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Chapter 61: A day of work with a pig


Let me tell you a little bit about my first day of work with the pig. I arrived with Mei on time and went directly to his office and the first thing he says is...

"You are late"(Pig)

I didn't think we were late, so to make sure, I took a look at my cell phone and it said 9:02. I was about to say something but before I even said a word, the pig talked first again

"A good employee arrives 15 minutes early and leaves 15 minutes late"(Pig) Said as if it was a truth of this world

I really really wanted to complain about never saying something about that the other day, but I managed to keep my mouth shut and so did Mai

"Well, since you arrived late, only half the pay for today's work"(Pig) Said it as if it would be an injustice otherwise

That part hurt, ya know? Cutting in half my pay for something he never talked about was completely unfair! You don't take money from two defenseless little girls.....

I know I know, technically, we weren't two defenceless little girls, but we did look like it!


Mei at least did

"Did you come from the front door?"(Pig)Suddenly asked


It's not like I knew any other way to come inside

"That is for costumers! Next time come through the back door"(Pig) complained about

Again, how was I suppose to know that if he never said it

"Do we get a key then?"(Me)

"You think I would hand over the key to my place to two unreliable little girls? I am sure you will lose them in a day or two. No, knock and someone will open it for you"(Pig) Said it while giving us a look like saying, are you a moron?

Was it that hard to just say no? There was no point in insulting us in the process

"Now, let me explain to you how things will go from now on. You will arrive on time and you will report here and I will give you a job. If there is no job at the time, go look for Jean at the bar and she will ask you to help around the bar and I will call you when a job comes. When the day is over, come back to the office before you leave. Any questions?"(Pig)

Both of us shake our heads

"Good, here are your clothes and bags. Go change now and come back for your first job"(Pig) Said while throwing at us two Hello kitty pink bags

I easily catch it and Mei slowed hers down a little before catching it, we both took a look inside the bags and found a skirt and black t-shirt with the logo, phone number and address of the place. To be honest, it was kind of sh-tty but he was literally paying us to wear it so we went to look for a dressing room or bathroom

We found a bathroom

At least it wasn't on the level of a gas station, so we managed to change without a problem or fear of cockroaches of the size of a dog suddenly appearing over our heads. When we were ready, we came back to the pig office, the pig looked at us for a second and then pointed at two packages on table

"Take them and deliver them. The address and name of the receiver is already written on the package, and don't forget to make him sign the paper with the date and time. I already put the sign papers and a pen in your bags. Come back here when you are done"(Pig) Said at us, and then started looking at his computer monitor

I am sure that if we stood there for too long, he would complain about something, so we reluctantly took a package each, and went to the addresses after looking for the address in our cell phones. Luckily, both of us came here by bike that we bought a few days back, so we didn't have any problems going to those places

I got there, gave the package, made the dude sign the paper and come back

I think I did a pretty good time considering it was my first time going there, but guess what was the first thing he said when I arrived

"You are late"(Pig) Obviously said

I didn't argue with the guy, just handed over the signed paper. The pig took it, looked at it for a few seconds and stored it in a file cabinet. When he was done, he handed me a piece of paper

"Go to this address, ask for the package and take it to this other address"(Pig) Order

So I obeyed

In case you are wondering, the reason I could put up with this was simply because I was used to a-s holes. Not with Uncle Muscle, but before I met him, there were more than one of those types that would only complain no matter what you did, like the guy that we had to pay for the spot or the caretaker of the place we slept in. You quickly found out that you either suck it up or find yourself with a knife in your back. In theory with this guy, we would only get fired, but considering he was a mafia guy, I wouldn't dismiss the knife in the back possibility

With not much choice, I followed the directions, found the guy, asked for the package, made him sign the paper, delivered the package to the other guy, made him sign and went back to the bar

"What took you so long?"(Pig) greeted

I could have said some kind of answer, but considering he just complained for the heck of it, I just handed him the two papers. He filed the two of them like te one before and handed me a new piece of paper with one address this time

"Go there and bring me the package"(Pig)

Nothing strange happened, so 40 minutes later, I was back. I think a normal person would be exhausted at this point, especially a kid my age, but thanks to my reinforcements and being used to exercise, I was doing ok, even after 3 hours of constantly moving around

And the pig? he didn't care. He took a look at his watch, complained how late I was and after storing the paper, he told me to deliver two packages this time, to two different addresses and when I was done, it was past 1 o clock, so it should be over for the day, right?

I went to the Pig office when I arrived, and I found Mei already there with a boy at her side I never saw before. He had  the same suit we had, but he was wearing pants instead of a skirt, and since he was around 15, it was much bigger than us

"About time you show up. Like I was saying to your friend Mei over there, this is Thomas. He and two others work in the evening and night shifts. You will probably meet them in the following days before you leave. Thomas, this is Sara"(Pig)


"Nice the meet you"(Tom)

"Yeah yeah, stop wasting time. Here, the address is in the box"(Pig) Said while throwing a box to Tom

The moment Tom took the box, he quickly left the office, already used to the bad temper of the pig. After he left, Pig handed two pieces of paper over to us. I took a look at it, and I found out it had s strange language and some English words in it

"Practice the words written here with your phone. Make sure you two study it properly, because tomorrow I will test both of you"(Pig)

Yay! Homework! What every kid loves
Note: And Neiden is back! A little bit, but any help is welcome, specially when I made horrible grammar mistakes that a 5 years old wouldn't make

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