of expected but well-loved elements,  such as cultivation stages, flowery attack names and instant power pills. Next to Dorian just trying to live his next best life,  there are things in motion in the background, threatening his speedrun and perhaps even his life.  5/5.

I really enjoyed this story up until around chapter 70. Perhaps something happened to the author,  he took a hiatus right around this time. First there are a few weird chapters that are very different in tone from the story so far (angry sexual/slapstick humor?), and after that the main character changes in attitude drastically. For me,  it wasn't a good change,  though i suppose it made the mc more in line with how he was "supposed to be" from the initial descriptions of the character. You are warned,  I guess. 



I am not a fan of anti-hero jerk MCs, but I don't mind them when they are well done.  Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

The MC is a bored god playing at 'speed running the multiverse'.  So he gets reincarnated as a mortal and then races to get back to godhood ASAP, just because he is so bored.

He doesn't make any friendships with people during these runs, because he is a total creep who would rather smile at you and act like he is your friend or family member, when in fact he is just the psychotic dopelganger of that person whose body he took over.

He will backstab, cheat, steal, lie, abuse, manipulate everyone around him just *BECAUSE HE IS BORED*.  Like wow.

Anyhow, my issue with this story is not with this ugly premise and ugly MC.  (In fact, there are some plot developments hinting at a deeper purpose for the MC at some point)

No.  I would have been OK with things if the MC was actually cunning, if he was truly good at manipulating and playing people - as I would expect a god with eons of experience at screwing people over would be.

Instead, the MC just gets too dumb and the plot armor too absurd:

He moves to some ultra callous city with his extremely dumb sister and decides he will now become an Artificer.  He shows up at the Artificers' guild and makes a total ass of himself, saying he is a slum guy with zero experience who wants to try it out, something he knows isn't allowed, purposefully antagonizing the clerk and nearly getting himself beat up by the guards and thrown out. => This was the plan he came up with, OK?

How was this EVER supposed to work?  Well sadly we never find out, as the plot armor was such that at this very moment, the naive daughter of the previous guild master walks in and ends up being someone who cares about the poor (100% unlike EVERYONE we have ever met or heard about on this evil world up to date), so much so that she overrules the clerk and takes the MC under her wing, just because he is poor (what about the teeming horde of other poor creeps from outside the city?).

See?  This is a story where we are told the MC is a genius god, yet in practice we see him behave like a complete moron and then 'win' just due to his godly plot armor.


Anyhow, I did enjoy the beginning and the world building.  Reading some other reviews, I agree about his lack of resolve in being truly callous - going part way is lame, but if you keep your expectations realistically low then these issues are negligible I guess.

I may yet read past where I currently stopped.  It is still 3/5 OK I guess but this recent development was very disappointing for me.


Author says one thing, Character does another

Reviewed at: 47. Life Sacrifice

An okay novel to binge, wouldn't be able to stomach the main character and side characters if I wasn't able to skim through the chapters and just go on to the next chapter. This novel requires a high amount of "suspension of disbelief".

Author says the Main Character is a cynical immortal who's above attachments and his only passion is to just go from weak to strong. In reality, the character will act like a regular MC from any other story. Any meaningful choices to diverge from that archtype will result in a lot of justifications and hand waving to not to. The MC is a boring, cliche, dense protagonist you'll see from any brainless xianxia/shounen/litrpg MC. Author is coping hard and is too weak-willed to kill off side characters or do any evil acts to gain an advantage for his MC.

The MC seems to have no personality, ego, or pride. The MC willingly lets himself be taken advantage of for no reason and doesn't even try to get out of doing menial labor. This works out wonders for our Author as the only purpose for a lot of the interactions with the MC is to fill out the chapters. Or to justify screentime for useless side characters that the MC will be far ahead of in a week.

The LitRPG elements of the story are so wishy washy as well, the only thing that seems to be implemented is his cultivation level and level skills. There's no attributes, no inkling as to whether other characters have blue stat boxes, no titles, no laundry list of skills/passives that an MC might pick up in a normal LitRPG. No experience points as well, which is the foundation of all LitRPG.

I'm on Chapter 47 and I'm waiting for the Author to show me what makes his MC or his story different. So far this is just another cookie cutter xianxia story with a gary sue regressor MC.


btw, that Henton side character is so annoying >.> I hate that the author hasn't written him off yet and keeps including this fop in the story. Is he suppose to be comedy relief? Why does our MC put up with him? Is the Author gonna pull a Naruto and make this dude Sasuke? Plot armor after plot armor to raise the power level of this guy so he can tag along with the MC. AHHHH which just reminded me of the time when the MC had multiple chances to let this dude be thrown away to the way side but the author keeps saving this Henton guy.


Good start. Terrible consistency. Trash by the end

Reviewed at: 162. Storm (I)

UPDATE 3 stars->1: Read up to the current chapter to see if the story improved. Sadly it has only gotten worse. The rules of the cultivation system and items are broken within chapters of being stated. The characters do not act like real people in the slightest. Slapstick comedy is rampant and overdone. They made the clever and wilful kaya into a blundering idiot who punches ballsacks of everyone she encounters. It is frankly sad to see such a good start to a novel devolve into something that I can only call souless.


Very good until chapter ~75 where there is a stark break from worldbuilding and the author swapped to slapstick humor and gags. Hope the quality jumps back but I feel like it wont happen. 


To sum up its faults, the story goes from a battle for life and death with everyone having their own story and Dorian manipulating his way to power to him trolling multiple people for the lulz and performing heaven defying feats for a barbarian who reads erotic manga (in a desert society nonetheless).


Just another generic teenage mc

Reviewed at: 63. A Killing

The first few chapters were great, until it's not. Some people complained in the comment section about the mc behavior, and the author changed him from a kind of smart to a giddy idiot.

The mc went from a god reincarnated, to an actual teenager.

F the plot, I just read it to pass the time now. Like most shounen out there, it's still kinda fun.