How About Heresy?

How About Heresy?

by StolenPasta

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Jeffrey's a guy who's most certainly a heretic but likes to believe he's not.

Like we all do.

Though, being a villain, there are many do gooders that'd like to exchange a strong wordor rather fisticuffs with him.

Doing the deeds of villains, he places his own strange lens of justice over it, all the while, being an absolute fool.

How will Jeffrey fare against the might of the good?


"You tryin' ta shill me heresy?"

"Ye- I mean yesn't,"

That's absurd why would I shill heresy? I'm not a heretic godsdamnit!

In a realm of heretics and apostles alike, what to do? Well, I'm not sure of that myself. Though I have a feeling joining a cult may not be the best action...

"No way. Are we being clapped by the power of friendship?"

"Indeed we are,"



- Don't expect an overpowered main character, nor a weak character. Strength isn't a plot point.

- This is mainly a comedy, so it ain't as dark as you think it'd be despite the numerous mentions of cultists, heretics and murder... 

- There isn't going to be any face slapping scenes.

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Table of Contents
54 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Nothing isn't fine ago
Chapter 2: There isn't no problem ago
Chapter 3: Knights are broken ago
Chapter 4: Mouldy Midgets ago
Chapter 5: Mercy ago
Chapter 6: Helping Horribly ago
Chapter 7: TrUSt 100 ago
Chapter 8: You mad? ago
Chapter 9: Big Frame ago
Chapter 10: Very Easy ago
Chapter 11: Amazing Influences ago
Chapter 12: Basement ago
Chapter 13: LeARniNg aND gROwiNg ago
Chapter 14: Get The Plant! ago
Chapter 15: Goldburnt ago
Chapter 16: Don't cry, SCRY! ago
Chapter 17:Brick It! ago
Chapter 18: Brick Chase ago
Chapter 19: Return of the Brick ago
Chapter 20: The Brick of Gods ago
Chapter 21: Leafy Soup ago
Chapter 22: Reverse Education ago
Chapter 23: Blood for the Blood [REDACTED] ! ago
Chapter 24: Curses Upon Thee! ago
Chapter 25: Mirjam Mirjam ago
Chapter 26: What a misunderstanding ago
Chapter 27: This isn’t not a misunderstanding ago
Chapter 28: Vigilante (Town) ago
Chapter 29: Psh, paper doesn’t not hurt ago
Chapter 30: Brick Man ago
Chapter 31: Brick it to the Brick man ago
Chapter 32: Trip on the slip ago
Chapter 33: Flowers aren’t not tasty ago
Chapter 34: That's a rifle ago
Chapter 35: Handy Dandy Bandy ago
Chapter 36: You overestimate my power ago
Chapter 37: I’ve underestimated your power ago
Chapter 38: Stalling ! ago
Chapter 39: Traveller ago
Chapter 40: Who is he? ago
Chapter 41: But actually, who is he? ago
Chapter 42: Hostage Situation ago
Chapter 43: Resident Alchoholic enters the Fray! ago
Chapter 44: I want a transcript ago
Chapter 45: Why are we still here? ago
Chapter 46: Snowmen ago
Chapter 47: Isn't Not A Fat Waste ago
Chapter 48: Eat The Plant ago
Chapter 49: Backwards. ALWAYS BACKWARDS. ago
Chapter 50: Imagine Masons ago
Chapter 51: Little Miss Shiv ago
Chapter 52: Very Cursed ago
Chapter 53: Master of Cryptography ago
Chapter 54: ImPeRtanT PreSn ago

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Zach or Zach

Do you like protagonists who are definitely the bad guys, antoganists who get flashbacks, and b r i c k?

Try this, in one moment they're commiting war crimes, and the next, forgetting that they just committed war crimes.

Actually though, How About Heresy is delightfully manic, scatterbrained, and definitely all over the place. But, it's really funny.

Just don't think to deeply about it.

CEO of Bread

This is ungodly

this amount of sarcasm and black comedy...

Greatest comedy ever written (probably an exageration)

I was laughtin like a madman for like 60 minutes because of this...

Idk what that says about me, but great I recomend the fic


Madman is protagonist ha hsha hha ah ha