Important note: If you are in one of those countries that don't use metric system and never bother to learn it(you really should)

1 meter = 3,3 feet


"Mei, Makombo, attack"(Me) said the moment I realized they were ready to teleport at any moment

Time started to slow down thanks to the adrenaline and I started to run for the scientist with the teleport

There was no time for hesitation, if we didn't take the teleport from them fast enough, they would get away and we would get stuck in the facility. Basically, we get the teleport or we die, those were our options

I started to move as soon as I told them to attack but even though I was the first to move, I was the last to attack

The first to actually attack was Mei. Since her power had range, she just attacked from where she stood and surprisingly, she went smart about it. She went for the teleport

Usually in a fight, since the other person is moving, she can't take the weapon or weapons the other is carrying since it is hard to affect accurately a moving object. She usually has to conform with attacking a leg or an arm since she can attack a wider area that way. That would be the usual way, but this time, since it was a surprise attack, the teleport wasn't moving, so she could accurately just lift it from the scientist guy that was carrying it

Considering they might just press a button and teleport right away if they panic or something, it was the right choice to take the possibility of them first. The only bad side of that idea was that it would be 2v3 instead of 3v3

It could be a problem considering that they were grown ups and we were only 8, but we had the first strike advantage of a surprise attack, had the powers those bastards gave us and had a lot of experience fighting people

2v3 wasn't really a problem

A few seconds after Mei lift the teleport from the scientist, Makombo went directly to him and use one of his favorites attacks, The Missile Kick. He just ran at full speed, jumped and kicked. Simple and effective

"Shi.."(scientist 1) tried to say before he got a kick directly in the stomach and flew away


1 down, 2 to go

Thanks to the slowing down of my perception of time, I realized Makombo was going for the teleport guy too, so I changed target for the one further away from the teleport guy. The idea was for him to take care of the guy near him after taking care of the first guy, but just to be safe, I said a couple of commands

"Makombo, take care of the one near you. Mei, take the teleport all the way up"(Me) instructed

The first order was simple, I was just splitting the remaining two scientists between us, but Mei's order was a precaution. I was afraid that if she tried to grab it, the guy that brought us here would try to steal it from her or maybe someone in the hallway or someone else, so it was better to just keep it out of everyone's reach until the fight was over. Better safe than sorry

All that was left was to simply kick this two people's a-s

I went directly to my target while keeping an eye on the other guy just in case. My target was a slim guy with long black hair, a lab coat and a pair of glasses. He didn't look buff, and he didn't put a stance when I was approaching

Instead, I could see the guy's expression change from the shock that came from looking at the first scientist fly away to panic as he saw me approach with the intention of doing the same to HIM

"Noooo.."(target) said in slow motion while trying to intercross his hands forming an ex between his arms and then separating them

It was an obvious attempt to try to signal me to stop or something like that but I didn't give him a chance. I followed Makombo example and jumped while sending a kick to his stomach

Simple and effective

Usually, I wouldn't use a move like that. For starters, it was used too often in the battle arena, so most people could dodge it. I also preferred using a punch or my staff, since it was more accurate, and I could easily throw a second attack if it missed

This time, though, I could easily tell that the guy never fought against someone in his life, was in a panic state, wouldn't be able to react in time and a normal attack wouldn't be strong enough to take him down since he was bigger than me

Even if the guy was a noob at fighting, there is a reason for weight classes in boxing. The more you weight, the harder you punch and the more hits you can take. Considering that a punch may not be strong enough to take him down fast, a kick that is considered 3 times stronger than a punch should do the job, and it did

My kick may not be as strong as Mokombo since it was his specialty, but it was strong enough to take down a guy with 0 muscle. He took my kick directly in the stomach and flew a few meters until he hit his back to the wall

I turned around to see if Makombo took care of the other guy, and was pleasantly surprised that the other guy was down

With that, we took care of the three guys in less than 10 seconds

I did bother for a moment to check if they were down, but as soon as I confirmed they were down, I looked at Mei and said

"You can put the teleport down now Mei"(Me)

"Ok"(Mei) Nodded, and slowly lowered down the teleport

I stood directly down from it and waited for the teleport to come down. The teleport was a relative big black box with a screen in one of it faces that had the size of around 0.5 cubic meters. When it finally descended, I grabbed it and realized it was kind of heavy. For its size, it weighed around 2-3 kgs, around the same of a 3 l coke, which surprised me a little

It's wasn't a weight I couldn't carry, so I didn't have a problem from holding it in my hands, but sadly, I didn't know how to operate it

"Hey, do you know how it works?"(Me) asked the scientist guy that brought us here

The guy was behind the door where we came from while peeking with one eye, and was a little startled when I asked him

"Yyyes? Probably. I need to have a look first"(Guy) said a little nervously

"Before that, do you know how the teleportation works? We need to touch each other or it just teleports anything around it"(Me) asked just in case

The last thing I wanted was for him to teleport without a warning

"It has an area of effect. All teleportation machines work that way,the only thing that changes is the area of effect and mass carried. He bragged that it could carry 3 adults without problems, so the mass it could carry should be around 300kgs and the radius should be at least 1 or 2 meters. It is designed to ignore roof and floor, but it will take everything else. I don't recommend touching each others since we may end up sticking together like a horror sci-fi movie"(Guy) explained

I shivered at the thought of staying stuck to another person for the rest of my life, but what he said made sense. I wasn't sure about the sticking to each other part, but that it had an area of effect made sense. Remember that the place used teleports, and each teleport had a mark where you had to stand if you wanted to teleport, with a warning of what may happen if you don't(missing the body part that isn't on the mark)

Reluctantly, I handed the teleport to the guy, but stayed really close to him and signal the other two to stay close to me and the guy

The guy turned the screen on and smiled a little after he saw it

"Good, looks like it is ready to go. Looks like it's set to teleport us outside Capital City. Everyone is ok with that?"(Guy)

"Yes"(Me) agreed

"No!"(Mei and Makombo) did not

I turned to look at both of them and asked

"Why not!?"(Me)

"I live in Cleveland"(Mei)

"I go home"(Makombo)

Well, I also wanted to go home, and my home was in Capital City. I had no other choice but to bargain if I wanted to get home fast

"Look, my uncle has money and I am sure he can spend some money in two plain tickets plus some extra money just in case. Can you two offer the same?"(Me) confront them

"No....."(Mei) reluctantly said

And Makombo just stared at me in anger but turned the other way when I confront him with my angry look

"No complaints then? Ok. One last thing, do we take those 3 guys with us?"(Me) Asked just in case

Part of me wanted to just leave them there as punishment for what they did, but I was afraid of becoming a monster that would leave a person to die, even though I could easily save them, just because they pissed me off. Part of me knew that the "morally" correct decision would be to try to save those a-s holes

"We are already close to the mass limit, so I wouldn't say it is a good idea. If you pass the mass, the teleport may not work, won't go over the limit and leave random mass behind, or the accuracy may go lower than the already low 70/80%. Do you really want to risk it?"(Guy) said

Did I want to risk it?




No heroes here. Can you blame us?

"Me neither. Ok kids, brace yourselves"(Guy) Said and pressed a button on the box without hesitation

A white light surrounded all of us, and moment later we found ourselves looking at the night sky

I would have been happy with finally getting out of that facility and breathing some fresh air, except for a tiny little problem

We were 70 meters above ground
Note: Thanks Neiden ::) luckily, the quotes are back. Bad day for the S I guess =P

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