DP-Good luck-

RV-You too-

And done

That should be enough

Even if I don't like her opinion about her powers, that girl is a monster. She can probably do it in half an hour without breaking a sweat

Hell, almost every program in the facility was made by her, except for one or two from the guys we hired before she appeared. I wouldn't be surprised if she told me it was done already considering she would only need to change a code or two of her own programs

Why can't my powers work like hers? dammit!

She doesn't even understand the suffering others had to go through. Going to medical school, studying all kind of medicines, drugs, vitamins and much more! Every time a conference about some new drug or medical advancement comes out, I have to go and see what it can do, damn it!

I have to spend years researching, studying, going to conferences, classes, etc. YEARS!!!!

It's annoying that I had to learn the properties of something before my power could tell the most accurate treatment of anything. I am not like that complaining b-tch that has everything serve from the beginning


Calm down, calm down

Don't let the b-tch get you

I wish I could let her stay in the facility like the others

Wait wait wait. Don't go there. You know you didn't have a choice. It is for the greater good. It's not your fault the heroes found out. There was nothing you could do

I am sure they would understand. It's not like we could leave the facility empty, right? If the  heroes don't find bodies, they would try to find the next one, and the next one, and the next one

Besides, we can't take them all, it's just impossible. We were too greedy,  we grew too big, we prioritised speed and efficiency over safety. We shouldn't have tried field testing yet

Good thing we had a backup test facility ready in case something like this happens. Even if it isn't as big. Good thing most smart people are paranoid

Now that we have enough data from all the field testing, we can lay low for a few years until we are more prepared next time

It's a shame we will lose some of the subjects, data, and researchers in the process, but it's a necessary evil. We can't leave the place empty,right? Right!

Luckily, we can pin it to Cesar. The guy has been dead for 4 years now, but the place has around 12, so we can say it is the remnants of his research or something like that to the heroes. Besides, he was the one that decided to put the bomb that would activate if the power failed

It also works if one of our researchers asks what happened. We can say we didn't know about the bomb and that we were as surprised as them


We may not be able to advance the research as fast as before, but this way we can get rid of the useless, the dangerous, and the stupid researchers. It's a shame about the kids

Even the most useless one could be recycled into something of value

It might be a small setback, but when we are done with our research, my name will be in history as one of the greatest scien..!!

"Hey, doctor pill!"(??)

Uh? What?

Red Wind?

"The meeting is about to start, you ok?"(Red wind)

"Oh! yeah, sorry, I was lost in thoughts"

Sh-t! I was so worried about the attack I forgot I was part of it

I can't stop thinking how ironic it all is. I am helping the guys that are trying to screw me over. At least spending all this time trying to get into the heroes good books wasn't a waste

"No problem, you ready?"(Red wind)

"Yeah, let's go"

Everything is ready, so it doesn't really matter what plan they have. Still, I wonder how they found us. It doesn't look like someone high in the hierarchy rat us out, or I wouldn't be here

Still, I am surprised how many show up. It is a well-rounded group of teleporters to get in and out fast, medics in case something bad happens, some precogs and an attack force of 15 A heroes and 1 S hero. Even at full power, I don't think we would have lasted long

I wonder why so many came? It's not like we were big or something like that. We always dealt small time and fought small group of heroes from time to time to gather data, but never anything big or notorious

Considering it was a last minute call, a lot showed up. Did we cause that big of a grudge? I know it was a Hero Association call, and with the meeting being in one of the heroes association headquarters, it's not that hard to get there, but the number is still too big for a sudden call

Well, at least, they prepared some comfy chairs to sit and something to eat on the side, even if some can't eat thanks to their suit. Luckily mine is simply a lab coat full of pockets all over the place, a flashlight on the head and a lens over my eyes that provides me with some extra data, nothing covers my mouth

Sadly, the only things they have to eat are some cheap donnas and bad coffee. What is this a bad Starbucks? Not that there is a good one actually

Oh! looks like Legend is taking the commanding of the attack. Not really surprising considering he is the only S class hero here

"OK people, as you may know, we are about to attack the Grey Cult. They are a small time group of drug dealers that works all around the country. It is a suicidal cult composed of a few low-level B criminals, the rest are mostly C and D class powered. If they get caught, they always kill themselves thanks to a pill in one of their teeth, or by the poison they already ingested before we encounter them. They usually fight with all they have, so be careful"(Legend)

Yeah, they don't have much choice actually. Considering we pick those that pass the loyalty test, told them of the consequence of not taking the teeth poison and forcing then to take a poison that needs an antidote every 4 or 12 hours while on the job, they don't really have much choice on the matter

"Now, I know some of you are probably wondering why are we mounting a sudden attack without much preparation, but as some of you may know, when attacking a big base, the faster we start the operation, the fewer chances are that someone may leak some information by accident or on purpose"(Legend)

I can't deny it's a good policy, considering I had been working my ass off this last 2 hour so we can make it in time. I would consider myself lucky if it wasn't for the other 2 from out group here

"As for why we brought so many heroes for what it looks like a small time group, well it's because it's not so small. Like I say, even though they are small time drug dealers, they have bases all over the country, making then actually not so small, but that is not all. Surprisingly, they are well equipped, with a base only accessible by teleporting, and only at the top, with jams all around the rest of the base so we are forced to land where they want us to land"(Legend)

Of course we have jams. They are a must in any underground base.We can't jam the whole place or we wouldn't be able to get inside, but jamming the place isn't that complicated if you know a guy, and considering we are mostly composed of Thinkers, it isn't that hard. Besides, Jams only works for coming from outside to the inside, not the other way around, so they were perfect for our facility

I would only worry about some of the undesirable researchers getting out of the death trap, except that running on emergency power stops all the teleports from working. Not enough energy. Considering 80% of the energy expenditure in the facility goes to the teleports, I am not surprised

"The attack plan will be like this. Everyone in the attack force will wear a camera and a bracelet on themselves so the precogs can predict if something bad happens before it happens and we can teleport you out before the bad thing happens. Considering this is a suicidal cult, we can't be too careful. I will go first, and after confirming there isn't any immediate threat, the tanks will follow, then the heavy hitters, healers, and support. Any questions?"(Legend)

Some guy that I don't know raised his had


"How did we found the place? Are they expecting us?"(???)

"An anonymous source gave us the info, and no, they shouldn't be expecting us but you can never know, so be careful"(Legend)

A different hero raised his hand. This time, someone I knew


"How do we know it is not a trap if it anonymous"(Bionic)

"The source only wanted to maintain it's anonymity as part of the deal. We have already confirmed it is reliable information"(Legend)

Damn, I wish I knew who it was

RV-everything ready-

Good good, lets contact Steven

DP- Turn the power down


"Any more questions? Ok, two last things. First, it is possible there are kidnaped children inside the facility. We believe they kidnap small kids with potential and brainwash them from a young age. If we found a kid, it is our priority to get them out of there as fast as possible so they don't get hit in the crossfire. As for the cultist, you are allowed to kill if necessary, but only as a last option. If someone has something to say, now is the time"(Legend) looks around

Mmm, looks like no one will talk

"The operation starts in 20 minutes, everyone get ready"(Legend)

Well, let's see how it goes
Note: Neiden is back for some help editing :)

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