I closed my eyes for what I thought was a moment, and before I realised, someone touching my left wrist woke me up. It wasn't the sudden feeling of someone touching me that woke me up, but the intense pain I felt when he did

The guy that was touching my wrist turned out to be a paramedic that was checking my pulse, and for what it looked like, I passed out for an unknown amount of time. I also realised that my left arm was dislocated

I can't blame myself for not realising since I was hurt all over my body, and I only used my right arm to use the phone, but the sudden pain I felt when he tried to check my wrist did woke me up

"Oh! you are awake! good. Can you tell me where does it hurt?"(Paramedic) Said with a friendly voice and smile

I looked around, and there were more people around me than before, including 2 or 3 paramedics, some random citizens, and a police officer

I could also see Mei almost at the bottom of the tree while a random citizen was encouraging her to come down. He probably promised to catch her if she fell or something like that

"Do you understand me?"(Paramedic) Asked since I was looking around and not answering

"Ah! yes, sorry. I think my left arm is dislocated and I probably have a couple of ribs broken"(Me) Said after thinking back on what he said

"I see. Follow the light please"(Paramedic) Said, and started flashing a light in front of my eyes

"Ok, you also have a light concussion, try to stay awake for the next 12 hours"(Paramedic)Said

And I just nodded to express I understood

"Ok, this is going to hurt"(Paramedic) Said while grabbing my left arm

It wasn't the first time I dislocated my shoulder, so I knew what he was going to do and was prepared for it, but it still hurt like hell

I did yell a little

"Oh!you took it pretty well.  Most kids would be screaming and crying"(Paramedic)

I could only nod and smile ironically at that statement. You get used to it after doing it a dozen of times, like it or not. I heard some even start to enjoy it, but it looks like I am not a hardcore M

"Wait here for a second, I will get you something for your arm"(Paramedic) said while getting up

He left me there and went to the ambulance and came back a minute or two later with a sling for my arm(google it if you don't know what it is)

"Here kid, let me help you put this around your arm"(Paramedic) Said while helping me put the sling around my arm

I didn't think it was necessary, since I never wore it after dislocating my arms so many times, but there was no point in refusing. besides, it made me look more pitiful, that would help avoid any hard questions if someone asked

"Leave it like that for now. A doctor will have a look at it later after an X-ray. Let's get into the ambulance so we can take you to a hospital. Can you stand?"(Paramedic) Said, and offer me a hand

I took it, and with his help, I got up from the floor. It did hurt my ribs a lot when I was trying to get up, but I managed to suck it up

Can I repeat that I am not a masochist? it really gets annoying fast when you are hurt all over the place. Every movement hurts, breathing hurts, standing hurts, talking hurts, even resting hurts. It sucks

But like I said, I sucked it up and got into the ambulance. Luckily, by that time Mei had managed to get down from the tree and was already sitting inside, with only some cuts all over her body, burn marks from the friction caused by holding to the tree while falling down and maybe some bruises. She got lucky

She was a little scared, though. I could see her relieved face when I approached the ambulance, but she was still shaking a little

"Hey Mei, you ok?"(Me) Managed to ask when I got into the ambulance

When she heard me, she gave me a simple nod

"And you?"(Mei)

"I will live"(Me) Said with a radiant smile

I am sure my cool attitude would make all the ladies go crazy, not. But at least I managed to make Mei smile a little

"Do you know what happened to the other two?"(Me)

I asked since they weren't around . I could see some blood where they were before, but I didn't see them near us, or any other ambulance for the matter

"I saw them being taken to an ambulance by some of the paramedics. You think they are ok?"(Mei) Said a little worried

"I don't know. I am sure Makombo will live since he has good legs, but the other guy..."(Me) wasn't optimistic

The poor guy had to suffer a 70 m fall, to the ground plus working as a cushion for me. I wasn't optimistic

We stayed quiet for a moment and then Mei suddenly asked

"You think we can finally go home?"(Mei)

"I am sure"(Me)

I wasn't actually

We arrived at the hospital quickly(the advantage of going inside an ambulance) and they took us to a community room I guess. It was a big room with many beds and a lot of hurt people. One had burn marks, others were bleeding or bandaged, a kid was crying for some reason, and others looked normal, but probably had something going on

They told us to wait on the bed and soon a doctor or nurse would come to check us out. On the way, the paramedic cleaned most of Mei and my wounds and properly bandaged them, plus my ribs didn't hurt much as long as I didn't talk much or move fast, so we weren't in a hurry

It was annoying, but we weren't in a hurry. Hell, I even had a little time to finally relax, after everything that happened the last few hours

If you consider I had a full day of classes, worked out for almost an hour before the lights turned red, moved around the facility while being concerned about my surrounding and it all end ups with me and the rest falling down from 70 meters in the air, it had been a really long day

With finally a moment to relax, I started thinking what to do next. My first thought was calling Uncle Muscle, and then I realised I still had my cellphone in my pocket. The thing is, I didn't use it to call the ambulance for the same reason I wouldn't be using it to call Uncle Muscle. I doubted it would work outside the facility

My second thought was that I should destroy it. I watched enough movies to know you could be tracked with it, so the best option would be to break it. Luckily, the bed had a curtain, and I was strong enough to break it with my own hands, so after taking out the battery and the sdd card, I broke it in two and asked Mei to give me hers. She gave it to me and I repeated the procedure and hid the broken parts and the batteries under the bed

Now that the paranoia part was over, the next part was getting a phone to call Uncle Muscle

Luckily, Uncle Muscle forced me to remember his phone number over and over again, like his street name, in case something happened. If there was anything to worry about, it would be that he moved and changed his phone number, but it didn't hurt to try

Well, I was also worried that he had forgotten about me. I acted confident before when we were trying to decide where to land, but I wasn't 100% sure if he would actually care

In the end, I was nothing more than a street kid he just happened to pick up, you know? Besides, it had been more than two years, two years! Even if he cared about me, feelings fade over time

There was also the part where I was abandoned multiple times over my life. First, by the parents I never knew, and then, by Cat, shortly after I met her. Could I be loved by someone? It was something I wasn't sure

But even if I felt insecure in my heart, I also knew that the only grown up I could trust right then was him, and no one else. And the first step would be getting a phone

As for getting a phone, I just went to the bed beside us and asked if they could lend me their cell phone for a small call. Thanks to my training in the street, I was quite skillful at making the pitiful face that would break your heart if you looked the other way(Good face to make if you want to get more coins),so they didn't try to weasel away when I asked for it

"Here, just don't make it too long"(Dude) Said kindly

"Thanks"(Me) Said with a radiant smile

I took it and started dialing the number he so many times made me remember. The phone started ringing, so at least it was a good sign

"Yes? Who is it?"(???) Said a tired voice from the other end of the call

I heard Uncle Muscle voice countless times, and even though I hadn't heard it in two years,I was confident I would still remember it, but I could barely recognise it. It is true that a voice sounds a little different over the phone, but that voice was so unlike Uncle Muscle

It was a tired voice like he didn't give a crap about anything anymore. It was hard to believe that someone as cool and confident as Uncle Muscle would sound like that. It made me worried for a second that I might have dialed wrong or that he had changed his phone number

"Uncle Muscle?"(Me)
Note: Thanks Neiden for the grammar help again :)   I seriously need it =P

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