The Dog at the End of the World

The Dog at the End of the World

by Skwrepb

Lucky Lachlan is just your average mutt. He's been living with his Girl for as long as he can remember and he'd do anything for her. He might have to do more than he bargained for.

One day when he awakened from his mid-day nap, he saw a box. It had no scent and floated calmly in the air.

Greetings Lucky Lachlan!

You have been chosen.

The End is coming, prepare yourself!

Thanks to Kieran Pierce for the lovely cover!

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Perks to being a Doggo! (Aside from Apocalypse)

Reviewed at: Day 4 - It's a Flocking Pack

I enjoy this story so much, absolute full stars from me. If you want dog litRPG, start reading this already!

Literally, this dog Lucky is an absolute Luckster. He gets early access to the System and is going to get all of those perks to become a 10/10 best doggo ever! He has three days to prepare for the End.... Oh wait, maybe he's not so lucky after all....

Onto the rest of the review!

The story is adorable and unique. It is a System apocalypse + actual apocalypse of some kind which focuses on an animal perspective. The dogs really want to protect their humans and others who they are considering part of their pack. It's thrilling to see how the apocalypse shapes out. My theory right now is:


Lucky is such a good dog, and he needs to quickly adjust from being just a dog, to talking and complex thoughts and superpowers, to becoming a pack leader to protect everybody that he cares about. Girl (Isobel) is his closest human and they have such a positive dynamic that is perfect for a girl and her dog.

Some grammar mistakes but completely readable, so I don't care.

The style is perfect with all the doggo perspectives and words used without being overwrought.


This is one of my favorite stories on RR. A similar feel to Beware of Chicken in that it is a of a "slice of life" feel to a post-apocalyptic LitRPG. But its one of those stories where practically every chapter leaves you feeling better from having read it. And there are some interesting characters. Man and Girl are charming... Lobo's owner is intriguing... and Lucky is both a "goodest boy" and shows some complexity of "what if a dog started to become self-aware and intelligent to the level of a human?" It's an interesting premis, and it is a wonderful story. You won't regret reading and following. I can pretty much guarantee it.


I didn't know I needed this

Reviewed at: Day 5 - Shattered

Still a bit earlydays, but I have been hooked from chapter one.

-Grammar is great and what few mistakes have made it through look like they are being quickly fixed once pointed out.

- Characters are full of life and only seem shallow in that we haven't had the time to see a whole lot of it yet. The hints are there just waiting to be told.

 - The plot uses alot of tropes to set up its world, but from such a new perspective that it feels fresh and new.


Personally there were few chapters that didn't have at least one scene that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Only thing that has me worried is that so far there has been quite a bit of follow the leader type behavior from the secondary characters. I get the feeling this might be more setup, but am not entirely sure at the current point in the story.


TLDR - Go read the fluffy litrpg for warm and fuzzy feels!


A dog, his girl and the apocalypse

Reviewed at: Day 5 - Caught

Take the standard LitRPG, someone living their normal lives, suddenly they are warned of impeding doom and receive some OP skills/ forewarning and training, then the apocalypse begins and they begin to kick ass. This is that story, except the someone is a dog (a very good boy), and, honestly, this should not work as well as it does, but it works and we receive a well above-average story for it, so enjoy!


I read chapter one and my heart is growing like the grinche's already. I love lucky and love the love luck has for Girl. Who doesnt love the idea of the secret life of pets? Mixed with rpg apocalypse this is My Jam. I fully expect this to be one of my top reads on this site and with how much I read thats no small feat. 


Refreshing approach to the end of the world

Reviewed at: Day 3 - To Grandmother's House We Go

As the title of my review says, Dog has a refreshing take on the apocalypse! You get to traverse into the end of the world along side great characters that are both relatable and adorable. Though this far we aren't sure what exactly is responsible for the end, it's great to get a break from those pesky undead that pop up in many stories like this. I, for one, can't wait to see what is really the cause of it all. Of course, I am somewhat biased, as I am the author's husband. That said, I always aim to be honest and objective, especially when is comes to skrwerpb's work. 

The writing style is easy to read and almost conversational. This makes for an easy to read story that you get lost in rather easily. I love the subtle humor as well, it's enough to make you laugh out loud at times, without feeling like the author is outright prompting you. The short chapters are also great as you can find nice stopping points when you don't have a lot of time to devote to the story at once.

The grammar is top notch (though the occasional typo does sneak in). Poor grammar really breaks the illusion in my opinion and this is definitely not the case with this story.

Finally, the characters are amazing. They encompass such a broad spectrum from all sorts of life. Each species really seems to have their own personality and personal ticks. There are a lot of supporting characters but none of them fall flat and I keep wondering and looking forward to who we'll meet next.

Overall, I think if you are looking for the lighter side of the end of the world this is the story for you! 



yep, this is it, this is the story I’m willing to sell my soul for. I love every single thing about this story and aside from the occasional spelling error it’s really well written.

-An Excited and Addicted Book-Wyrm 

filler for the fifty word minimum. beep boop, potato scoop, nothing like a sneep snoop in the reboop with a basket troop to throw you for a loop and ah... soup