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Chapter 48: Consequences of trust


Even If I was a little hasty in trusting everything he said, I wasn't dumb enough to lower my guard just because he was cooperating

What we did was simple, I would go first to check if no one was near, while the guy was behind me telling me directions. Mei was behind him and would trip him or shut his mouth with her telekinetic powers if he tried anything and Makombo was at the end, both watching our backs and ready to chase in case he knocked out Mei or something

We explicitly said it out loud so he would hear us and not try anything funny, but we were actually in a hurry so we did try to move fast. After we got out of the room, I would check if no one was near and I would start to move as fast as possible while the rest followed behind

"How far is it?"(Me) asked while we were on travel

I kind of forgot to ask in the excitement of a way out, but it was important to know how far it was from where we were

"Not far. Frank main job was to check and calibrate this floor teleports, so he had most of his stuff here, even his projects. He was one of the researchers that were called to assist with the "mission", so I guess he was considered valuable unlike us"(Guy) said a while being a little irritated

I wasn't surprised that he felt betrayed by his higher-ups as he called them, but I didn't really felt sorry for him. In the end, he did agree to work for those bastards, so he deserved what he got

If I was going to fell sorry for someone, that would be the poor kids that had being used as research subjects and were thrown away as an alibi when it was convenient for them

At the time, I never even thought about rescuing the poor kids. Look, I don't think I am an a-s hole but I am not a heroine. If there was a chance, I may have considered saving them but under the circumstances, it was difficult to save myself, and I didn't have the time to find a magical way to save all the kids. Time was precious, and the only way out only allowed a few at the time

Even if I risked the little time I had, I would only be able to save a few kids, if I was lucky enough to reach them and then the teleport before the place blown up. Considering I didn't know how much time I had, didn't know if it was going to work, and the more time I take in getting out, the less chances I had of actually getting out, risking my life wasn't worth it

I would have done it for Meg or Mei since they were my friends or for Jonh and Max if I actually believed they were alive, but where was no one else in the facility I cared enough to risk my life to save. I had a lot of people I got along with, but I wasn't a saint, I wouldn't risk it all for people I got along with

I didn't like it, but I didn't really had much choice. Not that it wouldn't give me nightmares for a long time. Those nightmares would be in my top three including Jonh and Max death and Cat leaving me behind

I really need a therapist.......

Ah, in case you are wondering, I did find out Max and John weren't there. Thanks to having written my biography, and the f-cking drugs that stop me from being depressed or sad, I kind of finally remembered what truly happened the day they died. The worst part was that I couldn't even cry after realising they were probably dead, thanks to the drugs. All I could fell was apathy

I did try to search for them in the database, and I looked for every Max and John I could find on records, but I never found anyone that resembled them or heard of them

It's funny that I was captured because I was looking for them, and I had to go through all this because of my delusions, and in the end, I found out what truly happened thanks to this bastards

Anyways, I sidetracked for a moment. We were talking about how I was leaving all the kids to die because I wasn't willing to bet my life for acquaintances and strangers, but I did try a little while we were on the way

"How many people can we take?"(Me) Asked, both worried if it could take us all and maybe some more

"I don't know. Teleporters are like elevators, mass and size matters more than numbers, but it should be able to carry 3 adults or 6 kids, so 1 adult and 3 kids shouldn't be a problem"(Guy) said misunderstanding my question

"Will it work more than one time?"(Me)

"No. He was working in a portable teleporter. It consumed all it's energy in one try but it worked. The thing is, he was working in increasing its accuracy as much as possible. Like I said, most energy spend goes to increase the accuracy of the teleportation"(guy)

"How accurate is it!?"(Me) Said a little worried

"No idea, last I heard, it was 70 or 80%?"(Guy) said with indifference

"Didn't you say 99% was dangerous? isn't 70% like 3000 times worst!?"(Me) asked surprised at his indifference

"Kid, you got your math wrong. If we don't use the teleport, we have a 100% chance of dying, at least with the teleport, we have a 70% of getting out alive. I would be happy with a 50% chance, so I can't complain"(Guy) said his logic

And I couldn't argue

If we didn't teleport we would die, simple. Besides, 70% was better than the chances you get by throwing a coin. It was even the typical odds in a casino (if you were the house of course)

Without much choice, and while trying not to think about all the poor kids I was leaving behind, we proceeded to Frank locker without many troubles

We only found one guy steering at a wall while muttering something, so I quickly knock him out from behind before he could do anything

I expected the lab guy to say something like "can we carry him?" or something along those lines. They were co-workers, so I would expect he would want to save him or something, but he simply ignore him

I think he was a little surprised about how quickly I knocked him out, but besides that, he wasn't really interested in the poor guy. He simply looked at him for a second and proceed to keep telling me where to find Franks locker room

As for me, I didn't bother to rescue the poor kids that were in the same circumstances than me, why would I care about one of the a-sholes that put me there in the first place?

Yeah, he would die, and yeah, I could rescue him without risking too much unlike the kids. But would you save a pedophile when it brought you no benefit, it decreased your chances of success and it was his own fault he was in that situation? I wouldn't and I didn't

Ok ok, he isn't exactly a pedophile, but let's be honest, if you kidnap little kids, lock them up and do disgusting stuff to them all year around, I can't see much difference

Screw him

We kept going and no one said a word against it

Luckily, we didn't come across any other person on the way and arrived at Frank locker without a problem

Well, arriving there wasn't a problem

As soon as we reached the locker, we found three of the scientist with a device on their hand

"everything ready?"(scientist 1)

"Yeah, it just needs a few seconds to calibrate and we are ready to go"(scientist 2)

"Great, let's gets ready then"(scientist 1)

Said the scientists

It was kind of obvious they had the teleport working and had the same idea than us, they just got there faster

As you can probably guess, I did manage to teleport from the place, and it would be in a few seconds from now, but I am 100% sure that if I had hesitated at any moment before coming there, or doubted the guys word, slowing down our pace, I would be dead now

Like I said, trusting every word of that guy, without doubting them even for a second, had great consequences. Trusting the a-sshole actually saved my life......


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