Kitty Cat Kill Sat

Kitty Cat Kill Sat

by argusthecat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Ownership of the last functioning piece of orbital infrastructure kind of puts you in a position of responsibility.  The fact that there's a lack of thumbs in the process makes it a challenge.  But challenge is, as far as anyone can prove, my middle name.

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Delightfully eccentric

Reviewed at: Chapter 001

Reading this so far, I feel like I'm actually reading the thoughts of a mentally-ascended cat who has been alone for way too long. Which is quite interesting to experience, to be honest. The premise is intriguing and I'm curious to learn more about the world and how it's gotten to be how it is, and I do find the main character to be endearing. I really do just want to give her some company. I look forward to seeing more of this come out!


Can this Sci-Fi Cat unseat the Cultivator Chicken?

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

A delightful tale about an immortal cat scratching out an existence in a hypertech battle station as she desperately tries to keep the world below her from falling into even further apocalyptic disrepair. It is original and very well written. It has a lot of soft sci-fi elements but doesn't fall into the trap of just being fluf and does follow it's own rules. The world-building almost gives me vibes of starsector x neo scavenger. 


No Thumbs? No Problem… most of the time.

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

I've been reading Argus's work for quite a while, so I'm a little bit biased. But so far this seems to be another genius creation straight out of the toaster of eternal floof that will become a staple of my binge reading rotation. Argus has managed to combine several of my favorite things, mainly cats and death rays, into one so far fascinating package that keeps me constantly wondering what thumbless shenanigans will happen next.


So far, Kitty Cat Kill Sat is a good story, with an interesting premise and written by Argus themself. The story looks to be promising, though there isn't enough there for a full advanced review. I haven't seen any issues with grammar either. I recommend at least trying the story out.

Zenopath (AEV)

This is really pure sci-fi filtered through the perspective of a cat. Pure in the sense that theres a lot of ultra high tech and hundreds of years worth of history... but its all a jumble of weirdness that the MC takes for granted. The cat renders what could be overly complex sci-fi into "junk he cant be bothered to explain" in an amusing way. I'm not sure where the author plans to go with this story concept, but the idea of an immortal cat supervising the last high tech orbital space station while struggling with his loneliness is very cool. The MC is fun to follow as his endlessly self sufficient catlike attitude pushes him through what would otherwise be a depressing story with upbeat attitude. I can't think of single reason anyone would want to miss out on this creative story and I'm interested to see how it develops.


This story is the story of a cat who has found a way to keep her mind from breaking under the strain of eternity. She has seen and done a lot, all while being alone. The writing convays her lonlyness, the fantastical, beautiful, and horrifying solar system she lives in, and the joy and fragile hope she feels at finaly making a friend after 400 years. The fact that she found a way to get used to killing hundreds at a time also hammers in the fact, that she means business. Loved the mech suit she made as well. Please don't stop, please keep going.


I'm a sucker for this

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

I love the point of view the story is relayed in.

It's a little alien and it also gives the idea that the world this character exists in is alive. I can only hope it continues much further.

That being said, the tension is at 11/10, permanently, I wish it would relax a little bit. It would be great to see why the MC enjoys being alve too


I never really write reviews but given how much I've enjoyed this I just had to. The setting of what appears to be a post-post-post apocalyptic earth from the viewport of space, alongside the delightful perspective of our main character makes this story a huge treat.

But seriously, go read the first chapter. I was hooked after the first few paragraphs and if you're anything like me you'll end up binging through the rest of the chapters.

argusthecat, sincerely, thank you for this story so far. I haven't enjoyed reading a new story this much in quite a while and I can't wait for more.


I needs more... Maybe needs more long term goals

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

It is really good.... I don't have much more to say overall other than I wish there were 50 more chapters to read.

The writting supports the cats frustrations and mental issues of being stuck up there for so long.  Making it feel like we are up there with him.

The only issue I have is that these stories generally need a longer term goal they work on occationally or they seems to fizzle out.


This is just really good.

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

Lovely story, with a very original concept.
The every day life of an uplifted cat operating orbital weaponry above a strange and interesting post apocalyptic earth is great fun. The main characters personality is endearing, and her sense of humor is a joy to read. The slow burn of world building and characterization is also progressing nicely, with more info on her past and the world she lives in becoming clear as the story goes on.
Overall It's just a very enjoyable story to sit down and read.