Secret of the Old Ones

Secret of the Old Ones

by BlaiseCorvin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Secret of the Old Ones is a deep dive VR game the likes of which the world had never seen.

Trent Noguero, a hardcore gamer, has been playing for a year and is about to get his big break. He is about to catapult himself into the ranks of the most powerful players in the world.

However, power comes with a price, and celebrity creates enemies. Trent has the keys to massive success, but he also accidentally painted a target on his backā€¦both in, and out of the game.

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I read this story on Amazon wayyyy back around the time it first released and ever since that day I have been waiting for a sequel. If you have not yet read SOO1 read it. And when SOO2 gets here, I'll update my review to reflect my thoughts about it. 

It's really really hard to describe why SOO1 is so good, something about it makes it intrinsically unique. Not to mention that while it was certainly not the first of its kind, when it was released it had some very original ideas for a VR novel. Nowadays some of those ideas have become synonymous with the genre. But just remember, its not following the tropes if it was released before they were tropes lol. Overall, very excited to see this great story getting a sequel.


Admittedly one of the best stories written in the Gamelit genre.  Anyone who has never read it is preparing one of the most intriguing and engaging journeys.  A smart protagonist and no stupid commonplaces.

That was one of the stories that definitely hooked me into the genre. And I've been waiting for a few years for the story to continue and it seems to me that this end of the year will be the big date!


Well written by a professional writter

Reviewed at: Airship Privateers - Chapter 6

So this series is a another VR game one with a twist. I've enjoyed how the streaming side of this game is actually the driving force almost more than the game itself. First book is all about the game and how the MC becomes less introverted has hardships due to his streaming and his game play. There are some things in this story that still needs to be fleshed out but that could be more due to the fact that the MC hasn't thought to do more with his magic powers and see if they work in the real world as well since they work in the virtual world. 

Yes there is world building that can make the book seem slow but in the end every new world needs to be fleshed out.


I don't think the actual year matters that much since the published version likely just got minor edits done afterwards but whatever. One small detail that needed to be shared.

Secret of the Old Ones is one of the old goodies that I still remember fondly from my time reading the publishing bunch. Plot was good enough to keep me in the genre itself, even the melodramatic moments never making me quit somehow(actually made like take one more step towards soap-operas if that means anything). It just gives the reader the feeling of actually caring the story, just complicated enough t remember every detail while not being complex enough to make the reader have no clue on what is truly going on.

That's about what I had to say. Go read the story now, please. 



So I just learned about Luck Stat being added back to RR. I originally found it on Kindle and loved it.have been reading the rest of the authors books and so many more only to re read secrets of the old ones when ever I'm waiting for a new book to be released. So it definitely has a soft spot in my heart and a permanent place on my shelf.


Enjoying following a steamer instead of isekai.

Reviewed at: Airship Pirates - Chapter 5

I've been really enjoying this take on the LitRPG genre. Having the character be a steamer instead of the more common isekai model is interesting.

The characters are all unique with their own motivations. I like that some of their motivations are still being concealed by the author.

I haven't had any complaints about the quality of the grammar. 

The story has been interesting, but could be improved with a bit more structure to the plot. I'd like to know more about at least the MC's goals and opposition. Being a steamer and playing the game isn't quite enough.

I guess this isn't enough words for an advanced review. Oh well, if I think of more to say later, maybe I'll upgrade it in the future. 


Wow, I never expected to see this story again!  And for once nostalgia and my expectations actually matched up, as this story is just as good as I remember it.  Out of all of BlaiseCorvin's many works, this was always my favorite.  I will be keeping this review completely spoiler free.

Style:  I usually have issues with VRMMO fictions, but this one is done in a way that makes sense and presents the characters and game world in a way that while realistic for a future technology, maintains the sense of wonder and excitement.  The actual game system is well done and brings to mind the best elements of the criminally underappreciated "The Secret World" MMO.

Story: My absolute favorite part of this fiction is the story.  The author does a great job getting the reader invested in the story.  To this day, I would still (perhaps unfairly) compare lots of the many works I have read to this.  Eldritch secrets and interconnected mysteries draw the readers in and wanting more.

Grammar:  No issues here, though you can tell in some aspects this was an earlier work of the author, it still holds up well in use of grammar and vocabulary.

Characters:  Love them all, but in my opinion, Vale is definitely one of the better protagonists on this website.  Bart is great, and though I think Abigail is honestly a bit meh (I rhink BlaiseCorvin doesn't necessarily right female characters as well as male) I still enjoy her interactions with everyone else.

Overall, I am glad to see this story return, and am praying for the sequel/continuation to be just as good.  Kudos!


Secret of the Old Ones Advanced Review

Reviewed at: Luck Stat Strategy - Ch 10

There's only so much bullshit I can take. There's suspension of disbelief, and then there's whatever this story is trying to do. Gives you a headache from trying to figure out if the author is pulling your leg as a gotcha later on or if the story genuinely will continue to take place in this fantasy land. In bad, fantasy land.

Most popular game, with life as we know it revolving around it. Ok, maybe from MC's perspective? It has a level cap of 30. What. People have been playing it for at least six months, and only now have people hit level 10. "Skill in real life means skillful in game #DeepDiveVR." Guns are apparently shit and hard to use? If you die, your account is locked for a WEEK. Apparently, there's consequences if you share how you died during your lockout period online, and the admins will ban you. How the hell can that be moderated? With millions of players? Sharing a character sheet turns your avatar naked. Why? What possible business reason exists for this? There's so many more examples.

There is no way such a game would be popular, there is no way that only two such games would ever exist if everyone and their mother have the hardware to deep dive (as apparently the UN made this technology a 'human right' KEKW). And then the last chapter I read had assassins go after the MC in the real world immediately after his entire class turned on him in VR space since someone posted that he is the player behind the main character in the video game, and then he used a skill from the game in the classroom app. 

This reads like a fever dream. I'm not even going to get into how arbitrary XP is decided and how stupid the fights written so far are. Reincarnation of Strongest Sword God is better than this, and even that is saying something since that's garbage too. Sheesh.

The best thing this story has going for it is that the author can write decent characters with depth and goals and ambitions.


SOO was one of the first litRPG stories I read and lead to me becoming hooked on the genre. Ive been waiting for book 2 for the past few years and cant wait to read it. Its great re-reading book 1. It is short and I would of loved to see it fleshed out into a a full novel. As it is a novel or it has a fast pace at times however it is well worth the read.


SOO Book 1 Luck Stat Strategy, READ IT!!!