I've given this a lot of thought and I'm going to concede defeat to Amazon.

Facing reality here does not fill me with joy.

I'm losing so much money by keeping book 1 of this series off of KU (Kindle Unlimited), I just can't justify it anymore.

The experiment is over. I'd wanted to continue leaving this series on RR for free, but the numbers don't lie.

Again, I will be posting all of book 2 on RR. I don't plan for Airship Privateers to be on KU anytime soon so I don't need to worry about Amazon threatening me about it. For those who don't know, if you have a book on KU, it's exclusive with Amazon. They enforce this. Regularly.

This has been a fun experiment, but I guess all my RR author buddies were correct. There just isn't much demand for VR on Royal Road anymore.



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