Omnicrafter (A Crafting Adventure LitRPG)

Omnicrafter (A Crafting Adventure LitRPG)

by Barking Otter

Countless twenty-something-year-olds around the world wish every day for a chance to go back in time to start practicing their passions sooner in life. Tabitha is one such woman. With all of her youth spent playing online games where crafting was as simple as gathering materials and clicking a "craft" button to put them together, she never gained any actual experience in making things. Every attempt to create something in the real world is met with disaster. Her heart yearns for being the master crafter of her virtual youth, but she's the type who burns water when trying to cook.

That changes when she wakes up and finds herself in a game-like fantasy world where crafting comes as naturally to her as breathing. She still has to put in the hard work of crafting herself, but the system helps her out to make what was once impossible for her possible. She gets all the fun of making things and flexing her creative spirit while not needing any years of training nor study to build her skill up! While she might not have any idea how she got to this strange world, she does know that she's not going to waste her chance and is going to make the most out of this new opportunity to craft everything!

An "Omnicrafter" was what they called people in the MMORPGs she played who maxed out every single crafting class, and that is exactly what Tabitha plans on doing with her new life!

The crafting side of this series is heavily inspired by games like the Atelier series and the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV (which has a free trial, you know!)*. If there's a problem, it can be solved by crafting. Also, in case the title and synopsis didn't make it obvious enough, this series is going to focus on crafting all the things. Wooden spears and protective cuirasses? You got it! Healing tonics and farming equipment? Sure! Elaborate cupcakes and customizable fantasy golems? Darn straight! Weapons with a broken amount of different buffs applied to them due to the crafting process and materials used? You know it! The most amazing fishing rod to ever exist? Well, obviously. Fishing is the true endgame only after crafting, after all!

So, if you like alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, cooking, leatherworking, tailoring, engineering, rune forging, magical enchanting, or basically any other type of crafting found in RPGs, come check the story out! An omnicrafter doesn't just focus on one specific type of crafting. A true omnicrafter is the best at all types of crafting!

*This is a meme, I'm not sponsored by FFXIV, please don't hate me. I couldn't resist.

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Barking Otter

Barking Otter

The Otter Who Barks

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Beginner's First Craft ago
Chapter 2: A Slimy Situation ago
Chapter 3: The Greatest Spear to ever... Spear? ago
Chapter 4: Fire and Fish ago
Chapter 5: I Can't Believe It's Not Plastic! ago
Chapter 6: Traps and Splints ago
Chapter 7: From Another World ago
Chapter 8: The Cozy Village ago
Chapter 9: The Blacksmith ago
Chapter 10: The First Quest ago
Chapter 11: A Tree Choppin' Adventure, featurin' Pulled Muscles ago
Chapter 12: Pain and Alchemy ago
Chapter 13: Of Chocolate Dreams and Potions ago
Chapter 14: Bed Rest and Plans ago
Chapter 15: Shame and Adventure ago
Chapter 16: Mysterious Blight ago
Chapter 17: Forging a Helmet ago
Chapter 18: The Iron Dagger Grind ago
Chapter 19: Iron Ingot ago
Chapter 20: Path of the Blacksmith ago
Chapter 21: Thinking with Gravity ago
Chapter 22: Recovery ago
Chapter 23: Magic Mushrooms ago
Chapter 24: A Leaf on the Wind ago
Chapter 25: Giant Spider Duel ago
Chapter 26: Gramps' Copycat ago
Chapter 27: Spider Harvest ago
Chapter 28: A Strange Stone ago
Chapter 29: Slime Extinction ago
Chapter 30: Nighttime Thoughts ago
Chapter 31: Crafting Troubles ago
Chapter 32: Slime and Metal ago
Chapter 33: River Forging ago
Chapter 34: Ready for Brewing ago
Chapter 35: Questing Time ago
Chapter 36: Egg Juice ago

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This story does things. Quite a number of things, actually. The problem is that those things aren't particularly unique, or interesting. 


For the most part, there's nothing remarkable about the way this story is written, and that's not always a bad thing. Paragraphs are nicely sized, blue (or in this case orange) boxes don't generally take up half of the chapter, the writing flows well enough. My problem is the accent. It gets very, very irritating to read an accent for more than a few paragraphs. You introduce some random farmer that will give a side quest and then not be seen or spoken to for 8 chapters? Great! Accent away! But when it's your Main Character, just state that they speak in a drawl and do away with all of the apostrophes.

Aside from that, the entire thing feels... a little bit too easy. The MC gets dumped into the wilderness, and it never really feels like they're doing anything but taking a nice stroll. They make a spear, have some fish, meet a bear, and look at that! They're in a village by nightfall, how convenient. If the MC somehow has all of the knowledge and practical ability to make wilderness survival easy, say so somewhere. Otherwise, I would expect something like that to be just a tad more difficult.



So far there isn't much to the story, but what has been shown is... a little bit cliche. MC gets Isekai'd and immediately makes idiotic decisions, check. MC is arrogant and rude, check. MC meets a character that they've been told will not enjoy their company, barges in without knocking, proceeds to be a complete ass, and comes out of it with a friend, check. Kind of boring.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with the grammar as far as I can tell. Writing all of the MC's dialogue in an accent is irritating, but the author is consistent with it, and the rest of the text is in regular, unaccented English. There could be a comma splice or spllit infinitive somewhere in the writing, but there certainly aren't any egregious grammar sins.



Tabitha is an ass. And people don't really seem to care about that so far. She's a moderately interesting ass, with a great passion for crafting but absolutely no talent at it until she gets Isekai'd and makes an idiotic decision, but she still strikes me as just... phenomenally irritating. Ultimately, the MC is going to be one of the few - potentially the only - constant in your story. Having a bland, cookie cutter MC that never really develops much personality is bad, but having one that is annoying is worse.


Overall there's nothing too awful about this story, but there's also nothing amazing. It isn't My Immortal, but it's also not Mother of Learning.


Basic isekia plot with a focus on crafting with no explanation of how/why the kidnapping happened yet.

Fairly entertaining. Enough so that the mc's rudeness, stubbornness, and general air-headedness wasn't enough to make me drop it immediately after realizing that it actually was her personality and not just the "this is all a dream" phase of discovering yourself suddenly in a strange land.

Then there is her accent. I found myself acclimating to it..  somewhat at least. It would be fine for a few lines, and then I would find myself running straight into a wall of incomprehensibleness that would take 2-3 retreads to figure out the meaning to. There is a reason why thick accents are usually reserved for side characters.


If you think you can overlook those aspects of this story I would actually recommend it to you. It looked to be a fun ride. Just not for me.


I kind of feel like the MC is a bit manic and after reading this, so am I. Very interesting start although there are quite a few typos and grammar errors. I am happy to accept that for an interesting story. So far this delivers. Give this a go if you like crafting stories. 

deus vult

it's good. promising start.

Reviewed at: Forging a Helmet

the character's accent is weird. there hasn't been much, so far. nothing notable. this is one of those stories that if they hold out for one hundred chapters may become a pillar of royalroad. it reminds me of azarinth healer in that it's simple. girl is brought to a fantasy world, makes friends and starts crafting plus leveling. the writing is already better than "the runesmith", which is not much, and there is more plot than "magic smithing", although that had far better writing. perfectly balanced as all things should be.

besides, the character and the crafting are relatively interesting. I can see myself reading this for another year or so. honestly. but the chances it'll hold out are small so I'll hold to my expectations.


I like it so far and I'm just a huge fan of crafting stories in general. A couple things that bug me though is the MC's accent, which is just a little annoying to read but will probably compound the annoyingness the longer it goes on. The other thing is that while I love her drive to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible it just feels... off I guess, like I can't really see where it's coming from other than she kinda wanted to make stuff on earth but couldn't. Other than those two things I'm definitely going to follow this to see how she goes.

- An Interested and Curious Book-Wyrm

filler for the fifty word minimum. beep boop, potato scoop, nothing like a sneep snoop in the reboop with a basket troop to throw you for a loop and ah... soup



Crafting novel + bold MC, what's not to like ?

Reviewed at: Of Chocolate Dreams and Potions

So, it's an early review, considering the number of chapter available but let's go with that !


Believe it or not I was in a discussion about procrastination whe I opened the first chapter. 'nuff said the story got to me immediatly. The MC Tabitha is a driven character, not being pulled or on reacting to the story but actively leading it, which is the best king of storytelling.

The Litrpg elements are not as subdued as in other novels. I personnaly don't mind character sheets or other kind of panels but be advised that you'll see a number of them. Now, from what I gather those panels are here for a reason, and contain information that will be critical considering the rather original crafting system implemented in this novel.

It is nowhere near usual craft and doesn't rely only on character "skills". It may seem overly simple at first, but I reckon the intricacies of the different elements will be more evident as we progress in the story (keeping it light with the infos not to spoil).


Style score :

Not sure how to rate this one. I'll give it 4.5/5 because there are parts that are a bit drawn out, but overall the novel is really easy to read and enjoyable.

Story score :

I'm a sucker for crafting stories, especially in a fantasy setting. I usually don't ever give a full score on this because a story is never perfect, buuuut.... I'll give it to this one, if only because the potential is insane. As I said, the crafting system (which is the heart of the story duh), is original and gives the author plenty of options to build a really good story. The overall score would then be 4/5 for the story +1 for the potential.

Grammar score :

Didn't notice any typo or errors (didn't search for them either). Good and clean writing.

Character score :

I like Tabitha. She's as hardheaded as it gets and I love it. Not much for other characters as it is now. Some characters seem a bit on the cliché side, but there isn't much to base that on for now so I'll probably update this side of the review when we learn more !


Conclusion :

Good story so far, with a lot of potential for more later down the line. Definetly a good pickup if you are looking for a crafting related novel.


Giving this 5 stars but first few chapters took a bit of reading for me.  That said by chapter 10 I was invested, by chapter 20 I loved it - read those first 30 chapters  in a single session and will definitely be following this story to the end.  


For the everything past chapter 20 we are all the way up to a solid five stars.


World building and crafting mechanics seem totally solid once transmigrated. 

Grammar and punctuation seem solid throughout.

Lots of gentle but pleasantly supprising plot twists.


Looking forward to more.

Good work otter, cheers for a very enjoyable hours reading.  Not many RR stories I reread so soon.



Well-executed and serving a niche I'd love more of

Reviewed at: Mysterious Blight

There're not enough crafting stories out there. Also, there aren't enough stories out that have an isekai bent and aren't structured around murderhobo'ing your way through the plot. Double also, she's so endearingly pumped about being in a fantasy world! We've got some interesting mysteries being set up, a nice nod to the limits of the character's knowledge, and a cast of other characters for social dynamics to play off of.

I'm looking forward to more, since "there isn't enough of it" is pretty much my only criticism at the current time.


I had an incredible time reading Omnicrafter, by far one of the greatest crafting stories I have read. The beginning is slow in terms of crafting but builds up the proper foundation for the stories main characters.

With more chapters this will be my favourite crafting novel, worth the read.


The main character grew on me when I first started I wasn't so sure about her. but iv come to like Tabitha, keep it up. I'm really enjoying reading this. And can't wait for the next update.

Thanks for sharing your world and characters

I'd like more descriptions on the other characters just to get an idea of them please.