Fire and Water

Fire and Water

by bianhua

She transmigrated into the body of a lame, disfigured amnesiac who shares the same name. 

He comes from a realm where strength reigns supreme.

They should never have met, like fire and water, an unlikely combination but oddly complementary.

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Word Count (9)
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Table of Contents
40 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: The Black Highlands ago
Chapter Two: The Wounded Man ago
Chapter Three: Xie Yuan ago
Chapter Four: Xiao Xue ago
Chapter Five: Master’s Disciple Not The Temple’s ago
Chapter Six: The Spirit Temple ago
Chapter Seven: Young Master ago
Chapter Eight: Living Together ago
Chapter Nine: Painful Lesson ago
Chapter Ten: Through the Mist ago
Chapter Eleven: Marriage Trap ago
Chapter Twelve: Compromise ago
Chapter Thirteen: The Reason ago
Chapter Fourteen: Promise to leave ago
Chapter Fifteen: Pig Teammate ago
Chapter Sixteen: The Beast Tide ago
Chapter Seventeen: Spirit Temple’s High Priestess ago
Chapter Eighteen: Young Lord’s Reverse Scale ago
Chapter Nineteen: Broken Dantian ago
Chapter Twenty: Medicinal Bath ago
Chapter Twenty-One: The Godly Doctor, Yi Sheng ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Body Eroding Poison ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Phoenix Revival Pill ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Picking a fight ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Teach a Lesson ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Two Scrolls ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Leaving Infernal Rise Valley ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Closer ago
Chapter twenty-Nine: Shimei, Shidi and Shixiong ago
Thirty: Young Master’s Crippled Wife ago
Thirty-One: Multiple Plots ago
Thirty-Two: Trouble ago
Thirty-Three: Xie Shan ago
Thirty-Four: Eternal Spring Bliss ago
Thirty-Five: Antidote ago
Thirty-Six: A Series of Events ago
Thirty-Seven: The Shui Young Masters ago
Thirty-Eight: Dragon and Phoenix Twins ago
Thirty-Nine: Sly Old Man ago
Forty: Shui Ren’s Sorrow ago

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Why did no one rate till now?

Reviewed at: Forty: Shui Ren’s Sorrow

Im shoked! SHOKED! Why has no one rated this story till now? I found it in my everlasting pilgrimage for something to read while waiting for my other stories... to be written. x))

Thist story is great. A romance in a cultivation... story? And yes, in that order! Fluff, a tiny bit of action, more fluff, a bit of tragedy, sprinkled with some common tropes. Truly a great combination.

I can not truly comment on gramma, but its okish i think. Im not a native speaker, but besides some sentences that sounded strange to me, its pretty ok i think?

But seriously, this story is up for quite some time and no one commented on it. What is wrong with you people, this is a great story, start reading and commenting, chap chap! :))