"What is happening? Why did the two of you suddenly got sick?"(Uncle Muscle) Said when he took his eyes away from the computer screen

At the start, it was barely noticeable, only an uncomfortable feeling, but as the hours went by, and we were getting closer to the end, we started to feel the symptoms more and more

I never experienced this before, but I knew what was going on. I saw it a couple of times at the facility when they punished some of the kids for doing anything bad

"Withdraw symptoms"(Me)

Withdraw symptoms, like a drug addict. Well, technically we were, but it is kind of hard to label us as such when they kind of forced the drugs on us and never had the opportunity to stop

I wouldn't call someone that is in constant pain and has to take prescribed painkillers to get on with the day a drug addict. So even though we didn't need it, we were forced to take it so I won't say I was one. Well, if we did keep taking the drugs so we wouldn't get the withdraw symptom or because we liked the drug effect, that would be different

"Oh, darn! You mention that. Do you know what you took and the effects?"(Uncle Muscle)

"I only know that it works as some kind of anti depressor, and it causes a serious addiction"(Me)

"Yeah, I thought it would be that one. It is their main product on the street and it is popular. If it wasn't for its serious addiction problem, it would be even legal to buy at a pharmacy"(Uncle Muscle)

"Is there a cure available?"(Me)

If it was popular, it wouldn't be strange that there was an easy cure to the addiction with today's technology, or at least that was what I thought

"No, only the hard way. Survive a week until your body gets it out of your system"(Uncle Muscle)


"What do you want to do? I can probably take you to a clinic that deals with this stuff, and it should be out of your system after a week. The other option would be to keep taking the drug for now and maybe find a way to deal with it later since the drug isn't hard to get, for now at least"(Uncle Muscle)

It was a hard choice to make. It's not like the drug did anything bad with my body as long as I take it. It only made it hard to get depressed. Would you spend a week in hell to fix something that barely causes a problem, and it could be considered helpful in some occasions?

It was a hard question to ask, and to be honest, after writing all this, I am starting to wonder if I am not actually a hard M

"Let's go to the clinic"(Me)

Well, even if it put in doubt if I am actually an M deep down, I actually had a good reason to want it out of my system. I saw first hand what drugs did to kid and people in general

In case you forgot, since it was way at the start of this story, I used to live in the street for years


Do you know how many junkies I saw in my days? A lot

For starters, I didn't like them. They did stupid stuff all the time, were extremely annoying to talk to, would bother you for the smallest stuff, most of them were a-sholes, and had serious anger issues. To make it worst, they were in constant rotation, since it wasn't strange for one or two to disappear every day, and get replaced by a new one. When I was younger I didn't care, I had enough problems, but now I can probably guess that they either died or got thrown to jail or kidnapped

To make it worst, the guy that took our money for "protection" was also a junky, and I saw him a couple of times buying sh-t with the money we gave him. The notion of becoming like them made me feel sick in the stomach

If I had to choose between a week in hell or becoming a scumbag, I would choose hell any day

"And you, Mei?"(Uncle Muscle)

"Is the drug expensive?"(Mei)

"A pill isn't expensive, that is how they get you. The problem is that you start feeling sick if you don't take it one a day, and you feel great if you take more than one. Over time, it adds up to a serious sum of money. Besides, now that the Grey Cult is out of commission, the drug will be hard to get in the future, inflating the price a lot"(Uncle Muscle)

From the looks of things, the only distributors were the hood guys, so there was no way to renew the stock. It was possible that they were planning to keep selling them after they secure their base, but it was unlikely

"Then let me go to the same clinic, please. I will find a way to pay you back"(Mei)

"Don't worry about it. Think of it as a thank you from my part for being Sara's friend. Besides, How could I take money from a little kid, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Do you want me to have problems sleeping at night?"(Uncle Muscle) Said to Mei with his dazzling smile

"No"(Mei) Said shyly

She even blushed a little. I must say, I am sure Uncle Muscle was a lady killer in his youth, not that he wasn't now

"Good. Then give me a minute, I will find a good place and take you there"(Uncle Muscle)

A good place was actually a white room, with a bed, a tv on the wall, a security camera, a small bathroom with a shower, a sink, a toilet, a window with bars and an iron door with a hole to pass the food and meds

Why a small cell? Simple, since the pills were an extremely effective antidepressant, people usually wanted to kill themselves during the treatment

The drug usually helped repress all the sh-tty feeling inside you, so when all the sh-t it was blocking suddenly came at you at the same time, plus when you were feeling like sh-t because of the side effects, it didn't end pretty if you weren't being looked after. It was like another safety measure that stopped you from quitting the pill

So without much choice, they had to constantly monitor the patient and remove anything that may be used to kill themselves. Food was mostly liquid since the patient would throw up almost all the content, and the tableware was plastic and practically child approved

They would give you some meds to help with the symptoms, you could use the tv all you wanted(even if most channels were banned with the parental security thingy) and you were taken out for a walk, and for some blood test, take your pressure and some counselling

As for me specifically, by the third day, I received some extra pills. They were my old pills that the facility gave me for body improvement. I guess it took Uncle Muscle 3 days to find a way to manufacture them and get the approval from the local doctors

Thanks to it, I had to go to some extra test to make sure everything was alright, including a not so pretty colonoscopy

Worst test ever!!!!

Seriously, I had nightmares afterwards. Even at the facility they never did a test more horrible than that one. Is it bad when an evil organisation has better medical treatment than a place to cure drug abuse?

Shouldn't it be the opposite!!?? It's like a bad guy that heals wounds and a good guy that breaks bones!!

By the way, it is a common thing in this world. Can I say that the world is f-ck up?

Anyways, I spent a wonderful week watching tv, throwing up, feeling like sh-t, feeling depressed, with a high fever, eating liquid food, talking about my feelings, getting my blood taken, doing numerous tests, having a camera up on my a-s and remembering all the bad sh-t that happened like Jonh and Max's death, Cat leaving, thinking about everyone that I left behind at the facility, thinking about the guy I used as the meat shield and how I may have killed him, etc

Best week ever!!!
Note: A lot of edditing this time around :(  Thanks for pointing them out Neiden :)

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