Things got a little blurry afterwards. I could even feel how all the blood left my head, making me almost pass out. Considering it was like your father suddenly telling you he doesn't want you anymore and you are going to live with your mum in another city, it is understandable

I had to suffer a week in hell, I was told that I won't live past 40 but I can tell you with absolute confidence that what Uncle Muscle said there was what crushed me the most

I felt like he was getting rid of me because he didn't like me or thought I was a bother. It was a big shock for an almost 9 years old, considering I saw Uncle Muscle as a father figure

I can tell you I almost threw up and felt unconscious on the floor when he said he was sending me to another city. Still, even in that state, I managed to ask


I didn't want to know, but I wanted to know. Or, to be more exact, I didn't want to hear him say he didn't want me anymore, and I hoped he had a nice reason for sending me away

"It's is too dangerous for you to stay near me if the Grey Cult is still alive and running"(Uncle Muscle)

I admit I did feel a little better when he said that. I don't know what would have happened if he had said that he didn't like me or something like that. Still, that didn't change the fact that I wanted to stay with him

"Why would it be? They should think I am dead, and it's not like they check every kid's background or even care about it. It should be the same if I stay here or go away"(Me) Argue

I really didn't want to leave him. I was thankful for Cat, and I admire her, but I was also a little afraid. In the end, she did leave me with Uncle Muscle while she went to a place far away and we haven't talked once ever since. I did ask Uncle Muscle from time to time how she was doing, and I was worried when he suddenly mentioned Cat with a worried face, but I trusted more Uncle Muscle , that took care of me for more than a year, than Cat, that took care of me for a month

Even though I knew that it was because of Cat that I met Uncle Muscle and had a roof over my head

"It's not that simple. Remember how you were captured? Well, they knew we had a connection when they captured you, and they have been blackmailing me this last two years. They would send me pictures of you from time to time, and if they find out I was snooping around, they would send pictures of you beaten up all over the place"

And that is how I found out why Uncle Muscle didn't try to rescue me. I admit that the first few months, I was sure he would rescue me since he was a super cool guy, and I was a "little" disappointed when he didn't. I even felt glad when I found out he had not only been blackmailed to stop any activity, he was afraid they would hurt me even a little bit

Funny how the mind works

"Buut those photos came from the arena fights, right?"(Me)

"It doesn't matter. The point is that those guys kept an eye on me and knew we were related. Since they didn't die but want to make it look that way, if they find out that you are still alive, they will try to kill you. They should think you are dead, but if they find out a kid with your description is near me all the time like before, they will realise you survived somehow and things will get complicated"(Uncle Muscle)

"Can't I dye my hair or maybe have plastic surgery or something?"(Me)

"Even if you dye your hair, your general description is the same, especially if they find out your abilities, and you are too young for plastic surgery, it can't be done at your age"(Uncle Muscle)

"Can't I stay anyway? I don't want to leave you"(Me)

When I said that, I saw how painful that last line was for Uncle Muscle. His expression until then was one of concentration, with a glimpse of sadness or fury from time to time, but I could tell that I really hurt him with that one line. Again, I felt bad for being a little glad for that show of pain

"You can't, sorry. Cat left you with me because she trusted that I would take care of you.  Now she doesn't and I can't blame her for that. Besides, it is safer if you stay far away from me"(Uncle Muscle)

"But it's not your fault I was captured!"(Me)

"It is. I was your guardian, I was supposed to look after you and I failed. There is no argue that"(Uncle Muscle)

"Buuuut I doonn't waannt to be separed ffrom youuu!!"(Me) Finally cried

I really didn't want to separate from him. It was unfair, he looked after me and took care of me but because of something I screwed up, I couldn't see him anymore and he felt guilty about what happened

It wasn't fair, and I knew I couldn't do anything about it so like the kid I was, I cried

Life sucks

"Don't worry Sara, we will see each other again. It is not a goodbye, just a see you  later"(Uncle Muscle)Said with a soothing voice while patting my head

It did help me calm down a little


"Really"(Uncle Muscle)

"You promise?"(Me)

"I promise"(Uncle Muscle)

It took a while, but I finally calmed down, even though I still felt depressed. I ended up reluctantly agreeing with Uncle Muscle's proposal, so there wasn't much to discuss on that part

What was left to decide would be what to do with Mei's family. Uncle Muscle was sure he could get her a job for her and her family in the city, but he wasn't sure Cat was willing to do the same over there

"What do you want to do, Mei? I can try asking Cat or you can stay here, it is up to you"(Uncle Muscle)

"Can you ask Cat? if it isn't too much problem"(Mei) Said, a little shyly

"Sure, and don't worry. Even if she refuses, I will find something for you and your family over here"(Uncle Muscle)

"Thank!"(Mei) Said while smiling shyly again, and turned a little red

Uncle Muscle gave her his dashing smile as a response and decided to change the subject

"Well, now that the important subjects are over, it is time we talk about the other two guys"(Uncle Muscle)

Makombo and the scientist guy. To be honest, with everything that happened, I kind of forgot about them. For starters, I wasn't that attached to Makombo, and I didn't really care about the scientist guy, even if I felt a little guilty about maybe being responsible for his severe injuries

"How are they?"(Me) Said, still a little down, but better than before

"Well, Makombo is still in rehabilitation, since he started the treatment 2 days later, but his legs have been completely healed. As for the other guy, he is in a coma and I don't know if he will wake up"(Uncle Muscle)

It wasn't that bad actually. Makombo's recovery was good news, and even though I felt a little responsible about the guy's coma, at least he was still alive, and I am sure he would be dead if it wasn't for our help

"So Makombo also chose to get clean? Did he tell you what he plans to do next?"(Me)

"He told me he wants to go back to his country and I told him I would give him a plane ticket and some money. He thanked me and he told me he would pay me back some day with a determined expression. He looked like a nice young man"(Uncle Muscle)

"Did he give you any trouble?"(Me)

"A little at the beginning. He didn't know where he was and tried to run away, even though his legs weren't completely healed yet. They found him crying while trying to get to the door. He struggled a little and they gave him a tranquillizer and chained him to the bed. Later I told him I was your uncle and that you asked me to look after him, it was then that he finally calmed down"(Uncle Muscle)

"Oh! ok. And the scientist guy?"(Me)

"Well, nothing much, he is being taken care off in a private clinic and we will see if he wakes up"(Uncle Muscle)

I did feel a little bad about that, but there was nothing I could do

"You think he will wake up?"(Me)

"No idea. For now, it is best to see if he wakes up on his own, but there is always the option of calling a "specialist" or two. We will see how it goes"(Uncle Muscle)

At the time, I thought he mend the healing specialist, but now that I think about it, he could have meant, a different kind of "specialist"

Still, I could say we are even, so I don't really care that much. He worked at the facility willingly, so if Uncle Muscle decided to use forceful methods to extract information, as long as I didn't find out, I wouldn't mind


What I did mind was when was Cat coming, since it would mean how much time I had left with Uncle Muscle

"When is Cat coming?"(Me)

"Tomorrow morning"(Uncle Muscle)

I felt depressed again. I had less time left with him than what I hoped

"Don't fell so down. I told you, this is a "See you soon", not a "Goodbye", we will see each other again. Come on, give Uncle Muscle a nice smile"(Uncle Muscle)

I looked at him, and I could see the plea in his eyes, so I reluctantly smiled a little

"It wasn't that hard, right? Now come on, let's grab something to eat. Do some Mac burgers sound nice to you two?"(Uncle Muscle)



So it was decided, we went to a Mac and order a combo plus two happy meals. The food was good, but I think I liked the toy better

It was a cool guy all in black with two horns on his head
Note: A lot fo Grammar mistakes this time around, especially with "felt", thanks Neiden for the help :)

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