Mei learned from Tom that there was an actual dressing room for employees so when Pig was done with us, we went there to change. It was nothing fancy, it only had a couple of small lockers and a place to hang coats. Tom even told Mei what locker was empty and ready to use, so we took it

We also got a second set of working clothes that Pig told Tom to get us and Pig would deduct from our salaries(yay!). Basically, he forced us to buy his sh-tty clothes so we would advertise his store

Why the f-ck must I buy a horrible looking shirt!?

Luckily, he didn't force us to buy his mugs or ashtrays he also sold at the store with his t-shirts(the reason we could get some so easily), but I say he should give them for free, or at least with an employee discount, damn it!

I had the feeling that if I wasn't careful, that guy would find a way to put me in debt by working for him

"So how was your day Mei?"(Me) Asked while changing clothes

"Tiring and scary. I almost got lost a couple of times, got yelled at when I returned and after 2 trips, I told him I was too tired to deliver anything else. He got mad at me, told me he would cut my salary and he told me to help at the bar for the rest of the day. Do you think  he will fire me?"(Mei) Said while turning a little white

"Don't worry about the yelling, he would have done it anyway, no matter what you did, he is that kind of guy. Besides, there is no way they will throw away a powered person, at worst you will be allocated somewhere else"(Me) Reassured her

Before all this, I asked Cat if we would be a bother to the organization, and she told me it was actually the opposite. I did explain why before, so I won't repeat it, but I knew at the time that one of the main reasons was exactly what I said to Mei

"Does that mean we will be separated?"(Mei)

"Probably not, maybe they will make you keep working at the bar or something like that. By the way, how was it working there?"(Me)

Unlike the errands, I never worked in a bar before, so I had no idea what they did. Besides, asking about it would help her think about other stuff

"I had to help move a lot of ice around, check the bottles, wash some glasses and cups, and cut lemons. Nothing difficult"(Mei)

"Was it hard?"(Me)

"No, and Jean was really nice. She showed me how things were done around the place and never got angry when I made a mistake or asked something"(Me)

"Well, at least it wasn't all bad then"(Me) Said with a smile

We were almost done changing, so we finish what we were doing and left the Bar from the back door like the Pig said we should do. We already said goodbye to Pig, Tom wasn't there and Mei already talked with Jean before we left, so there was nothing else to do but go home

"Wanna come home and study what the P.. boss gave us?"(Me) Offered

I really didn't want to study that sh-t, but it wasn't like I had much choice in the matter

Mei thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement, so we both went to Cat's place and hoped that Cat would be awake. Since Cat worked mostly in the night, she would be sleeping in the morning and usually woke up around noon

Luckily, Cat was awake when we arrived

"Hey girls"(Cat) Said to us when we opened the door

I saw her relaxing on the sofa while watching some old movie on cable wearing what she called house clothes(T-shirt and pants)

"Hi!"(Me) Said cheerfully

"Hello..."(Mei) Said shyly

"Did you girls eat anything?"(Cat)


"Ok, give me a second and I will fix us something"(Cat) Said while getting up from the sofa

From time to time she would ask us if we wanted anything special, but most of the time she just cooked what she wanted to eat, and I didn't mind actually. Thanks to her muscle memory ability, she could cook like a professional chef, so it was better to leave her to do whatever she wanted and eat something new and unique than just asking for one of the few dishes I knew. Besides, it was fun to watch her cook and I even learned a thing or two by just watching

20 minutes later, the food was ready and we all sat at the table to eat. It was really really good, like usual, even though I didn't even know what the f-ck I was eating, like usual

"So, how was your first day?"(Cat) threw the bomb questions

How should I answer a question like that? Should I honestly say everything that happened, or should I sweeten the experience so Cat wouldn't get too mad and force me to quit?

"It sucked, I am used to going all over the city to deliver stuff, but the guy really has a bad attitude. He even gave us homework"(Me) Complained a little

That wasn't even half of what I thought, but I decided to stick with the job for a little while at least, so I couldn't complain too much

"Homework? Why did he give you homework?"(Cat)

I was about to answer but, to be honest, I wasn't completely sure. Seeing my hesitation, Mei answered for me

"We have to practice and learn the coded language the organization uses so we won't make a mistake and send the wrong message when we start delivering them"(Mei)

She knew a little more about it than me since she talked longer with him and Tom while I focused mostly on my deliveries

I could see that Cat didn't like it one bit, and after a while, I also learned why and completely agreed with her

Think about it, he forced me to learn a completely useless language that can only be used under really specific circumstances because it will make his job easier and he isn't even paying me to do it

And worst of all, since it is only a code, I may have to learn a new one if it becomes useless for some reason!!!

So basically, I am learning a new language that can only be used in specific circumstances and may become completely useless in the near future, forcing me to learn a new language again, and again and again, and I will never get paid to do all that


At least, if it was Chinese or Spanish, I can watch foreign films without subtitles or visit a country that speaks the language, but what can I do with a coded message that only the mafia use?


So yeah, it was one of the parts that pissed me off the most

"If you want, I can have a "word" with him"(Cat) Offered

I understood what she meant with "word", but I shook my head in denial

"It's fine, it is just a few words, it is not like he will force us to learn the whole code, right?"(Me)

You know, I think it is a curse or something, every time I deny an improbability because it goes against common sense, it turns out it become true for some reason. Murphy's law I guess

"Ok... but if you ever change your mind, just say the word, and I will take care of it"(Cat)

And like that, we quietly finished our lunch. Nothing much happened afterward, we did our homework, played around a bit, and Mei went home afterward. At night, Cat went to work, and I went to sleep

Just like that, my first day of work was over, yay!

So what did I learn on my first day of work? That my boss is extremely cheap, complains a lot, will try to find any excuse to reduce my pay, has horrible taste, force me to learn completely useless things, doesn't pay extra time, is completely unreasonable and treats his employees like sh-t. Great boss material

I really thought of saying all that to Cat, but part of me hoped that it would get better with time and that it was only was my first impression

Did it get better the next day?


Next week?


Next month??

Definitely not!!

Every day would be the same. We would arrive early, get unreasonable complaints all day long, and get more homework at the end of the day. Instead of getting better, we just got used to it

At least for Mei, it wasn't all that bad. Since she didn't have as much stamina as I did, she would end up helping in the bar, and thanks to her telekinesis, she even got popular with the clients as an entertainment

By the end of the month, since it brought more profits for him having Mei helping at the bar, she would spend most of the time there and would only deliver packages when the Pig had urgent packages to deliver and I wasn't available

Me, on the other hand, just got more responsibility. Each time, he would give me more deliveries at the same time, or more homework than before(and than Mei), without one word of appreciation when I did everything right. I am surprised I didn't quit after a few weeks

I think the reason I suck it up so much is simply because of pride, since giving up would mean I lost to the a-shole

And just like that, after almost two months of working my ass off, here I am, still working for that a-shole for some reason

What is wrong with me?

Note: First, Thanks Neiden for the help:) , no matter how hard I try, there are always at least like 20 mistakes :(

Second, as everyone could guess already, I decided to catch up with the narrator timeline so I could spice things up in some chapters with Sara not knowing what will happen. I don't think she has anything she shouldn't know unless she is a lot older, but tell me in the comments if I forgot something

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