Note: Sorry for the long wait, and for this being only an extra chapter of a not really important character. Still, I hope you guys enjoy it
Makombo isn't weak like his father

That was his everyday motto

He told himself that every day and he always wanted to prove he was strong, unlike his father

When he found out the research facility actually gave him super powers, like some of those bandits that captured him a long time ago, he was actually glad. He was sure that he wouldn't ever be weak like his father from now on

He was so full of himself, he ran around excited with his new speed the day he woke up after the procedure

Of course, with this new power plus his unfounded belief of him being strong, he went full of himself to the arena

His first fight was a boy from Africa like him, only with buffed arms instead of legs. The only big difference was that he was trembling in fear, like his father a long time ago

The moment the fight started, he didn't hesitate. He started running at full speed, and while the guy was panicking, he punched his face with all his strength and kept punching him until the speaker told him to stop

The bandit group he used to be in made him fight other kids from time to time and that was how the fights would usually be like there

He walked away satisfied that he proved again that he was stronger than his father

A week later, a new fight was arranged, and he was ready for it

When he arrived, he found a little girl on the other side, vomiting her lunch on the floor. He also felt sick when teleporting, but he was man enough to hold it in, so he was disappointed in his rival. To make it worst, after she composed herself, he could see she was scared, like the guy in the last fight

If there was one small difference with the other guy, it was that she was looking directly at him, unlike the guy before that didn't know where to look

In a way, the way she looked at him made him remember how his father would always look directly at the bandits even if he was trembling in fear

That similarity, plus the puking and that she was white and a girl, made him even more sure that she was weak, and would be easily defeated

Makombo ran at full speed and was ready to punch her in the face when he suddenly lost balance, follow by some pain and complete darkness

He found himself back in his room the next day, with a headache and a little confused at what happened but he understood one thing

He had lost

When he found he could fight again if he issued a revenge match, he didn't hesitate and called for it. He couldn't accept that he lost to someone weak like his father, especially when he realized he slipped from her puke

He just couldn't accept it

When he found himself in the arena again, with the girl at the other side, he was sure he wouldn't lose this time. Unlike the time before, the girl didn't puke on the floor this time, but she was still trembling in fear a little bit and looking at him, just like his father

Without hesitation, he started running at full speed again, with the simple thought of punching her. What could go wrong?

Except that in moments later, he felt pain and blackness again and found himself in his bed the next day

He had lost again

Even after losing two times, he didn't give up. He couldn't accept that he was weaker than his father. He knew that Sara wasn't his father, but he couldn't help but see his father and Sara as similar persons

Even when  she stopped trembling in fear, it was the same as his father, since he stopped trembling in fear over time. But even if he stopped trembling, he would always stare at the bandits, even when he was handing his tribute

But what he couldn't accept the most was that he couldn't win against her, no matter what he did. He was supposed to be strong, so he couldn't lose to someone weak like his father

He tried getting faster, but no matter how fast he was, she would always beat him

He tried new moves, that he thought of himself or saw others doing them, but she would always find a counter

He tried fighting people against whom she had lost, but even when he managed to beat some of them (after a few tries sometimes) he couldn't still beat her for some reason

He tried fighting her friends, but that pissed off Sara and she would be ruthless in her fights, unlike the usual fights

That is when he started stalking Sara everywhere he could

It started simply, by learning English so he could communicate with her. Then, he started following her movements when he found her in the crowd, and then he started eating at the same time she did or "chilling" at a place he knew she would walk by

One of the first things he learned was that she frequently saw people's fights and studied them. It wasn't something he did since he usually learned by experience, but he decided to follow her example

Of course, the first things he saw were her fights

From them, he learned a couple of things. For starters, he realized she didn't lose often, which made him a little proud even if he always lost. He also learned that when she lost, sometimes she would ask for a revenge match, but she never asked a revenge match again(unlike him)

As for her fighting style, it wasn't specific. Usually, most kids at the facility did the same thing over and over again and hope it was enough. On the other hand, Sara changed her fighting style according to her opponent

For example, Sara fought defensively against him, always staying rooted in her place and waiting for him to come. He never realized that, until he noticed she used different approaches with other types of opponents. If it was a telekinetic, she would be extremely aggressive and even throw stuff like rocks at them. He even realized that with enemies slower than her, she would usually be aggressive, but with people faster than her like him or the chimeras, she would act defensively

But even when she acted aggressively or defensively, she acted differently according to the enemy. Like sometimes throwing stuff at them, or moving around them while attacking or not giving them time to breathe, etc

It made him reflect on his usual pattern of running really fast and kicking the enemy every single time. He did use other patterns from time to time when he realized it wasn't effective, but it was true that he used that most of the time. He never bothered to research others before a fight, he just winged it

But after realizing how effective it was, he started to follow her example

His stalking didn't stop and only got worse over time. He started to shadow her when she was outside her classroom, would follow her to her training classes and would even play the same video games she was playing

It reached such a point that since he would try to stay hidden when Sara looked around, Sara would see a dark shadow and she started to believe there was a ghost of a dead kid that couldn't move on and haunted the facility. She even told Meg and Mei and other people, that told other people, until everyone started to talk about the ghost of the kid and even invented a tragic story behind it

Makombo would even hear that story later, and felt pity for the poor ghost kid

Anyways,  he could never beat her even if he tried the revenge match over and over again and even after following her around all the time, but he never gave up in winning or his observing(Stalking)

He even started to pay attention to stuff unrelated to fighting, like her habits, her friends and her relationships in general, and those didn't stop him from remembering how his father acted

For starters, she was deeply aware of the different groups in the facility, and would offer some kind of tribute from time to time when she offended someone in a group. He even realized she lost a couple of times to weak individuals that were infamous for being nasty outside of the arena fights. He knew that since not only he thought it was suspicious how "weak" she suddenly got on those fights, but when he challenged them later, they weren't particularly strong. He ended up suffering their nasty acts of revenge later

He even started thinking for a moment that he might win against Sara if he followed their example, but he decided against it since it wasn't the kind of strength he was seeking

But in a way, the way she was careful of other dangerous people reminded him of how his father would always try his best to not anger the bandit group. This reinforces the thoughts that she was weak like his father and making him wonder why he couldn't win against such a weak person

As for how she got along with her friends and how she acted every day, they were completely different from the way his father acted

For starters, she was greedy, always trying to find ways to earn more points. She would do missions, fight often and even bet from time to time when she was sure she would win

On the other side, she also spent a lot, to the point that she would spend almost as much as she earned. It would go into watching fights, watching movies, playing video games, training, weapons, food, clothes, bribes, etc

It was completely different from his father that wouldn't spend a penny on anything unnecessary, and spend much of his time with him and his 3 years old brother

This made him believe this was one of the key points as to why he couldn't win, and he started spending his points in watching fights, going to training classes, etc

The other difference would be how she got along with other people

Unlike Makombo's father that was a loner, Sara did her best to get along with everyone, and she spent most of her time with her two friends. The Chinese fat ass and the crazy dog girl

Makombo didn't like them very much

One was a weak-willed, easily scared, shy pig. Even when she had to exercise a lot, thanks to eating a lot of sweet stuff most of the time made her rounder than most kids her age, and Makombo hated weak willed people like her

As for the other, she was nuts. She ran around the place all the time, liked smelling people, talked about meat whenever she opened her mouth and had the attention span of a squirrel. She was annoying

Makombo didn't understand why she spent so much time with those girls

To make it worst, she would get really angry if someone messed with them, she would stop her usual "friendly" attitude, and would go full demon on those that messed with them

In a way, that hurt him the most. Considering his father let the bandits take him away, this made it, in the end, the biggest difference between them

Makombo never expected to get away from the facility just like that. Ever since he got captured by the bandits, he never expected to regain his freedom ever again

It was definitely unexpected

He did break his legs in the process, but they were quickly healed, like inside the facility, and a really buffed old man even asked him what he wanted to do from now on

This old man introduced himself as Sara's guardian. That meant he was the guardian of the only person he couldn't beat in the last two years no matter how many times he tried. Makombo would normally wonder why an old man would help someone like him, but for some reason,the old man looked thrust worthy

Since Makombo was strong, not being able to beat her meant she just was the strongest ever, so it made sense she was raised by a capable person and was able to escape the facility, something no one else managed to do

By this time, he thought she was only similar in some aspects, but was completely different from his father. Makombo was sure that the only reason he wasn't as strong as Sara was because he was raised by his father for many years, unlike Sara

If he was the one that raised Sara, he was sure he wouldn't mind a small favor

"I want to go back home"(Makombo) answered him

It was something he thought about  during his escape, and after thinking about it, he definitely wanted to return home and confront his father that sold him to those bandits

"And the drug in your system? We have been giving you some to delay the withdraw symptoms, but you got to choose if you want to clean yourself or keep taking them"(Old man)

He instantly decided to clean himself without hesitation. He was a strong man, no doubt about it. He only lost to Sara because she was too strong, but he didn't doubt he was strong so getting clean shouldn't be too hard



He was definitely in hell!!!

How could someone survive a torture like that!?

He couldn't help himself think about all the times he lost to Sara, how he was a weak scum that couldn't even beat a weak little girl

But worst of all, he couldn't stop thinking about how his father let him get taken away by the bandits

He started remembering the day again and again

He remembered how he was coming from his village school. It was a simple classroom with a couple of kids and an old man that taught them how to read and count. It was nothing special compared with the materials at the facility, but he enjoyed it a lot

But when the school finally ended for the day, the bandits were waiting for them outside

They were 3 guys, all of them with an Ak-47 on their back, a pistol, and a knife. They  had a small truck on their back and were waiting for us to come out

They told them that their parents let them takes us back to their base, and if any of them tried to fight back, they would be punish

A kid did try to run, but one of the three quickly catchws up to him, hit him in the head with the back of his pistol and loaded him into the truck

No one else tried to fight back

They were just about to board the truck when one of the three suddenly talked

"Who is Baraka Son?"(Bandit) Asked

Of the three, he was the most poorly dressed, with cuts, bullet holes and red stains all over his body, his hair a little rowdy and the string holding his AK-47 broken. He looked a little pitiful. He did look angry

Most kids were a little scared when he suddenly asked since the kids noticed he was angry for some reason and no one wanted to be the target of his fury so they instinctively looked at the person he was looking for

Makombo, Baraka's son. A poor and scared 5 years old kid

"So it is you! Your father made sure I would take extra care of you"(Bandit) Said while showing an evil smile

And since that day, Makombo would get special treatment

Since the guy in messy clothes was actually one of the powered of the group, with regenerating powers, forcing a little kid with "special treatment" wasn't really hard for him

He took Makombo to fight and train with people 2 years older than him and was treated the same as people that age, so he would be punished when he couldn't keep up

Since that day, he would always repeat the same words

Makombo isn't weak like his father

And would work hard to try and keep up with the rest of the group while cursing his weak father that sold him out to the bandits, and was given "especial treatment" which lead him to be sold for experimentation

In the rehabilitation room, he remember all that and a lot of other stuff that made him sad, but at the same time, it made him want to go back home, and complain to his father about everything that he put him through, just because he was too scared to fight and too weak to do anything

But Makombo was only half right.
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