The Unwanted (Dark Fantasy LitRPG)

The Unwanted (Dark Fantasy LitRPG)

by Sivios

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In 2030, two planets collided; Earth and a planet filled with magic called Lumina. Since then, billions died due to a surge in monsters, refugees were scattered around the world and new countries were formed. Lumina's magic met Earth's technology and soon cities began to form adventurers and armies to combat the ever-growing presence of monsters. However, this leaves thousands displaced, millions of people live in poverty, the poor only get poorer and the rich get richer.

This story takes place 30 years after this event which would come to be known as the Great Merge. It follows a group who work as elite mercenaries for an organistion called Unwanted. The Unwanted take in those thrown out from society, young or old, it didn't matter. Those that were chosen were selected for their special skills, many of them orpahns, discarded nobles, slaves- they were deemed disposbale from the various cities they lived in. However, the Unwanted operate solely as a tool for the elite and the cities they operated in, they fight wars, clear dungeons, kill mad kings/monsters, etc.

The main charcater who you will come to know his name is one of these Unwanted, and within his team are other people like him. They are all strong and went through the gruelling training process and now they operate as field agents. Follow them as they under go missions and experience life.

Warning: Extreme Gore, Sexual Content, Only for Mature Audiences.

Note: This is a light LitRPG story with a main focus on the story but some aspects on the system.

Expect releases every two days, I am not looking to create a story with limited words for each chapter, only writing the story as I go. Chapters contain 1500-4000 words.

I have 100s of chapters in my backlog from writing this whenever I got a chance due to work and covid. I am an amateur writer who loves to spend my free time wiritng so please do not expect anything proffessional.

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I loved reading this book so far! It already has such a good storyline and premise, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. The characters are so interesting and feel like real people who you actually become invested in. I also loved how the story progresses and the jumps in time are really cool, especially when it all came together at one point. It’s an original idea and the twists and turns that you don’t expect are what kept me hooked- from the first chapter I couldn’t stop reading. I’m not usually much of a reader and it takes a lot for a book to keep me engaged, but this one was so easy to read and I’m already wanting the new chapters to come out! It will be interesting to see how the characters develop and what kind of adventures they are taken on throughout the plot. Predominantly I'm looking forward to how the main character evolves, because the author has built up such a strong character and backstory for him.

The author is regularly updating the chapters so it will be a good story to follow. I would definitely recommend this book and can’t wait to see what happens next.


Saw this novel and thought why not waste some time to read it, bad or not. The end result was my interest and craving for more chapters. The story seems to use the fantasy element combined with some mythos that doesn't seem overarched into making the story boring. Plus, the characters are well fleshed enough not to be boring and monotone. Overall, I am very satisfied with what's being put out by the author. Please give this novel a try!


To be honest from the description I wasn't expecting much but I wanted to give a chance.  I was very pleased that I did.  The byplay between characters and pacing is excellent and very amusing.  The flow and pacing is excellent and very natural.  I was absolutely sucked into the novel and when I hit ch 20 I was a bit annoyed that I ran out of this wonderful gem.  I would definitely recommend picking this one up.

I did see some typos and some punctuation errors but not enough to be jarring.  The use of flashbacks, which is a writing technique that can go wrong very easily, was used in such a way I noticed but it was enriching rather than annoying.  The author is doing a great job of showing the system in action and not describing it in a way that is obvious to the reader, a rather difficult thing to do.  I like the system genre but a lot of them use the system to much and this author is using it to tell a story about characters rather then the system, which is a refreshing change.

Enjoy your reading as I will as well.  Hope this helps.



Written using google translator.

I really liked the story, I was looking for something like this for a long time. I loved that the MC is immortal, it's hard to find a story with this type of MC (if you know any, please tell me)
I can't talk about grammatical errors because I use the translator to read, but it seems like there aren't many.
I really enjoyed that the author did a backstory for the MC and probably did it for the others in the MC group.
I really hope the story has lots of chapters for all of us to read and have fun.


From reading the description, I expected this to be nothing but edge. Probably featuring a Main Character who is just a complete jackass, and a surrounding cast who all act like selfish dickheads purely for the sake of being selfish dickheads. 

I was completely wrong. 20 chapters in and I'm delighted that I took a chance on this.


There's nothing to complain about here. The pacing is good. The writing is good. The blue boxes aren't all consuming. There's a dislcaimer in the discription asking us to not expect anything professional, but so far the quality has been a step above a lot of what you'll see on Royal Road.



Not much to say here. Everything checks out as it should. There hasn't been a single time where I've spotted a typo or awfully formatted sentence.



So far, the story isn't anything unique. The MC is part of a mercenary group structured like a traditional D&D party. Not being unique, however, doesn't mean it's in any way bad. There aren't any gaping plotholes, and generally I'm rather interested in seeing what happens next. 



The characters do all seem to have tragic backstories - fallen nobles, orphans with murdered parents, and so on and so forth. What makes this story lovely is that the author doesn't use that as an excuse to make everyone a complete clown. The protagonists such as they are all seem to be people that the reader can easily grow to love, or at least root for in a fight, as protagonists should be. Moreover, they all seem at least somewhat realistic, which is always a plus.


From what I can tell, this is shaping up to be at least a little grimdark. The world isn't necessarily in the best place, but the characters that we follow seem to be on the better side of cleaning up all of the awful shit, rather than being remorseless sociopaths murdering the homeless and kicking puppies. Don't follow my example - you should read this with the highest of expectations (and have them met)