"Now, let me tell you what you two are going to do from now on"(Pig)

While he was saying that, he took two cellphones from his desk and handed them to us

"There are mostly two kind of jobs, normal delivery, and message delivery. In both of them, I will give you an address and you will deliver something from here or from there to somewhere else. Easy, right?"(Pig) Said casually

Me and Mei nodded in agreement

"When delivering a package, you will never open it, no matter the circumstance, and you will always make the guy receiving it sign a paper with the date and hour he got it. Ok?"(Pig)

We nodded again

"Now comes the tricky part. In this two cell phones, there is an interesting app you will use pretty often from now on. Open the translation app, it should be somewhere on the first screen"(Pig)

So we turned on our cell phones and easily found the app there

"Found it"(Me)

"Me too"(Mei)

Meanwhile, Cat was just peeking a little but staying quiet

"The app is a cracked version of a really popular app that was released 3 years ago. It was made by a group of powered programmers and can accurately translate and teach any kind of language. It has a lot of functions, but one of the most interesting parts is how it allows you to add any kind of language that isn't already in the system, even if it is made up. Any guess why?"(Pig) Asked the two of us

Since I delivered messages from time to time when I worked for Uncle Muscle, I could guess pretty easily

"Because you can send encrypted messages?"(me)

"Exactly. You use that when delivering messages from or to me. We use it so that if someone is listening, they don't know what we are talking about. Even if they recorded and find a way to translated, it can't be used in court since translations aren't 100% accurate, especially when they are done orally. That is why you will have to read it instead of just hand the text directly. The other reason we do it this way is so we don't leave any paper trail behind just in case. Can you two handle it?"(Pig)

It didn't look too difficult, unless of course...

"Will we have to memorize each encrypted message?"(Me)

"No no no no, it will be saved on the screen once I said it, so all you have to do is read the encrypted message to the client and erased after you are done.  It even tells you the right phonetical sounds and it tells you if you repeated correctly, so there won't be a problem there. Still, try to say it right the first time or we will lose credibility. Any other question?"(Pig) Said with an ugly smile

Since it was similar to what I did with Uncle Muscle, I didn't find it too difficult, and Cat probably chose this job because I knew how to do it and was used to it. Mei did have something she wanted to ask

"How many hours we will have to work every week?"(Mei)

"Well, since we are close to summer, you will work from 9 am to 1pm 5 days every week plus special deliveries from time to time with extra pay. The rest of the year will be after school or on weekends, and also 5 days every week. Your payment will go to a bank account at the end of the month but I think Cat already took care of that"(Pig)

We both turned to Cat and she gave us a small nod

"I asked a friend to open the bank account, I will later show you two how to take money from it"(Cat) Followed up with what the pig said

"Any other questions?"(Pig) Asked

And we both shook our heads

"Well then, come back on Monday for your first job. Bye bye"(Pig) kicked us out of the office

So we left his office and the place

That was my first time meeting the Pig, and he didn't give me a bad impression originally. If you follow the conversation, you would notice that he wasn't too rude and even answered our questions, but there are some tiny differences between how I met him the first time and how I would meet him from now on

The first big difference was that he was making a sales pitch to convince us to join, so he couldn't act like an ass. Second, Cat was there, so he had to be careful with his words. In reality, he was an ass

He was the kind of person that thinks he owns you since he pays you a salary and expects that you would work at 120% al the time or he would get mad for no reason, even if the pay was miserable. He would even complain about how useless you were since you didn't work as hard as you expected

To make it worst, he was smelly, sweated a lot, had a bad temper, was incredibly cheap, spit while he talked, rude, lazy, a-s hole, sexist, racist and much more. I am surprised he lived for so long and that I didn't kill him

Don't get me wrong, I have never killed someone(probably) or  even like the idea of  killing someone, but that guy really tempted me again and again

And that kind of guy would be my future boss


Still, before I started working for him, a couple of things happened. In the following days after we met the Pig but before we started working with him, we were pretty busy

Fist, Cat allowed us how to use our bank accounts. nothing fancy, only how to use an ATM, how to use a credit card and how to buy stuff online. The credit card only had a limit of $200 just in case something happened, but it was better than nothing

Second, she checked our academy level and what schools we could get into after summer was over. Technically, we could still transfer to a school at the time, since school year wasn't over yet, but with less than a month before classes were over, and considering that we would have to falsify the information anyways, it was better to just transfer next year and be done with it

As for our academy level, it turned out it was way better than average for both me and Mei, so getting to any schools wouldn't be a problem from that side. The only problem would be deciding which type we would get into the type that allowed powered people, or the type that didn't

The type that allowed powered people, or the type that didn't

Considering we weren't technically powered, we could pass the test without a problem(we even tried it just in case) but on the other hand, we wouldn't be able to use our powers if we join that kind of school and would get in trouble if we accidently used them. We would also get in trouble if we used them and it actually turned out we didn't have powers, so it was the kind of situation that sucked no matter the choice

In the end, we decided to go to the best school in the city, which was the one that actually didn't test kids for powers, allowing powered people to study there

So, with money and education done with, the only other thing that was left was the thing with Mei family

They arrived on Saturday, so it was before we started working with the pig, and it allowed Mei to settle down

Well, the whole ordeal was quite awkward, with Mei still blaming her uncle, and her uncle feeling guilty for what he did, but both me and Cat helped them move to their new home, and Cat even introduced him to his new job, so Mei ended up moving with his uncle the same day they arrived

I don't know how well he got along with her uncle from there, but she did visit Cat's place pretty often (with her brother even) and sometimes she would go back pretty late or  even stay over. Luckily, Cat didn't mind, and neither did I, so we were happy to have her. At least she did call her uncle when she was getting late or starting over, but to be honest, I don't think they ever patched up things properly

It is a little sad if you ask me, considering they were family, but on the other hand, her uncle did sell her to the Chinese mafia. At least, she got along fine with her brother and was extremely happy to see her after almost 3 years

I guess you could call it a good ending on that part

Sadly, our work environment wasn't
Note: Important question, do you guys prefer to add a little extra flavour to the story with extreme Deux Ex Machina or just skip it?

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