Kitty Cat Kill Sat

Kitty Cat Kill Sat

by argusthecat

Ownership of the last functioning piece of orbital infrastructure kind of puts you in a position of responsibility.  The fact that there's a lack of thumbs in the process makes it a challenge.  But challenge is, as far as anyone can prove, my middle name.

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A great story, that has fun with tropes

Reviewed at: Chapter 044

The rambling style of the narator writing is both a great caracteristic of this story and a ocasional detractor.

I feel like the author sometimes is having too much fun with the rambling style and forgets that the story has a purpose.

All that said this story goes to eleven, the subjects are varied and interesting, the ocasional wrench trhow at regular sci fi tropes are a joy to read. The caracter developement makes sense and is interesting.


Unique story so far!

Reviewed at: Chapter 032

This is such a great story. I love that the mc has so much power... and is a CAT. The mc has such a unique take on... everything, I don't know how the author did it! Also, I love its pet so much. I mean... its something that could be part of another story in of itself, it could be literally the end game boss, and it is a pet! I love this story so far, and I hope you do too!


Weirdly slice-of-life

Reviewed at: Chapter 012

I never realized just how engaging trying to keep things running could be. Lily is not all powerful, and maybe more then a little Rampant but she tries. The world is beutifully imagined and very detailed giving the same impression of generations lost that pervades Warframe and 40k while remaining very unique with it's flavor.
The cat on the station is somehow exactly what I would think a genuinely bonevolent uplifted cat would be like in that position complete with massive neuroses. 

Steven Rieber

I was honestly not prepared to like this series asucj as I do. The world is fascinating, and MC is interesting and compelling, and really can't wait to see what happens next. 

The author managed to take "this cat owns a space ship" and make something special out of it. Definitely read this.


really paw't my eye

Reviewed at: Chapter 003

The premise is etremely unique , and it makes for an entertaining read, a cat, who started off as a perfectly ordinary cat in charge of an orbital ombardment platform over a blighted earth, it makes m wanna read more, and maybe get answers to some of the mysteries of the setting.


Kooky Kitten Kicks Keyboard

Reviewed at: Chapter 010

Kitty Cat Kill Sat is a round about swinging slice of life tale full of deep detail and currently one fantastical feline.  This journey may have just started but it hits all the notes I love to hear: naps, loss, loneliness, duty, very large space guns, artificial intelligence, uplift, humor, drama, monologues, board games, post apocalyptic societies, space piracy... and most importantly: naps.  argusthecat's style has clearly grown and blossomed, and their skill has never been sharper. 

Now to address the specific metrics Royal Road asks for: Style, Story, Character, and Grammar. 

For style, I feel like I was pretty clear earlier, absolutely purrfect.

Story is great, but slice of life is slow in the best of times so don't go expecting things that yall shouldn't be expecting. 

Character, while there are only a few they are all fascinating and richly written. 

Lastly, grammar, I didn't notice any problems during my read through which is good enough for me!

In conclusion, if you want a good story to read that will keep you digging your claws in for each new update, chasing that notification that a new chapter has been posted, being whiskered away to the far future of sentient kitty times then pick up Kitty Cat Kill Sat, you won't be disappointed.

Doctor Zero
An uplifted cat has had the misfortune to be the last survivor on an ancient orbital death satellite.  It has decided to make the most of its situation by becoming the unofficial guardian of humanity, intelligent life, and the Earth - in no particular order.  
Also, it's a cat with bombs trying to save humanity from (mostly) itself.  So, while every problem is considered with compassion and thought, the actual interventions are (by necessity) very explodey.  It's not a tickle satellite.  Even gentle corrections are measured in mega-tonnes.
This book is a very interesting thought experiment.  It looks forward to a huge amount of possible trouble humans can get into, then tries to solve it using only a cat, PTSD, and explosives.  It's an addictive read. 
The writing style is excellent.  Author knows his way around the English language, and how much story to give each chapter to keep you coming back.  It's a page turner.
The grammar is good.  I didn't notice any mistakes, which means it's better than mine, and beyond my ability to critique.  So - 5 stars!
We're only on Chapter 8, but I am already hooked.  Each chapter has introduced another character, setting, backstory, and dilemma.  That sounds chaotic, but they are layering together well - each situation leading to the next.  It bodes well for the web serial format, where even excellent books often run out of ideas before they run out of pages.
There's a lot going on here.  It's good.
The characters are wonderful.  Everybody is broken, and trying their best, except when they aren't.  I expect they will only get more broken, try harder, and mess up more spectacularly.  It's a metaphor, or something.
Anyway, just read it.
Nomadic Chronicler

Just another boring day of a completely lazy Cat

Reviewed at: Chapter 063 - Finale

Just a boring slice of life story about a cat, doing cat things on a space station. Nothing interesting or exicitng happens, just the daily grind of being a lazy cat doing lazy boring cat things.

Can't really understand what other readers found so gripping and blood pumping about this, it's not like it's the end of the world or something. The whole story was just an endless loop of a cat hero... CatHero? Katero? anyway, of our protoganist cat taking naps, eating cat food, taking naps, dropping things on various places and things, taking cat naps as well as naps, breaking things, running around like a cat-out-of-his-mind, taking naps, pushing things off from their leges to make them fall onto other things and taking more catnaps in highly inappropirate places like craters, in medbays, in autodocs in medbays, in medbay bacta tanks, in priceless vivification pods, on lounge chairs, in power armours.
Also, not enough PowerArmour porn! Minus 10k dkp!
AlsoAlso, dogs are much better. He's a good boy.
Very meh, Nine out of One, would have loved to completely remove it from my memory so I can re-experience it completely fresh, again and again as with various other classical Sci-Fi masterpieces I've read over the years, if it was possible. (Or not... Gibson's Johnny Mnemonic wasn't a nice place to live...)

                                       This Review was brought to you by the Bureaucratic Bureaucracy for Bureaucrating Bureaucratial Bureaucracies for determining and implementing the effects of Weaponized Sarcasm Treaty of SOL (SOL); of Io, Jupiter, Sol. Of SOL.

just a dude

Kitty cat kill sat is a fun read. We get to see the perspective of a cat! Pretty fun and laid back story by Argus. Would recommend if you're looking for a chill nice read. If you want to read a sci-fi story in the perspective of a fricken cat, then this is the story for you. Overall, so far I like it and will continue reading. 

Sam Tolan

Haunting and Thought Provoking

Reviewed at: Chapter 036

I am not a fan of science fiction nor I do read more space opera and space fantasy than anything. Admittingly, I would never have picked up this book despite the wonderful rating and the followers if someone suggested it to me.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this story. And it wasn't just because I love cats. 

Grammar is wonderful and there wasn't anything that took me out of the story. That alone was a high achievement.

I had trouble with the style at first because the story was seen and written through the understanding of a sapient feline. I wanted to know more about how things worked and fleshed out the Pseudoscience and advances in science, but the cat didn't seem inclined to wondering things. That makes sense given it is still a kitty cat.

The story is strange to put it mildly. It is largely a slice of life story but then the setting is dismal. Loneliness, depression, hopelessness and far worse emotions and states of being are seen through an optimistic worldview that makes it seem that it is on endless amounts of copium to handle it.

I really like the characters. I feel genuine attachment and sorrow for the AIs and feel wonder for the increasing intelligence of a house cat. It's hard for me to connect with stories, characters, or even comprehend my own emotions due to my disabilities. This story however didn't have any of those issues. 

I will definitely be following and continue to read this story. Sometimes, if you try something out of your comfort zone, you can be introduced to something new that you will love. I'm so glad I checked out this story.