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Edgar Vogel was a 30 year old underemployed veteran who dropped out of college. His life was comfortable but all ambition was lost. His plans, born of depression and anxiety, were to simply live out his life of mediocrity and enjoy what little he could.

That all changed, all it takes is something small to change fate, in his case ice. Reborn into a primitive but fantastical world, full of magic and monsters, he may make something of himself. Oh and there's a massive war against werewolf hordes on the mainland.

Edgar, now Jon, has a second chance at life. His previous life was reduced to fragments of technical knowledge that come to him in the form of visions. His new home, the Northern Isles, is far removed from the conflict of the mainland for now as he lives in the quiet frontier village of Terra. His new family believes that fate can be changed and destiny overruled but he has no idea.

Whether that's true or not, being told by a crazy old lady that his fate starts with him sitting by a rock in the middle of a field seems wrong, but who knows? Maybe she's right but what's the bit about 'await the bite' supposed to mean?


Welcome to the Northern Isles.

My first story posted on here! I already have the outline of the first couple of books planned out and will be posting a new chapter every Tuesday and Friday.

The story will be dark at times but I intend to keep things fairly light when I can. I'm aiming for a world that isn't full of sunshine and rainbows but isn't as bleak as it could be. Focusing on friendship, camaraderie, sh*t talking, and adventure.

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As of 17 releases.  A strait up fantasy which plays very lightly on the isekai aspect. The story is focused on plot over character development.  The MC is no basketcase antihero and is therefore much easier to identify with.  The pacing is somewhat rapid but will not leave the reader in the dust.  The only egregious cliché is the obnoxious clown friend.  The theme as far as I have read is overcoming tragedy.