Another adrenaline rush with the add slow time effect

It was  not the first time my body activated the slow time effect numerous times in short intervals, it was the second. The first time was in a stupid event where we had to form a team and run through a Maze while fighting anyone we came across

I didn't mention it before because it wasn't really interesting. I formed a team with Meg and Mei, moved in the labyrinth, beat two teams and lost to the third. It wasn't a pretty story, but I did learn something from it

I don't have great stamina

Usually, battle arena fights are short. It is rare for a battle to go over 10 minutes, and I was never in a fight that passed over 15 minutes

Now, why is this relevant to me being 70 meters above the ground?

Well, consider this. I have been in a highly tense state of mind for around 2 hours, used my adrenaline slow time effect 4-5 times, I had been moving constantly the last 2 hours, I lost most of my tension the moment we got the teleport and I hadn't taken a moment to rest in like 4 hours thanks to being in the middle of TRAINING when everything happened

I was really really tired

Or to be more exact, exhausted. I was practically running on fumes, and I was suddenly thrown into a new situation again. I am surprised I didn't think "f-ck it" and leave everything to fate

Did I panic and try to form a ball to protect my body parts in the fall?


Did I ask Mei to magically levitate 250kgs of mass?


Did Superman come out from a comic and rescue us like he does with Luis Lane all the time?

You guess it, nope

How about an actual real superhero? There are like thousands of them!

I guess they were occupied taking over the base and causing the death of everyone inside

Some supervillain maybe?

Yeah, right. The job requires them to be an a-shole, why would they try to save 4 random strangers

Some random civilian with a heart of gold?

Haven't met one yet

Give up, leaving everything to fate and ending paraplegic in a hospital bed?

Not yet

So what did I do?

Meat pillow

What is a meat pillow you ask? It is using a body as a cushion to decrease the damage of the fall. Watch Jason Bourn(the first one) and you will get it

The moment time started to slow down thanks to the adrenaline rush, I looked around and tried to find something to hold onto. The only thing big enough to do it was the guy in front of me, so I did

We were all close enough to make sure the teleport wouldn't leave us behind, so I didn't have to stretch really far and managed to reach his arm. I pulled the arm to me, hugged it like a koala and with all the force I could muster, I made the guys body to face the ground. Sadly, before I could try anything else, we reached the ground

The good thing? There was a tree in the way so it helped break our fall a bit

Bad thing? it was still a 70 meters fall

The most ok out of the 4 of us was Mei. Thanks to her levitation powers, she managed to slow down her fall a bit, giving her more time to take action. She even managed to push herself to the tree trunk and did the same koala thing I did, but with the tree trunk. All she got were cuts from the branches

The second would be me, with some broken ribs. Thanks to the tree branches that slowed down our fall, using a meat pillow and my reinforced body, all I had to suffer was the recoil from when the guy hit the floor

Third place goes to Makombo. He did the Superhero Landing. The tree and his reinforced legs helped a lot, but he still completely messed up his legs. He didn't lose his legs, but it wasn't a pretty sight

The last place goes to the poor guy. The guy had the help of the branches to slow down his fall a little, but he still had to deal with a 70 meters fall, the hard concrete floor and my force impact over his body. Besides, he didn't have any kind of exchanged ability that helped with the fall like us. He landed with his full body, hitting with the opposite arm that I was holding while hitting the side of his head on the floor and suffering my body weight crushing him from the other side of his body

He was bleeding from his head, his left arm was dislocated and really bloody, all his ribs were broken and I am pretty sure he had a perforated lung. I am surprised he didn't die there, but he would definitely die if I didn't do something about it soon

Did I left him to die there? He was one of the guys that put me in the facility, it is not like it was my fault he was like that(not completely), I wouldn't get anything out of helping him out and someone may even find out we got out of the facility somehow, so it wouldn't be strange if I did

It wouldn't, but I didn't leave him there to die anyways. I didn't even hesitate, the moment I saw the poor dude bleeding to death, I searched his pockets for a phone. I had my phone, but it didn't have a chip and I wasn't sure it would work, so I had to find his phone if I wanted to call for an ambulance

Problem was, I was kind of messed up after the impact. Remember when I said I broke my ribs? or when I said I had really bad stamina? Or the part where I have been in constant movement in the last 4 ours, plus 2 of high tension? Let just say I wasn't in a great physical or mental condition

I was on the floor after the impact, so I had to get up and move to the guys side if I wanted to find a phone. The bad part? the broken ribs really really hurt when I started moving, every muscle in my body hurt, I was pretty bruised after the impact, I had cuts everywhere thanks to the tree branches and my head seriously hurt

At least, the pain all over my body, plus the screams of pain from poor Makombo helped me stay awake. I slowly got up while sucking up the pain and approached the "I am not so sure he is still alive" guy. I knew that if he had a phone, it would be in one of his pockets, so I started searching the right pocket, because if it was the other, it would be crushed

Luckily, he brought it with him and it was in his right pocket, so it wasn't crushed in the fall. It was a new Samsung Galaxy phone with a cracked screen, but it worked fine when I turned on the screen

The problem was that it had a password protected screen

It was the one with 9 dots that you had to follow a trail to open it. If you don't know, imagine a regular phone with numbers 1 to 9 and you had to drag your fingers horizontal, vertical or diagonally. There are hundreds of combinations since you can pick from 1 to 9 numbers in whatever order, so  guessing the correct number sequences would be really really hard

I even started to use that type of password protected screen after everything that happened, and the irony is that I found out that most times, there is a finger oil trail on the phone and if you follow the fingers oil trail, you can guess the password

Sadly, I didn't know that at the time, and I wasn't in the best shape to figure it out on my own. The good thing is that even if it was password protected, it still let you make emergency calls, meaning I could call 911

"911 call center, what is the emergency?"(Lady)

"Me and three others were in a teleportation accident. We need medical attention"(Me) Said thoughtfully, but feeling intense pain when I talked

We weren't in great shape, and knowing stuff like that may help with the procedures they do while they  try to fix us

"What kind of teleporting accident? Is someone trapped between walls?"(Lady)

"No, we fell from a really high place. One is in a critical situation, another broke his legs and I think I have a few broken ribs. I don't know what happened to the last one"(Me) Said

I could tell I had broken ribs since i suffered that a couple of times, I knew about the guy since I saw it myself and I knew Makombo broke his legs since I followed the screams. As for Mei, since she was hugging the tree like a koala and was too scared to talk, I didn't know where she was

"Ok, can you tell me your location?"(Lady)

"I don't know, we were teleported here"(Me)

"Are you outside or inside?"(Lady)


"Can you look for the address then? there should be a sign with the street name at the end of the street"(Lady) Said and I listen

It was late, and it was dark, but even though we were outside of the capital, we were still in a street and it had enough artificial light to see around. After looking around, I realized that we were on the sidewalk near the street and we fell over a decorative tree they usually put around the streets. We were closer to the end of the street than in the middle, and I could see another street crossing the one we were, and it was relatively close, with the sight that the lady mention. Since my sight was pretty good and there was enough light around, I could see the street name without needing to get closer to it

"We are at ***********"(Me) said

To be honest, I never bothered to write the street name at the time, and by now I already forgot what street it was

"Ok, we will dispatch some ambulances soon, please don't move from where you are"(Lady) Said and I hang up

I kind of collapsed on the floor and started looking up since I was resting on the floor. I could see how much we messed up the poor tree and I finally found Mei. I felt relieved when I found her just fine and smiled a little since she looked like a bad comedy sketch with her arms holding to the tree trunk like her life depended on it
Note: Another chapter edited thnx to Neiden help :)
By the way, I definitely didn't include the street name because it fits with the story definitely :P

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