Like I said, it been two months since I started working with the pig, and a couple of things happened

For starters, my relationship with Cat improved a lot. At the beginning, it was pretty awkward with the two of us considering we haven’t seen each other over three years, and she kind of left me behind last time we saw each other, but like most things, time healed it all

After eating together, playing together, watching TV together, exercising together and sometimes even bathing together, the wall that separated us practically crumble. Hell, I even started to call her mum after she insisted repeatedly. The first time I said it, it was pretty embarrassing and she almost cried for some reason, but over time we got used to it

So yeah, we were getting along just fine

She also started teaching me some martial arts for protection. Nothing fancy yet, just improving my punches and kicks since there were some flaws here and there, thanks to learning from a TV screen and not directly from a teacher

Another thing she started teaching me was how to properly hold and handle a staff. Since it was my weapon of choice and she agreed it wasn’t a bad weapon, she agreed to teach it to me besides the other martial arts. She even brought me a detachable staff that I could carry in my bag and attach it pretty fast if I ever need it in an emergency

If I have to be honest, training with her is a great experience, and I have a lot of fun, but there is just one tiny bit annoying part. She always forces me to take a bath with her afterwards for some reason…..

It is one of Cat quirks I guess, one of many. For example, she loves to dress me up in all kind of clothes and take hundreds of pictures for some reason, or when my school uniform arrived, she forced me to change into it, had a big pleasant smile when I put it on, and obviously took pictures a few moments later. She complains a lot when the clothes I wear doesn’t match or aren’t cute enough, and forces me to take a bath every day, and tries to take one with me every time she gets……

She sleeps and moves around the house in her underwear, takes almost one hour to get ready to go out, is extremely competitive when playing video games and is a bad loser when she loses, sometimes leaves food on her plate, picky eater, bad-mouther, bad temper, manipulative, likes sweets a lot, over protective, loves cute stuff, charismatic, and much more

You could say she can be pretty annoying from time to time, thanks to all her habits, but it is not like it reaches and unbearable level

As for her daily activities, when she isn’t out doing who knows what or sleeping, she mostly trains, cooks, tan, watch’s TV or plays video games

Now, I may have mentioned it before, but she does has a reason to watch a lot of Tv and plays a lot of video games. As I had said multiple times, she has muscle memory, which is the ability to imitate any move she sees flawlessly. If she sees every single move of a karate master, she can imitate perfectly all his move sets, making her a karate master

Of course, she must practice it a little bit to make sure she got it right, and the proper way to use it, but she  saves years and years of training by just watching and practising for a few hours

The thing is that her muscle memory helps her with a lot of other stuff. For example, she can watch a cooking show, and learn how to cook onions perfectly without the 1000 hours of practice and the 20000 vegetables you must cut to learn the process, she can watch the Olympics and learn the perfect balance a gymnastic finalist has, or she can also watch a Nascar race, and learn how to perfectly drift a car

She can also watch movies like from Jackie Chan and learn how he deals with his enemy’s using the environment or one from medieval times and learn how to properly handle a sword. It also helps a lot when characters get taken over by stun mans and made dangerous scenes with them

As for video games, since people has to make research of actual things to put it in their work, she can learn from their hard effort. For example, if you play the game Tekken 5, most characters are based on actual martial artist moves so she can practice different moves of different marital arts by just playing a video game. It also helps her a lot with improving her reaction time and reflex, so they help a lot actually

It is true she does it because she enjoys it, but it can’t deny it that doing all that does help her become stronger, something that is always good in her line of work. Why not do something that is good for you and you enjoy? If you love you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life

She has her good points and her bad points, like everyone else, but I enjoy a lot my time with cat and she does a great job taking care of me, or at least I think she does

As for my work environment, not so much

I think I have expressed how much I love that f-cking Pig, and his attitude didn’t improve one bit in this last two months, and I think it even got worse

On the other hand, the others are pretty nice. Fist is Jean, the bartender that takes care of Mei most of the time. She is a 20 years old bartender with Red hair and a pleasant smile. Since I am pretty busy with the deliveries, I don’t usually go to the bar, but Mei tells me that she is pretty nice and the regulars love her. She is the one that lets us come in every day after knocking the back door, so that gives her a lot of points in my book

Then we have Tom, or Thomas if you like. He is around 15 years old and has been working for the Pig as a delivery boy for more than a year.  I usually catch him when I am leaving or he is coming to work, but he did give a tip or two, and he seems pretty nice

There is also Susan and Fred, two others in charge of delivery. They are around 16 and the oldest in the group, but I rarely see them since they work at night mostly, so I don’t know much about them

Finally, we have James. He is the youngest (excluding me and Mei) at 14 years old and started a month after I started when summer vacations started. Among all the employees the poor kid has the worst luck since he has to come in the morning, evening or night according to when there are more deliveries or someone has his day off. Basically, he fills when there is a lack of manpower

Tom told me that most start that way, and only when he or she proved he could handle it without quitting that he would get an actual schedule. The only reason I was treated differently was because of my powers and contacts. Not that it helped me much with the Pg yelling

Then, there were the regular costumers I delivered stuff. I had some pizza joints, some restaurants, private homes, offices, a police car, a lawyer, a private detective office, and some more. None of the treated me badly and didn’t complain much when I asked them to sign the paper, but only a handful gave me a tip after the delivery. Obviously, I didn’t say anything to the Pig about tips, or the a-s would deduct it from my payment for sure

So I guess you could say that things are going pretty good, all things considered. I have a house, warm food, a loving parent, a good friend, good coworkers, a sh-tty boss(but who hasn’t, according to tv), powers, “good health”, and I even have enough free time that I can even write this thing I could call a diary, I guess

Yep, things are pretty good

Unless of course, I forgot to mention a tiny little fact. I am pretty sure I am being targeted for some reason

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