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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

[Isekai BL] A depressed slacker transmigrates into a medieval world as a ruthless General with a reputation for torture. Now he has to deal not only with his own deeply disturbing issues but also with the General's additional baggage, as well as with a young royal who grows dangerously obsessed with him.

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Table of Contents
32 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: I'd much rather be in hell ago
Chapter 2: I can't even die. That's bullshit. ago
Chapter 3: At least I got some booze. ago
Chapter 4: Why are all my servants crippled? ago
Chapter 5: I met the Regent, and he's an asshole. ago
Chapter 6: It has nothing to do with him being handsome! ago
Chapter 7: Zero wives, Zero concubines, One death wish ago
Chapter 8: Did you miss me, sunshine? ago
Chapter 9: How can anybody live like this? ago
Chapter 10: Night out drinking. ago
Chapter 11: Sex workers don't faze me. ago
Chapter 12: Death by a thousand cuts. ago
Chapter 13: A case of mass suicide. ago
Chapter 14: The Reed of Regret. ago
Chapter 15: Dead men tell no lies. ago
Chapter 16: Is it punishment or foreplay? ago
Chapter 17: At the very least he won't r*pe me. ago
Chapter 18: The cat's out of the bag. ago
Chapter 19: Watching him sleep. ago
Chapter 20: Do I have a savior complex? ago
Chapter 21: Sewing my mouth shut. ago
Chapter 22: From now on I'm a eunuch. ago
Chapter 23: Will you be my undercover agent? ago
Chapter 24: A visit of a gentleman. ago
Chapter 25: A creepy lesson in herbology. ago
Chapter 26: Demonic envoys and trouble they bring. ago
Chapter 27: I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end... ago
Chapter 28: In captivity. ago
Chapter 29: A life that never was. ago
Chapter 30: Princess gets married, Prince gets a message. ago
Chapter 31: The sad truth behind the bridal carry. ago
Chapter 32: I won't stop drinking even if it kills me. ago

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