God of Chaos

by lynxprowes

The god of destruction and everything bad is deceived by a group of colluding gods, and tricked into committing a cardinal offense. He was punished by Gaya, the primary god of creation, to reincarnate to the world of mortals. He vows to ascend to the world of the gods and get his revenge. This is my first take on eastern fantasy. Its a good mix of eastern (Chinese) and western (Greek Myth) fantasy. Hope you guys enjoy it. *******************************************************************************

Note: Thanks for reading guys, book 2 is almost completed. If you like the story and would like to help the author, please donate , rate and share the story. Every little bit helps. Also, all further releases will first be posted on Re-Library before being updated anywhere else.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Thanus ago
Chapter 2: Mortal ago
Chapter 3: Graduation ago
Chapter 4: Real Genius ago
Chapter 5: Martial Skill ago
Chapter 6: Demands ago
Chapter 7: Departure ago
Chapter 8: True monster ago
Chapter 9: Azeya’s Death ago
Chapter 10: Blood Challenge ago
Chapter 11: Origins ago
Chapter 12: Young Master Asyut ago
Chapter 13: Strengthening the Soul ago
Chapter 14: Living Fire Plant ago
Chapter 15: Rat in a Trap ago
Chapter 16: Assassins ago
Chapter 17: Holding Out ago
Chapter 18: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 19: Young Master Sebastian ago
Chapter 20: Good Friends ago
Chapter 21: Dangers of the Red forest ago
Chapter 22: My Slave ago
Chapter 23: Will you be Missed? ago
Chapter 24: Earth Element Technique ago
Chapter 25: Ade Minya ago
Chapter 26: Suppressing the Enemy ago
Chapter 27: Suppressing the Enemy 2 ago
Chapter 28: Suppressing the Enemy 3 ago
Chapter 29: Dazzling Jewel ago
Chapter 30: New Beginnings ago
Chapter 31: Queen of Mischief ago
Chapter 32: Frustrations ago
Chapter 33: Surprising Reunion ago
Chapter 34: Blue Mist Bandit ago
Chapter 35: Demon Shaped Man ago
Chapter 36: Battle of the Giants ago
Chapter 37: Elements and the Laws ago
Chapter 38: The Darkness ago
Chapter 39: Floating Havanas ago
Chapter 40: Aorah’s Past 1 ago
Chapter 41: Aorah’s Past 2 ago
Chapter 42: Saint Level Battle 1 ago
Chapter 43: Saint Level Battle 2 ago
Chapter 44: Mercy ago
Chapter 45: The Return ago
Chapter 46: Jurong Fa­mily Decision ago
Chapter 47: Envoy ago
Chapter 48: Envoy 2 ago
Chapter 49: Battle at the city square 1 ago
Chapter 50: Battle at the city square 2 ago
Chapter 51: Battle at the city square 3 ago
Chapter 52: Battle at the city square 4 ago
Chapter 53: Surprising Appearance ago
Chapter 54: Ignorance ago
Chapter 55: Svecko's Power ago
Chapter 56: New Arrival ago
Chapter 57: Songs of my sword ago
Chapter 58: Enlightenment ago

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Definitely give this a try

An interesting mix of Greek mythology and Chinese fantasy. I like the story so far, so keep writing. :)


It's definitely a good read once you get past the first couple chapters.


I have my fingers crossed for this one. I like the way the story is told. It could definitely be a top rated story if you post regularly.