When we finally arrived at Cat's home, it was already late in the evening  and almost nightfall. Thanks to being a tourist city and still not in high season, there wasn't a lot of traffic on the way and we managed to reach to Cat's home pretty quickly once we arrived at the city

The neighborhood was pretty clean and illuminated, full of houses all around. The houses all had different designs unlike some tv comedies were all the houses looked exactly the same, so there was little chance of someone picking the wrong driveway because of it. As for their looks, there were some houses that looked quite old and some that looked either renovated or just plain new

In Cat's case, it was a new house, with a driveway and no grass up front, just asphalt. It had a front door with a security camera and a garage on the side

When the car was getting near, she pressed a button on a small remote in her keys, and the door to the garage opened and got the car inside

"Come on girls, let's get inside"(Cat)

So, After the three of us left the car, Cat went to a door, and after entering a key code in a panel by the side, she opened the door and got inside the house


The garage door led directly to the living room, and with a big smile, Cat showed it to us. It was nothing special, it had a table for eating, a sofa, a big TV with a ps4, and a clean new kitchen at the end with all the usual stuff like a refrigerator, a microwave, coffee machine and stuff like knives, forks etc

She explained to us like where was the food, plates, bowls, how to use the tv(it had 3 remotes), and how the alarm system worked. She later texted me the alarm password to my cell phone so I wouldn't forget and gave me a set of keys

After that, Cat showed us her room(bed, tv, desk, computer, lamp) and my and Mei's room, which had a bunker bed, closet, desk with laptop and a tv

"Pretty nice, right?"(Cat)

"Yes!"(Me) Exited of having my own room

After that, she showed us the second floor, that had a recreation room(Music, pinball, cushions)  and a small gym. There was also a door to the basement, but it was closed and she never show us what was inside

There was also a small yard with a pool, that you could access from the living room through a glass window and had a BBQ area. The whole yard was surrounded by concrete wall on all sides, so unless you got over the wall, you wouldn't see a thing on the other side

And that was the whole house. It was pretty nice in my opinion. As for why was my room ready, it looks like it used to be the guest room, and Cat just changed the normal bed to a double bed

Later, we just order a pizza, and Mei asked Cat for her family phone number, which she called shortly after. I saw  her shaking a little bit when Cat gave her the phone number in a small piece of paper and when she started dialing the number, so I did the only thing I could do, just put my hand over her shoulder to try to say "I am here"

I think it helped a little, but I could see how worried she looked as she waited for someone to answer. It took a minute, but his uncle finally answered

I don't know the full extent of the conversation afterwards, since I could only hear half of it, I left them alone after Mei calmed down a little and I never asked what they talked about, but for what I understood, her uncle asked her for her forgiveness for what he did at some moment and Mei forgave him after she found out that he properly looked after her brother this last 2.5 years

I think she even managed to talk with her brother later because she looked pretty happy when she finally went to bed. I admit I was both happy for her and a little envious


No, I don't mean that I had a nightmare during the night(I did have some from time to time but not that day), it just that the following day was a complete nightmare

Remember when Cat say we were going to buy some clothes? Well, it turns out buying some clothes basically mean becoming dress up dolls for her....

I tried more clothes that day than in my whole life altogether. Shoes, swimsuits, t-shirts, skirts, full dresses, costumes, etc. You named, I tried at some point. And not only me, Mei received an equal share of the nightmare, trying anything that would hide her extra size or would still look nice in it

When we finish, it was already pretty late, so we went back home after buying some groceries, and the car ended up full of bags. It took us like an hour to organise all the stuff we brought and when we were finally done with all that, Cat made some pasta and we finally went to bed. It had been a long and tiring day

On the plus side, since we had our swimsuits, change of clothes and even sunscreen we brought on the way, we were ready for the beach, so the next day we got up early

Since Cat had a tent on a private beach, it was a sunny day and it was hot enough you felt like going into the water, we didn't have any problems and had a blast

I swam in the ocean, enjoyed the waves, and almost drown =P

Let me tell you, the sea current isn't something to joke about, the moment your feets leave the ground, if you are not careful, you can get swap away by the sea current and end up in Mexico as a drowned corpse. Luckily, I have strong legs(thanks to you know what) and managed to swim back without needing rescue from the coast guard, but it was a really sh-tty experience

Did I get scared and never went back? Nope, I just made sure to never be in a place where my feets never touch the ground(A good advice I found the hard way)

As for Cat and Mei, Cat enjoyed  tanning herself at the beach, and Mei never dared to step too deep into the water, but we all had a great time

And like that, our vacations were over, it was time to go back to work
Note: No cookie reward, so here are the names, "Mar del Plata" and "Capital federal" from Argentina which literally mean "The Silver Sea" and "Federal City"

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