Before I noticed, I was in a car with Cat and Mei going to a new city

The day before ended pretty suddenly with me falling asleep after eating Pizza at Uncle Muscle's place( I was more tired than I thought), and when I woke up the next day, Cat was already at Uncle Muscle place

I was happy when I saw her and even went for a hug, but when it was time to say goodbye to Uncle Muscle, I did end up crying....

In the end, I reluctantly got inside the car, said goodbye to Uncle Muscle and Mei, Cat and me headed for a new place inside Cat's car. The new place we were headed to was the place where Cat move out after she had to leave the city, and it was called Silver Sea

Even though the city is called Silver Sea, it is actually near the Ocean and not the sea, and it is famous for its beaches. It used to be a fishing town a long time ago(reason why it was called Silver Sea) but it changed to a tourist city since it brought more money

Thanks to having a port and being a tourist tra... I mean attraction, it is a great place for criminal organisations to make good money from gullib... innocent tourist, and idiot teenagers that came to party. It was a great place to both sell drugs, bring drugs, and laundry money

A criminal's paradise

Of course, they tried their best to make the place look "clean" on the outside, like Vegas, but it was deeply rooted on the inside. It reached such level, that for some reason, it was "common" to have "battles" of "good vs evil" during high season with almost no harm to civilians or property damage(for some strange reason) it just casually happens every year and was one of the town attractions

Even when there is property damage or a civilian casualty, most of the time it just casually happens that the place or the person had problems with money with a great insurance or were making life difficult for some extremely well-connected people

You can guess why a person like Cat would be interested working in a city like this

Still, it is not like everything is perfect there. For starters, there are multiple gangs fighting for a cut of the pie, plus the police, politicians, reporters and superheroes, and all want a slice of the pie. To make it short, there are a lot of fights on how much pie each group gets, all wanting a little bit more

It is not a jungle since no one there wants to scare the tourist. Plus, if someone makes too much noise, there is an agreement where all the groups work together to put down the noise maker, but on the other hand, as long as you don't make too much noise, anything is ok, and I mean anything

I can see why Cat was reluctant to bring an unpowered 5 years old kid to this place. On the other side, since it is a tourist city, it is only during summer when everything gets dangerous, and the other 3 seasons, when normal school starts, everything is a little calmer

It works mostly like this, the groups slowly regroup and fight each other during the 3 offseasons  to see how much pie they can get and hold on, and they use all their cards during the high season. To make it short, steady work for 3 seasons and hard work with great pay during the high season

Not the best city in the world to live in, but everyone has to eat, right? And in the end, people like Cat can only live in places like that. Like it or not, we were heading there in a pretty nice car ride

As for why a nice car ride, well...

"Look look Mei, look at all that corn!"(Me)


To be honest, we were pretty excited at all the things we were seeing on the way. It was the first trip out of town we ever had, considering we had been trapped in a bunker the last 2.5 years. It was Mei and my first time seeing corn fields, cows, big trucks etc

"You like the view?"(Cat) Asked in a cheerful tone

"Yes!/Yep!"(Mei/Me) Exited

"Enjoy it while it lasts, you will get bored after a while"(Cat)

"No way!"(Me)

Half an hour later, I got bored

"How long till we get there?"(Me)

What can I say, anyone would get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again after a while, and Mei wasn't  much different. At least it was nice while it lasted

"Let see, the distance between Silver Sea and Capital City is around 1000km, and we have been driving around 2 hours now, so I guess we have around 6 hours left"(Cat)

To be more exact, it took us 1 hour to get out of the city, so we had been traveling  for 1 hour, and the trip there from Capital City usually takes a 10 hours drive. If you take in consideration that she was also taking into account the stops, like food and gasoline, you would think her maths were wrong, unless you take into account how fast she was going

It was really fast. The car wasn't a Ferrari, but it was a nice and new black BMW

"Is it nice there?"(Me)

"Well, the beaches are nice, and it gets quite lively this time of the year"(Cat)

Translation: Summer was coming

"We will go to the beach when we get there?"(Me) A little excited

Considering I never went to the beach before, it was something I really wanted to do. Luckily, I took a couple of swim lessons at the facility(for fun), so I didn't think the sea would be dangerous

By the way, I know it is technically the Ocean, but people say sea and not ocean when they go for a dive into the water

"Nope kiddo, first we will settle down, then we will buy you two some new clothes and swim suits and then we can go to the beach but it will be tomorrow or the day after"(Cat)

"Oh! And how is the place we are moving? Will I have my own room?"(Me)

"Yes and no. For a few days, you will be sharing your room with Mei until her family comes back. It has a bunker bed so it won't be a problem"(Cat)

"My family is coming!? What did they say!? Everyone is fine!?"(Mei) Suddenly got out of her phone and got interested in the conversation

Like me, she got bored of looking around the place after a while, but she has always been kind of shy to strangers, so she started playing around with her new cell phone, or at least she was until cat mentioned her family and got excited

"Calm down. Both of them are fine, and your uncle agreed to come to Silver Sea with your brother since we were getting him a job. They should arrive in a couple of days. You should give them a call once we arrive. Frederick gave me their phone number before we left"(Cat)

As for why Mei hadn't call them yet, it was simply because she didn't know their number. She knew her uncle's and her mother and father's name, and knew the city where she lived, but she never memorised her home phone number, so Uncle Muscle had to search for them the old fashion way

It looks like he found them a couple of days before we left, but with the clinic stuff, she couldn't call them there, and after we got out we went to eat, bought some daily necessities like clothes, hygienic stuff like toothbrush and shampoo, and 2 cell phones. She may have been able to call at night when we went back to Uncle Muscle place, but for some reason, she didn't. Maybe she forgot?

And now that I think about it, why did we had to go buy even more clothes when we get there? Let me tell you, it was hell going there with Cat

"Can I call them?"(Mei)

"You could, but cellphone reception on the highway isn't great, it is best that you wait until we get there and you can call them from a line phone"(Cat)


She was a little down after hearing that, and I understood why considering I would also love to talk with my family

"Don't worry, you will talk to them soon enough"(Me)


After that, there was a little of awkward silence, so each did their thing. Cat kept driving, while me and Meg started playing with our phones

On the way to the city, Cat did break the silence a couple of times while asking things like what music we liked, so she could pick a station or favorite color, or how did we see Uncle Muscle, what tv shows we liked etc. Small talk basically

And after a trip of around 7 hours which I enjoyed to some extent, we finally arrived at the new city


Note: Another chapter corrected by Neiden :)  thanks for the help 

 For those that wonder, both Silver Sea(Mar del Plata) and Capital City(Capital Federal) name and form come from 2 cities from my country but the country they live in is technically like North America in form, place, and power. I just can't use cities there as a place for the main character to live since I never visited. I may use a couple if it is only a short visit

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