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Coming back to Royal Road - a history of this series


Hey everyone!

This is kind of long-winded, so bear with me...or don't. If you would just like to read the story, you can skip to chapter one.


This story was originally posted on Royal Road (and my website) in ancient days of yore, aka, 2016. SOO1, Luck Stat Strategy was published in early 2017.

10's of thousands of people have read this book since I've published it despite its relatively short length. I'll admit that I'm pretty proud of that. In LitRPG, book length can be a deciding factor of whether a lot of people will give it a shot.

I don't have the first book on Kindle Unlimited so I can actually post the entire thing here. What a concept, eh? No Kindle Unlimited.

So yes, the first book, Luck Stat Strategy, is already published. If you like the story and would like to support me, please consider joining my Patreon or buying the book on Amazon. Once book 1 is back on Royal Road in its entirety, I will be continuing the series with book 2, Airship Privateers

Now let's talk about some negative stuff.

Secret of the Old Ones, or at least some of its audience, was actually one reason I left Royal Road back in the day. I am a full time author, which means I make enough money from writing to pay the bills. I'm very grateful for basically having my dream job, and I never take my fans for granted. However, that doesn't mean that I'm a punching bag. I'm also not a web serial writer, so my business model does not require me to share chapters for free. One of the main reasons I do this (sharing free chapters) is to get more feedback and because I really enjoy being part of the community. Being full time also means that I approach writing like my job, too. So if I get too much flak, I can just pick up my toys and go home.

So back in the day, Royal Road (Legends) was a different place than today. I've had a very positive experience posting Apocalypse Cultivation on here for the last few months. The readership here now is awesome,and mostly positive. Things used to be different, though.

Maybe all of this is a sounding a little dramatic. lol. I'm trying to be vague but it might be painting this message as a Tumblr post. Lol...let me try saying it like this: SOO got good reviews and feedback on RR in 2016, but a handful of toxic people made me decide that posting here just wasn't worth my time anymore. One of the proverbial straws that broke the camel's back was a reader PMing me that I was a bitch for being freaked out by a cancer scare, and that my job is to write (for free, apparently), and I just need to get back to it and quit complaining. I screen shotted the message. It lives in a "WTF?" folder on my computer to remind me of notable moments over the course of my career that have helped me develop thicker skin.

Oh, if you are a person who wants to be an author or any kind of creative one day, you get to look forward to wtf-style stuff, too. Developing thick skin is just like it sounds--it's a callous for your mind/soul. And just like a callous, it can't develop without pain. Fun, huh?

So anyway, after that I basically said, "Fuck it. I'll just write and put everything on Amazon." For years I just...wasn't on Royal Road anymore. To be honest it made me sad because even though I've changed and grown a lot as an author and a person since I began posting Delvers LLC on this site in 2016, Royal Road was one of the places that I started. And to be honest, I think Royal Road is super important. If we didn't have RR, the only big reading site would be like...Wattpad.

More Chicklit...yay /sarc. (If you love Chicklit, you're in luck. Wattpad is a huge site and most of it seems to be chicklit). But seriously, for LitRPG, Gamelit, Progression, Dark fantasy stories... Royal Road is probably the best site on the internet to find a following. forward to this year, 2021. I've actually just returned to Royal Road this year because so many readers and writers have told me how Royal Road has changed. The site is bigger, more polished, and there are more serious readers and lovers of fiction hanging out here now. Trolls have a harder time sticking around. Authors have better tools to deal with people who get their jollies on being an asshole. Site mods have really good ways to catch people being horrible, too--better than before.

And...I'll be damned, everyone I knew was right. It's awesome here now! Don't get me wrong--I'm a professional so I don't expect every comment to be positive. I don't expect everyone to like everything that I create. SOO 2 will be my 15th published book. But authors are human, too. Getting nasty pms or death threats can really screw with our mental health and, most importantly, our productivity.

(There are a lot of similarities between writers and youtubers. Youtubers are always bitching about Youbube and have a love-hate relationship. For writers, it's Amazon. Youtubers ask fans to like and subscribe, authors basically ask the same thing. lol)

I know this was kind of long-winded, but I did warn everyone! Coming back to the site with a finished book that can be put up 100% as free chapters isn't exactly the norm, though. I wanted everyone to know where I was coming from.

And for everyone who has bought SOO over the years, thank you! Your support of the book (and SOO really does seem to have a cult following) is one reason I'm doing this.

SOO2, Airship Privateers, is likely to be a full sized novel, not a Novella like SOO1 was.

So in closing, if you've read this far, thank you. And thank you for being here.

I hope that you enjoy the story. :)


(edited because I really shouldn't try writing things like this before I've had my morning coffee. I never learn)


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