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Chapter 53: Retelling of the last 2.5 years


To make it short, after he made a few phone calls, we went to a private clinic by cab, and the guy there used his powers to fix both me and Mei. He did grunt a little since it was late, and he hated sudden calls, but he did his job properly

On the way there, I gave uncle Muscle my SSD from my phone that had my diary and pills recipe just in case I lost it or something. I also asked Uncle Muscle what was he going to do about the other two, and he told me he would "persuade" the hospital to release them soon, erase any records of them there, and have them properly look after by an expert

After the healer was done fixing us, we took another cab, went back to Uncle Muscle place and both me and Mei fell asleep on the cab

What can I say, we weren't in pain anymore, we were extremely tired and it was late

Usually, I slept 6 to 8 hours at the facility. It is a side effect of all the experiments or drugs I took where I don't feel tired even if I don't sleep a lot. I still slept 8 hours there because I liked it and I didn't have anything better to do at the time

But that day, I probably slept around 10, and still felt a little sluggish in the morning. Part of the reason was because of everything that happened yesterday, but the other part was how the healer fixed wounds

Nothing strange, it just improved the body healing factor, but it drained you of a lot of energy. Taking in consideration we were low on batteries before we went there, I am surprised I didn't sleep more

Well, actually not. It was my addiction kicking in but let's leave that for later

When I got up, I was sleeping in a big bed with Mei by my side, covered by a blanket. I was in my underwear with my clothes on a chair close to bed, so I guess Uncle Muscle Stripped me....

Now, don't think that the guy is a lolicon because of it, ok!


Shess, people this day. Thinking the worst out of people in any situation

Anyways, I got dressed and looked around a bit. It was a room I never went before, with a big tv on the wall, opposite to the bed, a couple of dressers, closets, plus pictures and newspapers pages all over the wall or the dressers. The pictures were mostly of Uncle Muscle with some people I didn't know, plus one with Cat and another with me. As for the newspapers, they were all about stuff that he did when he was a super villain

It was pretty obvious that it was Uncle Muscle's room. I never came inside before, but it didn't take a genius to realize that

When I finished looking around for a bit, I went to the bathroom to do stuff I won't tell, and that I hope your perverted mind doesn't try to imagine, and, after washing my hand and face, I looked around the house for Uncle Muscle

I found him looking at the computer at his desk intensely. He looked far better than yesterday, with clean clothes and his hair combed. He still looked older than 2 years ago, but he looked a little better than yesterday, and with more spirit

"Good morning Uncle Muscle"(Me) said hello cheerfully

Uncle Muscle looked away from the monitor and when he took a look at me, he smiled a little

"Good morning. Did you eat something?"(Uncle Muscle)

"Not yet"(Me)

"Go grab something to eat, we can talk later"(Uncle Muscle)

Since I was a little hungry(actually, really really hungry) I decided to do just that. I knew where the kitchen was, and Uncle Muscle didn't throw the stuff that I used or changed the places he usually put everything, so in no time I had a bowl of cereal in my hand and I was happily eating it

The institute had cereal, so I did eat it from time to time, but I missed eating it from my own bowl with my own spoon in a quiet place without hundreds of children all around. I happily ate it, and when I was done, I went back to where Uncle Muscle was


"Good. Now, can you tell me everything that happened this last two and a half years? Starting from when you were captured"(Uncle Muscle)


And then, I started the retelling of everything that happened those two years, from what I remembered at least

I told him about the kidnapping, the place they took me, the tests, the experiments, the pills, what I could do, where they took me after the test, and everything I could remember of the facility and what we did in there

Mei woke up in the middle of the explanation, so after I helped her with her breakfast, she joined me with the explanation about the place and what we did

Finally, we told him about the final day. How they took Meg to a special mission, how they left behind a lot of scientists to increase body count and get rid of unnecessary factors, how we were lucky to find both the pills process information and a guy that knew of an experimental teleporting device

Looking back, we were incredibly lucky

As for Uncle Muscle, he had a pretty grim look while we told him all this. He asked questions from time to time, like how the facility looked like, or what powers did the kids had

He only went specific when we started talking about how we escaped, especially the time. He asked when was Meg called for her "mission", when did the power went down, at what time did we teleported, and how long since we teleported and we called him. Basically, he made a time table

We talked for hours, explaining everything that happened, plus the help from my diary that helped provide the details we forgot in the process. The only part not written in the diary was the last day, but it was still fresh in our memories plus Uncle Muscle wrote all  of it in his computer

By the end of it, our throat hurt, our head hurt, our ears hurt, we were sweating a lot, our mouths were dry, our eyes were red and we felt like we wanted to throw up

And that was only the start of what was to come
Note: Thanks again for corrections Neiden ::) 
I won't deny the plot armor at the facility =P but at least it was used in her origin story ;)

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