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Sometimes death is only the beginning of a new life.

A mysterious entity granted a person who had just died another life in exchange for required services. Mistakes were made, and our reincarnator ends up in an alien body in a strange world. But with her new body, there are perks and drawbacks. Can she complete the job she was given? Maybe, but first, she has to survive childhood.

Which is more potent, the willpower of a former life or the primal instincts of her new body?

Follow this story of a wolf girl in a fantasy world full of fantastical races and just as fantastical people.

Volume 2: 

Time has passed, and our heroine has settled into her new home and family. Time for her to learn what it means to be a beastkin. For better and for worse. After all, she is going through the most important time in her life.

Volume 3: 

War is coming. Our little heroine is all grown up and a knight for the kingdom. She is given her first task as a knight and soon she finds herself in a situation nobody should ever find themselves in. 

Cover designed and produced by MiblArt.

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13 Pitch Black Cats

13 Pitch Black Cats

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111 Chapters
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Chapter Name Release Date
01. We're not in Kansas anymore. ago
02. I demand a mulligan. ago
03. Mirrored dream. ago
04. My knights in shining armor. ago
05. Three little words. ago
06. Do you want to build a campfire? ago
07. Civilization. ago
08. A magic trick. ago
09. In hot water now. ago
10. A future draft. ago
11. A rose by any other name. ago
12. Meat is back on the menu. ago
13. Foot Impressions. ago
14. I am Lucia. ago
15. Getting to know the neighbors. ago
16. Sign in blood. ago
17. Dress for Success. ago
18. A Taste of Heaven. ago
19. Joker's Wild ago
20. Nora knows. ago
21. Waterfalls. ago
22. A wolf In sheep's clothing. ago
23. Challenge Accepted. ago
24. Playing with dirt. ago
25. Shocking conclusion. ago
26. We talked. ago
27. The start of a special day. ago
28. An offer you can refuse. ago
29. I'm adopted. ago
30. Leverage ago
31. Happy Biirthday! ago
32. Show and tell. ago
33. I guess that concludes negotiations. ago
34. I have a plan. ago
35. I am going to tell mom on you. ago
36. War hero. ago
37. Save Zenny. ago
38. First blood. ago
39. A lot more blood. ago
40. No more blood. ago
41. Damaged. ago
42. Bedroom boredom. ago
43. Magic 101. ago
44. Another innocent day. ago
45. Socially awkward. ago
46. The end of the beginning. ago
V2.00 Heavy is the head that wears the crown. ago
V2.01 Sleepless in Centari. ago
V2.02 What were you expecting? ago
V2.03 A wild ride with Mr. Toad. ago
V2.04 It's a wolf eat wolf world. ago
V2.05 Bedside manner ago
V2.06 Two days later. ago
V2.07 Regretted actions. ago
V2.08 The thing. ago
V2.09 One incredible child. ago
V2.10 All everyone wants to do is talk. ago
V2.11 A girls' night out. ago
V2.12 I am not a monster! ago
V2.13 Combat instructor. ago
V2.14 So very very frightening. ago
V2.15 Not this again. ago
V2.16 pt.1 Might vs Magic. ago
V2.16 pt. 2 A different perspective. ago
V2.17 Two wolves. ago
V2.18 Who let the wolf out? ago
V2.19 The wolf's out of the bag. ago
V2.20 Why ride when I can walk? ago
V2.21 Dire straits. ago
V2.22 Tour guide. ago
V2.23 Culture shock ago
V2.24 Let the games begin. ago
V2.25 Safety blanket. ago
v2.26 Court summons. ago
V2.27 Carrot. ago
V2.28 A gentle nudge. ago
V2.29 Round 1. Dogpile. ago
V2.30 It's a trap! ago
V2.31 Oops. ago
V2.32 Round 2: A fight with a friend. ago
V2.33 Bird brain. ago
V2.34 Tastes like chicken. ago
V2.35 Who's your alpha now? ago
V2.36 Round 3: Chill out. ago
V2.37 You are a monster. ago
V2.38 Round 4: An unwinnable fight. ago
V2.39 Save August. ago
V2.40 The fallen. ago
V2.41 A Crisis At Hand. ago
V2.42 Gluttony. ago
V2.43 No beastkin left behind. ago
V2.44 Silverbreeze ago
V2.45 Magic fixes everything. ago
V2.46 Cool down. ago
V2.47 Home. ago
V3.00 The puppet king. ago
V3.01 Some things never change. ago
V3.02 Orders ago
V3. 03 Confirmation. ago
V3.04 The first steps. ago
V3.05 You have some explaining to do. ago
V3.06 Fireside chat. ago
V.307 Lacking critical information. ago
V3.08 Critical information gained. ago
V3.09 On the road again. ago
V3.10 The resemblance is uncanny. ago
V3.11 Family bonding. ago
V3.12 Make me. ago
V3.13 Distractible girl talk. ago
V3.14 Fire and ice. ago
V3.15 Acceptance. ago

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Im not exactly good at writing reviews so I'll just throw out what I think of this story.

The introduction is a fairly standard one for story's with a reincarnation theme, so no surprises there.

I like that the beast-kin aren't just humans with cosmetic items like a tail and animal ears, but instead have actual differences that reach from dietary needs to being digitigrade and even some mental differences like harder to control emotions.

The other characters and their interactions with Lucia are pretty good so far, although I'll have to wait and see how character progression and progression of relationships/friendship is handelt since the current ones persisting for to long will definitely get annoying.

I can't say much about the story itself since not much has happened yet except the introduction and Lucia getting set up in the orphanage. But I hope that it will get going a bit more now that all the set up for here being where she is, is done. 

The grammar is pretty good, I did notice some mistakes but none that really interrupted my reading.


The Adventure of a Wolfgirl

Reviewed at: V3.02 Orders

It is a really nice story the characters are lovable and have different motivations that is making things interesting. The Isekai part is very good executet and its one of the few novels that didn't skip the early phase. Im no native English speaker so i can't and won't judge grammar.All in all a good stoy and i can't wait to read more. (It was really a good point for a review 😉)

My first update of the story after I read all the stockpiled chapters:

the story and characters are developing nicely so nothing complain there. The story so staying on the classic fantasy route but the charakers and there flaws are really hooking so u cant stop reading. One improvement i had is that u could tell how long the bigger time jumps are like "after 5 years" or so. It's a bit distracting when timeskips are going over a few years and u dont know the age of the charakter because the story is centerd around the MC development and her development. That is the reason the Novel only gets 3 out of 5 in style score.

Hope we see more of the wolfgirl with the cutest anger disorder. ;D


Great stuff. I'm very happy to have found this. 

The main character spends the majority of their time deeply uncomfortable with themselves and it makes for a deeply imersive story.

The dramatically awkward family moments are a real hook aswell.

Overall this is a pleasure to read and I hope to see more


Niche Dark Fantasy with Trauma

Reviewed at: 38. First blood.

This is an odd story. Normally, I would get through 10 chapters of a story like this, call it a day, and write a review. But there's something oddly compelling about this that had me catch up all the way to chapter 37. Which, well, is odd, because there are certainly a clear number of criticisms I have of the story that readers may want to consider.  That said, for people who enjoy this subgenre, this is probably a fairly good entry.

For starters, let's begin with the premise of the story: a neuro-divergent (in this case, with anger and self-control issues) orphan struggles in a new environment/orphanage. A pretty straightforward story and that is told somewhat well enough.

One issue I have with the story though is that it's wrapped up in one or more framing devices that confuse me. First, it's a reincarnation isekai. That's common enough, but given that the raison d'etre for the isekai is mooted in the first few chapters, and the prior life knowledge/experience/maturity is mostly irrelevant or ignored, I'm not at all clear why it's used as a framing device. Second, the story is framed as a gender bender because the protagonist was male in his last life and is female now. Given that the story is mostly focused on anger/control issues and the worldbuilding, there's hardly enough time to actually deal with this soul inhabiting a female body, and it ends up distracting when just writing it as a non-gender bender (but still female lead) would have been fine.

On another point, through the first ten or so chapters, the writing style is pretty rough. In particular, a lot of the protagonist's internal monologue is extremely redundant of what has already been showed to the audience. And, in a few places, something happens, one character comments on it, then the protagonist comments or internally monologues about it; that triple threat is tedious. That said, the writer gets away from this eventually and the writing style improves significantly. 

As a warning to other readers, this story might be considered a tragedy or dark fantasy. A lot of really terrible things happen to the protagonist. Incidentally, a lot of this is caused by the ostensible "good guys," the people in charge of making sure the orphaned ward is taken care of. It's really tough watching it happen to her and makes me rightly furious at the "adults." Incidentally, I think there's historical precedent for some of those terrible things, but doesn't make it less difficult to read about.

Okay, except for the bit where the "doctor," who's a bit of a quack, pulls out ALL of her teeth with a pair of pliers. Pretty sure the only historical precedent for that is a torture chamber.

Speaking of maturity, the protagonist is a 4 year old child. And while there's some flex in terms of maturity and physical capability, there's not a lot of hewing to the ordinary capabilities of such a young child. Likewise, the protagonist has amnesia, though this doesn't seem to be treated consistently by the story.

Another aspect that makes the story uncomfortable to read is the inadvertent justification for fantasy racism. The protagonist is a wolf beastkin and a lot of people either freak out in panic at seeing her or are extremely derogatory towards beastkin (e.g., they can't be civilized, they're mindless brutes, they're dangerous). The problem is that the protagonist actually has anger and self-control issues, and even though she's upset by the stereotypes leveled against her, because she has a lot of trouble with anger and self-control, a lot of these stereotypes end up being inadvertently justified/reinforced. And while some of the anger/self-control is slowly being dealt with, I'm not really sure whether the way it's handled has nipped that racism in the bud. All in all, those aspects of the story are super uncomfortable to read about. 


The characters are what really bring this to life. MC and side characters have desires, goals, faults, idiosyncrasies, etc... For the most part, they feel like real people. The premise is also pretty interesting, makes me want to find out how the MC is going to deal with everything. Already the MC has made a decision I truly did not expect, and it was executed well.

I really like how the MC struggles with their new identity and impulses - it makes for a very realistic/relatable inner conflict, while simultaneously driving the plot for some time.

No significant grammar/style issues, which is very important to me - such things completely ruin immersion when they're present, and the fact that they're not there also shows the effort put into the story.

The only thing I can personally think of to improve this is information on how the plot is affecting the rest of the world/country, as the lack of this information makes it a feel a little like the typical "everything revolves around the MC's presence" trope, even though the story isn't like that. Maybe just an interlude or two focusing on what's happened in other places.

Here's some filler since Royalroad wants me to put in a few more words.

Eydin Abbetin

A great story with an relatable cast

Reviewed at: 27. The start of a special day.

The author does an amazing job giving insight into the MCs mind and adds a ton of realism to the story through glimpses of daily activities and character features that the reader can empathise with while serving to highlight the MCs beatskin nature.

Truly a wonderful story and I'm really looking forwarding to seeing where it goes!