Kitty Cat Kill Sat

Kitty Cat Kill Sat

by argusthecat

Ownership of the last functioning piece of orbital infrastructure kind of puts you in a position of responsibility.  The fact that there's a lack of thumbs in the process makes it a challenge.  But challenge is, as far as anyone can prove, my middle name.

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Can this Sci-Fi Cat unseat the Cultivator Chicken?

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

A delightful tale about an immortal cat scratching out an existence in a hypertech battle station as she desperately tries to keep the world below her from falling into even further apocalyptic disrepair. It is original and very well written. It has a lot of soft sci-fi elements but doesn't fall into the trap of just being fluf and does follow it's own rules. The world-building almost gives me vibes of starsector x neo scavenger. 


Delightfully eccentric

Reviewed at: Chapter 001

Reading this so far, I feel like I'm actually reading the thoughts of a mentally-ascended cat who has been alone for way too long. Which is quite interesting to experience, to be honest. The premise is intriguing and I'm curious to learn more about the world and how it's gotten to be how it is, and I do find the main character to be endearing. I really do just want to give her some company. I look forward to seeing more of this come out!


No Thumbs? No Problem… most of the time.

Reviewed at: Chapter 008

I've been reading Argus's work for quite a while, so I'm a little bit biased. But so far this seems to be another genius creation straight out of the toaster of eternal floof that will become a staple of my binge reading rotation. Argus has managed to combine several of my favorite things, mainly cats and death rays, into one so far fascinating package that keeps me constantly wondering what thumbless shenanigans will happen next.

Zenopath (AEV)

This is really pure sci-fi filtered through the perspective of a cat. Pure in the sense that theres a lot of ultra high tech and hundreds of years worth of history... but its all a jumble of weirdness that the MC takes for granted. The cat renders what could be overly complex sci-fi into "junk she cant be bothered to explain" in an amusing way. I'm not sure where the author plans to go with this story concept, but the idea of an immortal cat supervising the last high tech orbital space station while struggling with her loneliness is very cool. The MC is fun to follow as her endlessly self sufficient catlike attitude pushes her through what would otherwise be a depressing story with upbeat attitude. I can't think of single reason anyone would want to miss out on this creative story and I'm interested to see how it develops.


A solitary cat, sat on a high tech killing platform and has one hell of an adventure.

Pure class beginning to end and worth your time if you like sci-fi, character driven plots, or just well written stories.

And in case you need to know the end is worth it 👌 


So far, Kitty Cat Kill Sat is a good story, with an interesting premise and written by Argus themself. The story looks to be promising, though there isn't enough there for a full advanced review. I haven't seen any issues with grammar either. I recommend at least trying the story out.


The best immortal god cat a mum could want

Reviewed at: Chapter 063 - Finale

Story: Do you like cats? A very lonely cat (that you just want to hug and pet) with too much time on their hands they just effing uplift themselves into sentience?! AIs? Questionable dogs? More power at your paws than a cat should have?

There's a nice sense of progression, while still being slice of life, all the little bits of science, loneliness and dystopia blend seamlessly together.

Style: Our protagonist is an unreliable narrator and it's frankly hilarious how they narrate to themselves aloud and other characters comment on it. Despite being in the stratosphere it's all very down to earth. I'm not good at describing style.

Characters: For the most part it's all about Lily, our bestest cat who's just trying to do the best they can with a bad (but overpowered) hand and a lack of sleep and good food. Other characters include her AI friend, her AI child, her pet dog with tentacles all who see great development (except Dog, who's just a Dog).

Grammar: 5/5 no problems here, occasionally there's narration that's spoken that lacks quotation marks but this is intentional as the narrator is unreliable and used to being by themselves for the last 400 years.


I don't think I've ever seen a story remotely like this before. There are some familiar elements in places, but it's a story both bizarre and elegant best read to be understood. The characters are exceptionally well-developed with complex personalities, and while the ending seems a bit abrupt (there's a definite feel of acceleration toward the conclusion, even as you're still not sure what it is yet), it was a great read.

There are some minor typos, but they're on the low side for a web serial.


Starts off like a kitten, ends like a saber toothed mecha tiger.

It's hard to do scatter brained characters well, they usually end up on the annoying end of the spectrum. Marvelously this work manages to thread the needle and deliver an inhuman self-aware perspective that doesn't grate. The author also sneakily sneaks in sneaky important information when he thinks you're not looking.

Great stuff, very bing-worthy.


Unique story. I'm jealous of the author's imagination, as well as their skill at writing characters I want to care about.

The main character has so much energy for a cat. Her character development was subtle, but still there. I'm happy she was able to find herself (lol).

The AIs were believable enough, and it was fun to watch them grow. I'm glad that the author kept most of them relatively neutral. My favorite was the city seed. Something about building at the expense of all else speaks to me.

It warmed my heart to read about humans who aren't evil or good or whatever, just people trying to survive in a very hostile and confusing environment. I'm a bit sad we never got a human perspective on the main character. I wonder how much the AIs were doing on Lily's behalf to keep people from reacting badly.

The ending was beautifully written, and it feels like the author stuck the landing. Humanity coming together when it matters is my favorite trope, and I feel like writing it well is very hard to accomplish in a single chapter.

I feel honored to have been able to experience this short but sweet journey.