Before I looked inside the Command Room, I already heard the guy inside cursing for some reason, so I started moving even more carefully than before to make sure I wouldn't make any noise or grab his attention

I did get a little afraid considering I didn't know how many were inside, and if I could take him or them out or avoid them for now at least. I could even hear my heart beating a lot faster than before, and even the slow time effect activate on its own, even if it was pointless under the situation

I slowly approached (extra slow thanks to the adrenaline effect) the door and took a look inside. The Command Room had a big console, with different switches and a keyboard,a map of the place on top and numerous monitors all around the console plus only one guy doing something inside

After taking a better look, I noticed that the guy was watching some of the monitors and using the keyboard while trying to do something with it. One monitor showed what he was trying to do(some coding or something like that) and the others showed what was going on around the facility. The monitors mostly showed different people doing different activities all around the facility

After looking at the monitors for a while, it could be said that there were 3 different groups, all reacting differently to the situation

The first group would be the test subjects, like me. All of them were trapped in different places like classrooms, the dinner, their rooms, or the hallways. As for what they were doing, they were either confused, afraid, fighting among each other, moving restlessly, or trying to distract themselves with something

The second group would be the lab guys like the one operating the computer near me. Unlike the test subject groups, most of them showed only one kind of reaction, panic. They were all running around trying different stuff. Some were trying to activate the teleporting devices all over the facility unsuccessfully, others were getting as far away from the top while others were trying to go to the top, others were looking for a place to hide, and some were in other Command Rooms like this one trying the same thing this dude was doing, or something similar

As for the third group, they were the answer as to what the f-ck was going on around here. The third group was a group of heroes fighting most of the robots of the facility, a few of the turrets and some the older test subjects of the facility

It didn't take me long to realise they were the reason we were in emergency power and some of the place defenses were down. I didn't know if they had a power that could accomplish that or they have some inside help, but I knew it wasn't a trap, trick, some sick joke, or some test. It was truly an invasion, and an opportunity to get out

Now, the question was what to do next

I may have enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, that came in handy in a fight, but it came in handy in a fight with people of the same age. I was eight at the time, and thanks to the reinforcements, I could probably win against a twelve years old boy without many problems, and probably put up a fight against a 14 or maybe 15 years old girl

The thing is, that was a grown up, a male grown up, with the strength and reach of a grown up. He could beat the crap out of me if I wasn't careful

I did have the advantage of 3 vs 1 plus a surprise attack, but not only did I need to beat the crap out of him, I also needed him to answer some questions, so I couldn't knock him out. I also didn't want to make much noise, since it would attract attention to us, and that wasn't good

A knife or something sharp would have been good to threaten the guy if he didn't cooperate but I didn't carry one around, and I didn't think the other two did. I could have asked for ideas, but it would make noise, and I didn't want to lose the element of surprise

Other options would have been to make a run for the heroes, and avoid any kind of confrontation on the way, but it didn't take me long to realise it was a bad idea

For starters, I was on the lowest floor of the facility according to the map, and to reach the top would take me a long time, and I would come across a lot of the different researchers running around the facility trying to find a way out. While paying attention, I was sure I could avoid most of them, but considering that people in panic move in unpredictable ways, and I didn't have a hiding ability or any kind of enhanced senses, I was sure I would get find out sooner or later

The other problem would be that if the heroes catch me, there was a 95% chance they wouldn't let me go. Best case scenario, they would put me in a special institute, and if we follow usual movie plots, I would be put in a research facility like this one, and experiment on me so they could find how to recreate the procedure

No thanks

My best bet would be to teleport outside the facility in some way. Problem was, even if I beat the crap out of him and looked for some answers, it looked like the researchers couldn't teleport themselves out of the facility, and that was why they were panicking

So my choices were to run to the heroes, hope to not get caught and hope I don't get experimented on again, or beat the crap out of some low-level researcher (who I definitely did NOT hold a grudge against) in hope of getting some answers. Besides, I also needed info on where was Meg

Can you guess what choice I made?

Kick his a-s of course

I decided to go with a simple combo hit

First, I signal the two of them to follow me while I slowly approached the guy from behind

"SH-T!!! NOTHING IS WORKING HERE, DAMN IT!!!!!"(Guy) was still panicking like all the rest on the monitors, and didn't notice us slowly approaching him

While moving, I paid close attention to the floor, so I wouldn't step on something like a cup, paper or pencil on the floor that would make noise if I stepped on it

When I was just behind the guy, taking advantage that he still haven't noticed me, I started my combo attack

The first part was to hit him on the back of his knee.It was a move I learned in a zombie movie where one of the characters taught a kid how to kill a zombie. The idea was to force the zombie to fell so the kid could hit him in the head with a small axe

I didn't have an axe, and I didn't want to kill him, but I did the second best thing as he fell thanks to the attack. I grabbed the back of his head and push it so it would hit over the console

I knew I wasn't strong enough to knock him out with a hit like that, considering I had the strength of thirteen years old kid, but it was strong enough to leave him confused for a few seconds, more that enough time in a fight

I let go of his head after it had hit his head on the console, and the guy instantly fell all over the floor, while showing a pained and confused expression on his face. I could have kept hitting him all over the place until he couldn't fight anymore, but I needed answers, I couldn't risk hurting him too much and it was dangerous if we had an extended fight

Instead, I simply put my foot over his throat, or more specific, his Adam's apple

My other foot was on the ground, so I could apply pressure the moment he moved, and it worked as an intimidation tool. Again, I learned from an Arnold Swarseneger movie, don't ask me which one. Actually, it may have been a Stallone one, but who cares

I waited for a few seconds for him to realise what was going on, and the moment I saw his expression change from pain and confusion to panic and worry, I knew it was time to start the questioning

"Hi"(Me) Said with definitely NOT a sadistic smile, I hope

To be honest, seen how pale he turned after seen my smile, doesn't give me much confidence, even though it might have given me a little satisfaction after everything those a-s holes put me though

I was definitely going to get some answers from him
Note: Thanks Neiden ::) there were a lot of mistakes this time around and an old one :P

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