It wasn't a face of anger but a face full of shame that thirsted for another request.

"Sorry, I'm a little to much. You can bring it back down. "

"yes. "

Then she obeyed my orders; she sat back down beside me.

"Fortunately, I managed to restrain myself. "

"That's not the case, I guess we'll do it here. "

"Uh, why is it like that? "

Now, it's my turn to be confused.

"I would agree if we did it in your room or some other closed place. However, if near a park like this. It felt a little embarrassing and made me weird. "

Ehhh, did I just awaken Sakuya's Exhibitionism soul? If that's true, then this would be the perfect combination. Sakuya's face itself is very similar to my ex-girlfriend; I don't think she is a bit like her. If her hair was jet black, I think I'd think of Sakuya as a fellow Japanese citizen.

"No, I didn't think that far. If I wanted to do it with you, I would definitely ask you to choose a place that is convenient for you Sakuya. "

Which man can be confident when he says this? I should be the one who chooses his place, not relying on her partner to do it.

"So, shall we do it now?. if I'm allowed to ask for it, let's do it in the back shed. "

Instead of mocking my words, Sakuya was happy when I gave her that choice. It seems that the mood of the girls here and in Japan is different or something.

"I don't mind that, it's just that we won't do it now. I've had of the service you gave before. "

"Raven sama...."

I can't tell her that Karen Kreuztal has made me happy for today; at least I shouldn't overdo this with them.

"So, we'll do it about that next time. "

"Fortunately, because I still haven't showered, and my body is still full of sweat. I'm not confident in myself now. "

Finally, she said the keywords that made me want to do it with her.

"Sakuya, be quiet for a moment. "


After I said that, I raised her left hand up with my right.

Then, I brought my nose to her armpit. When I tasted the scent, there was no mistaking it. The smell does taste good.

"Raven sama…, please don't do that. There is a lot of sweat in that section. "

It seemed Sakuya didn't understand what I was feeling.

"Sakuya, I have an order for you. Lie down here, then open it show me when saying please do it to me Raven. "

"ehhhhh ...., why should I do that. Then, my body smells bad, I don't want Raven's body to smell like me. I can't do anything rude like that to you. "

Sakuya's confused face is really cute; I want to rape it right now.

Then, I approached her face. When our eyes met each other, I led her to do something.

"Don't worry, you just need to relax your body. Let me do it. "

"But, still such a thing…."

"My beautiful Sakuya…."

Since my red gaze is active again, it looks like I'm about to lose control again.

So that made me kiss Sakuya. When I did that, she looked surprised. However, Sakuya's body relaxed on its own.

I lead her to lie down while continuing to kiss her non-stop. I use my left hand to support her back; then, I lower her slowly so she can relax more.

I just kept kissing her so she could stay calm and do what I wanted, but something was weird. Instead of closing her eyes, Sakuya continued to stare at my red eyes. Did I control her unknowingly, or was she interested in it? The answer will be known as soon as I free her mouth.

Then, I pulled my lips so Sakuya could breathe a little.


Now I understand the answer.

"Hora, say it right now. What do you want. "

Sakuya then showed her armpits covered in sweat when I saw that they were completely clean and hairless.

"Raven, please do that to me…."

When I heard those words, I smiled slightly at her. The folds I saw were really charming.

A moment later, I started licking Sakuya's armpit passionately; on the other hand, Sakuya seemed amused by my actions.

Therefore, I can't let just one side get the satisfaction.

I used my left hand to feel Sakuya's left breast. The size was really big, even though it was still hidden under her clothes. Even my palm couldn't hold the whole front.

"Ahhh… ahhhh… keep doing it…."

Awesome sigh, I have to do it quickly so that no one else finds out about our activities.

Since my tongue keeps moving in the armpit area, it seems that now I have to move to the other side.

Then, I immediately moved to the neck area to lick the sweat area of ​​that part.

Not to forget, I used both my hands to continue to feel her big breasts.

Sakuya's sigh got louder and louder; it seemed it was time for me to end it.

"Sakuya!!!. "

"yes ?. "

After he responded to my answer, I kissed her lips again. This time, she's getting adept at playing her tongue with me.

A few moments later, I closed it by guiding her tongue to enter my mouth. Right after that, I let go of my kiss so I could see the moment.

"What an amazing facial expression. "

That's right; I did it on purpose to make Sakuya stick her tongue out while putting on a horny face.

"Raven… again…"

This time, it was she who took the initiative to attack my lips. To think she could act this recklessly.

While I was enjoying what she was doing, I kept trying to find opportunities to calm her down.


" can... "

" you... "


Why is every word says always hold back by her kiss? This time, she is much more vicious than usual?

At the very least, I had to press both of her shoulders to have a chance to speak.

However, it's like realizing what I was thinking. Sakuya instead led my hands to squeeze her breasts again.

Damn it, how am I supposed to stop if he's the one who allowed me to do it.

Sakuya seemed to continue to feel good for a while because of the various stimuli from my hands.

Finally, I was able to see the gap in her actions. I used both my hands to press her breast; she would definitely loosen the kiss when she sighed again.

It happened; that way, I was able to escape from her trap.

"I think it's the end, don't you feel ashamed Sakuya?."

At least, by reminding her of the things he was embarrassed about. I wish she could stop. However, the fact is that she kept staring straight into my eyes. Instead, her horny face started to add to the evil smile that I saw for the first time; this is bad. I'm starting to like his expression.

"Why should I be ashamed, you have made me feel something new. This is much different from masturbating while thinking of you doing dirty things to me, even though I'm not naked but why do I feel that pleasure, come on Raven. Keep licking, maybe I should just be naked so you can lick my whole body. "

It seemed Sakuya had lost her composure; there was no point in talking to her anymore.

I have to use that method to get her consciousness back.


" well, you want me naked right?, please wait a moment. "

Her lustful gaze is indeed very dangerous; if I follow her lust with her, then it will be too late.

Without much waiting, I immediately put my face on her breasts. After that, I quickly touched her again, while occasionally I played her nipples that began to protrude.

Surprised by my actions, Sakuya sighed again like before. However, this time her voice sounded crisper or more passionate.

I used this momentum to dominate her again; I directed my right hand to enter her skirt as I continued to squeeze Sakuya's breasts hard.

After that, I slightly swiped my finger on Sakuya's pants; the material felt very thin. I can feel the texture of her pussy without having to touch it.

"Raven… ahhhh…."

Sakuya went crazy when I did this; slowly, her pantsu started to get wet from my actions. This way, I can finish quickly.

"Sakuya, listen to me. "

When I said that, I squeezed her breast again as a sign for her to obey me.

"Okay, I'll listen to you. "

"Stop acting like this, I'm will giving you a chance to do that. But now is not the time. Do you understand. "

"yes. "

Then, I squeezed her breast again much harder; slowly, my left finger began to force its way into her pussy area.

She groaned again in pleasure.

"I don't believe what you say. "

"I will do as you say, so at least let me cumming just once. "

"Hoh, is that really what you want? "

"Yeah, that's all I want..."

This time, she said it honestly.

If so, it's time to act.

I also pushed Sakuya to lie back down; then, I went straight to the inside of her skirt.

"ehhh, Raven wait don't be there..."

Of course, I didn't listen to her. And just keep looking for the area I want to conquer.

Right after I saw her crotch, I pulled her pantsu down.

"Raven, don't..."

I purposely lowered half of her pantsu to lock Sakuya's legs, so I was free to lick that part.

I was just about to get to my main goal; suddenly, I got a warm squirt of Sakuya's pleasure hole. There's a lot of cement flowing; it does smell much more intense. Perhaps...

I immediately pulled my head to get out of her skirt; I realized that Sakuya's face was really messed up.

"Sakuya? "

I only said her name, but she covered her face with both hands.

"please don't ask about it Raven sama. "

It seemed she was really embarrassed to say it.

"I'm not going to ask, it's just that what do you mean before ?."

"It can't be helped, you haven't done anything there. But, somehow I suddenly felt that sensation. "

She was getting more and more embarrassed to admit it, but I already knew the answer.

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