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This won't be long and should be painless, I promise.  I'm also uploading chapters after this gets posted.

Hey folks!

I'm about 10 chapters in of Secret of the Old Ones 2 right now on Patreon. As of today, I'm going to start posting chapters to RR, too.

So, I have two important things to mention before I start posting chapters.


If you enjoy the story, please consider joining Patreon or buying the first book on Amazon. Let me explain why after I post this link that you can copy. (or you can click the link below)

I don't plan to launch book 2 on Kindle Unlimited, and book one is not on Kindle Unlimited. This is an experiment to see if I can keep my books off of Kindle Unlimited so I can keep them free on Royal Road.

If you are irritated that so many books on RR get taken off of the site when they are published, the way to stop that is to speak with your dollars. We need to make it make sense for authors to stay here instead of giving everything to 'Zon and Bezos.


Please consider joining my mailing list if you buy my books. Amazon is terrible about letting readers know when new books come out, and I have a lot more books that I don't put on RR.

The link to sign up for my mailing list is below.

That's it!

I hope everyone likes book 2.


A note from BlaiseCorvin

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