Luckily, the vents defense were out for some reason, not that I complain that they were. I don't know exactly what type of defence they had installed since I never tried using them before, but they were either down because the power was down, or because someone purposely deactivated them before hand

But even though I know now they weren't activated, at the time I was scared sh-tless. Every step(crawl actually) I made, I looked around and clenched my teeth reflexively while expecting some kind of surprise that would either knock me out of feel extream pain

Even if I acted confident at the training place, and knew that it may be my best hope of getting away, that didn't change the fact that I was 70% sure it was actually a trap, and I was just gambling by the remaining 30%. And to be honest, I knew I was being optimistic with the 30%

Still, that didn0t stop me from thinking what was the best curse of action if it was the extremely lucky 30%

When I went inside the vent, I realised that the ventilation system was connected to all the room. I could tell since the vent we got in took us in a straight line to a fork that went left and right, where each side had a lot of forks at either left or right according to which side we took

I knew that the forks close to us would take us to rooms similar to the ones we came from, but the big question was, would it takes us to a place we could never reach before? I was betting on that

Luckily, I had a good sense of direction, and I could tell wich forks would take me to a place I could visit, and wich should take me to a place I never went before

I must admit that with the fear, and considering we were scrawling plus the constant complaints from Mei and the silent pressure from the Speedster made the time I spend in the vents look eternal but after crawling for what looked like an eternity, we finally reached a fork in the vents that should take us to a zone we would never be able to access before

And it did

The first vent took me to a room full of robots in stand bye, so it wasn't really useful. I could have tried to get down there, but considering I may nor find a way out and since it was extremely dangerous if they sudden activated, I decided to look around a little more the second room was a jackpot.

The second room the vents took us was the jackpot. It was where they made the pills

Well, actually, it was a small room with a computer, but it had a glass and on the other side, they made the pills

I knew if I ever wanted to get out, knowing what I was taking and knowing the effects and how to make them could help a lot. I didn't know how important were the pills for my powers to grown, but I definitely wanted to keep this powers in the future

Who wouldn't want to have super powers? I already paid the price in blood, so I might as well keep them

The only problem was that we may get find out or activate an alarm if we tried to use to computer, but the chance was too good to just let it go

"Mey, can you open this vent?"(Me) Said after deciding to risk it

"Did you find a way out?"(Mei) said while sounding a little worried

"Nope, but the second best thing, you think you can open it?"(Me)

"I can give it a shot"(Mei)

Then came the tricky part. The vent wasn't big enough to let her squeeze through me, so we had to go back a little , I have to move to one of the forks, and let her through

Moments later, she managed to open the vent and catch it before it fell off. Then the two of us plus the silent stalker came down the vent

The room had a computer over a desk, a door to come in normally( Dhu! I don't think they were crazy enough tow come through a vent), the now open vent, and a glass window that let you look inside the pill facility

The pill facility had a lot of different machines working at the same time producing individual pills constantly and putting them in the small boxes we usually get later in the day. For the look of things, instead of producing large batch of pills for all, the facility produced individual pills for each kid

After the three of us went down to the floor, the first thing I did was start using the computer. It was on and it didn't have a password and had a software for the pills already installed and running. Since it had a search function, I first tried inputting my full name in hope of maybe find information about me, but it didn't work


"What is wrong?"(Mei)

"Using my name didn't work, and I don't know what to try next"(Me)

"Did you try our serial number? It is written on our wristband"(Mei) said while showing me some numbers written on her wristband

Since it didn't hurt to try, I wrote her numbers in the search engine and a moment later, a detailed medical record showed up

"Good idea May, thanks"(Me) Said with a smile, and Mei smiled back a little probably happy that her idea worked

It was even the first time I saw her smile since all the sh-t went down, so it even help me relax a little for a moment. not that the info I saw helped keep my relaxation

The info I saw in the computer included her physical and mental condition,side effects of her treatment, life expectancy and drugs she must take. The program also included the amount and type of drugs she should take over the years according to age, weight and if she went through puberty or not, and for the look of things, her age and weight were input automatically, so everything worked on its own without the need of outside help. It also included what was inside the pills, the quantity of each component of the pills and how to process it, so we would be able to make them on our own in the future

The system probably worked that way to facilitate the delicate handling of the numerous kids that were present in the facility. I don't know how they got all the calculations and recipes for each individual, but the system worked in a way that it shouldn't be necessary to bother again with someone once it was in the system

It was a blessing for the two of us since we could download all the information on my phone, and it should allow us to take the right medicine with the right amount for years to come. As to how I upload it on my phone, there was a phone charger near the computer, wich was the typical one with a USD cable with the charger part

I just took the USD cable and connected to the PC, and copy pasted the info of both me and Mey to my SD phone card. I offer to do the same to the stalker, but the guy took his own phone and after forcing me to move away from the computer, he put it there himself

A-s hole

Anyways, with the info already installed on our phones, now it came the "easy part". Find Meg and a way out of there

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