You could say that the Pizza event was a trigger, but I probably would have followed the same path anyway

What path am I talking about? The kick ass kind

I wanted more points to spend since I was tired of feeling bad about losing 30 points in stupid stuff. I wanted to have enough points to not even care if I wasted 10 POINTS in a f-cking Teletubbies T-shirt

Basically, I started going to matches more often, instead of waiting for the mandatory match. I admit that I did it mostly for the points, but I also enjoyed winning against unbelievable strong opponents, making me feel strong

But mostly, I wanted the points

Usually, as long as I was healthy(not feeling like sh-t after getting my a-s kicked) I would go for a match or a revenge match

My process was simple, If I was ok, I would go for a match. If I won and wasn't badly wounded, I would go for a new fight  the next day or the day after. If I won but I was a mess or not at 100%, I would wait until I was better

If I lost, first, I would wait until I was at 100%, and in the meanwhile, I would do a little research. First, I would think what I could have done better, and then I would research ways of beating the crap out of the guy again. If I saw myself winning, I would issue a revenge match, and try my best. If I won, then I would do a normal match next, and if I lost, I would repeat the process. If I didn't see myself winning, I would just leave it alone and do a normal match next

It was the most efficient way to earn points, discounting the "special events" those a-s holes liked to throw at us from time to time

I also kept doing my diary, since it helped as a review of my fights and how they went, with a personal analysis of what I did ok, and where did I screwed up

Of course, fighting so many people also had it's troubling stuff, besides the obvious physical pain. For starters, there were the revenge matches, but I also had to deal with the normal revenge, harassing, threatening,  being ostracised or completely ignored

Luckily, I had Meg and Mey. Even though I fought them a couple of times, they kept being my friends

Besides, the revenge matches were a good way to earn money, since I barely lose those. The only person that never gave up asking the revenge matches was the first speedster. I don't know if he held a grudge, didn't know the word surrender, or fell in love with me at fist sight, but he never stopped. I was even tempted to just let him win once just to get it over with, but I never did

Part of the reason was that I could see he always gave his 100%, so just giving him a victory as a reward didn't feel right. Still, the main reason was that I loved the points. He may not have sent me a revenge request every day, or even every week, but it was a good steady income that I came to love, even if I felt a little bad for taking so many points and kicking his a-s so many times

But I guess you are probably wondering, besides the constant idiot that kept challenging me, How did the rest of the fights usually go?

Well, pretty good I guess. Like I said before, I was a jack of all trades, master of none. Having no strengths or weaknesses had its good things and bad things. Having strong points also meant they had weaknesses, so as long as I took advantages of them, I could win. The problem was that if I never fought or researched the guy I was fighting, defending properly against its attacks or knowing where to hit became extremely difficult, and in most cases I lost

There were also the cases where I fought the guy before, or researched him, but he ended up winning because he used a move I never saw before, or simply defended his weakness really well while attacking me in a way that I just couldn't properly defend, or he was simply more skilled than me

In the end, I can't say I won all of them, but I had an average of a little more over 50%, and 60% in revenge matches(with a 20% of just giving up and sending me the 10 points)

Since I never found my life in real danger, I ended up fighting a lot and earning a lot of points in the process

As for the points I earned, well, I used them on a lot of different stuff

First, I spend a lot of points on research. Since researching helped a lot in a fight, it was a necessary spending, like it or not. I mostly watched reinforced fighters against every type, and the fights of people in my revenge match list, both those they send me one or those Iw as planning to send one

The second place I also spend a lot of points on was training. I mostly did boxing since it was easy, cheap and well balanced, but over time, I also tried others like karate, kung fu, aikido and even fencing and kendo. It was hard to get to 5 in some of them so I had to bring Mei and Meg to fill the numbers and compensate them later for it

Which lead us to the true place I spent most of my points, entertainment

Hey! don't judge me!

In the end, the real reason I worked so hard was to have enough points to do whatever I wanted. Without points, there wasn't much to do besides sleeping, eating, studying and socializing, so if you wanted to have fun, you had to spend the points. I mostly used them to watch tv with Meg and Mei, play some video games, download apps, junk food, and some other stuff I can't remember right now

The fourth place I spend my points were in bribes. If I fought against someone annoying, since I couldn't hold back or the a-holes watching would make it difficult for me, when I won the fight, I usually bought them something so they wouldn't be too hard on me. You would be surprised how many troubles I saved myself by just buying an ice cream for the loser, and some of his/hers friends. I also had to bribe Mei and Meg to do me favors like going to some of the martial classes, but luckily, they weren't the kind of friends that stayed with me just because I bought them stuff

And as for the place I spent the least money on, it was things like clothes and other stuff. I did bought a couple of shirts and pants, and some other stuff like pens, books, and a memory card for my phone, but not much else. I had the option of buying some nonlethal stuff to help me in a fight like a smoke grenade, tear gas, body armor, stun grenade, etc. The thing is, not only were they more expensive than what you would get from a match, if you lost the fight and didn't use it, the winner could get them from you for free

Bad business for a money gru.. I mean, getting used to winning fights without them helped get me stronger faster, so when I used them, they would be even more effective since I would be stronger than if I constantly used them. It was definitely not because I hated spend points in stuff like that, definitely

Well, basically, I spend most of the points I had and didn't bother to save much. I always made sure to have at least 20 points, but I never bothered to save much more than that

As for Mei and Meg, they did their stuff. We spend most of our time together, talking, eating, studying , going to the martial art classes, watching tv, etc

The only difference was the fighting. They didn't do it as much as I did

Mei didn't like to fight, and she wasn't really good at it actually, so it made sense. For starters, she didn't like hurting her enemies, so she hesitated a little when she fought. She also didn't use her powers really well, so it was hard for her. The good thing was that over time she got better, and the fight system was relatively fair, they usually put weak v weak and strong versus strong, meaning that if you lost miserably often, they put you against people that lose miserably often and vice-versa

Meg, on the other hand, was actually strong in a fight, but she was afraid of losing control. The bastards send some kind of signal that made her go berserker and attack anything that moves, and she hated losing control. The berserk mode luckily didn't go for the kill(at least the one that they used) and they didn't use it all the time, but fearing that they may use it, she usually didn't fight unless she had to. Over time, she also got used to it and started fighting more, but she always hated when they forced her to move instead of just let her do her thing

And like that, we spend 2 years in the facility. Usually, when a kid reached the age of 8-9, it would be sent to a different facility for older kids. Since we only saw kids from 6 to 8, it was probably true

The thing is, just a few moths before we would be sent to the new place, something happened


Note: sorry for the delay, University started this week(south America have different school year than north). I will try to keep releasing at least 3 chapters every week, but I make no promise

By the way, thanks Neiden for the help like usual :grin: , thanks Makakarer for pointing out the repetition and thanks again Dragrath helping in case Neiden didn't show up =p

And yeah, research facility ark is over :;^^: 

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