Kids, don't do drugs

Well, I didn't take them by choice, but my opinion of them didn't improve after finding myself naked, confused, hurt, and with less money than when I started. Luckily, I was a kid like everyone else present, or I would have to worry about some extra stuff(babies, HIV, etc)

That didn't change the fact that I spend at least 9 points on something completely pointless. It was a waste of my hard work damn it!

Of course, I instantly stopped the program from continuing sucking my points, but nine were already spent, like it or not

I wish I could say that my next step was to put some clothes on myself, but there were no clothes near where I was, so I had no choice but to go back to my room and grab some from there

I really really wanted to go as fast as possible since being naked outside my room was kind of embarrassing, but my friend Mei was sleeping on the couch and I couldn't leave her alone. My first choice was to gently wake her up, but considering that I may wake up the other kids in the room, I decided to just slowly carry her between my arms(princess carry) to my room and let her sleep in my bed while lending her some clothes when she wakes up

If it worked right, I may even save her the embarrassment of finding herself naked in a room full of other naked strangers, something you can't really be proud of (unless you are a nympho or a dude)

Luckily, I was stronger than a normal kid thanks to the "wonderful" experiments, so carrying her in my arms wasn't impossible, just really difficult. To be honest, I was considering forcing Mei into a diet afterwards, she really had a couple of extra pounds on her

But I suck it up

I kept my numerous complaints about her weight in my heart and slowly moved around the room to make sure I didn't wake up Mei while trying to avoid hitting one of he numerous naked kids on the floor. Not that I could move really fast while carrying the "definitely not extremely heavy" Mei

After I reached the door, with some difficulty thanks to something "definitely not heavy", I went to the door that would lead to the rooms area while cursing my wonderful idea of carrying Mei in my arms for an extended period of time

I could even feel my sweat coming down from my forehead, get in my eyes, and kept going down all over my face and naked until it finally leaves my body and falls to the floor

Can I say it was hell?(don't tell her I say that)

Have you ever exercised for a long time, getting really really tired?When you reach that point, of getting really really tired, and you see a finish line, instead of feeling relieved, you fell extra weight in each step to make, praying to god to make it end? That is how I felt as I got closer and closer to the dorms door

Each step was harder than the last, so when I finally reached the door, I felt a little glad that at least half the distance was done

Usually, I would have being worried that when I open the door, hundred of kids would see me and Mei naked, getting humiliated and causing me and Mei to hide in our rooms for who knows how long

Sadly, I was so tired after carrying Mei for so long, that I completely forgot about that: all I wanted was to reach to my room

So when the door automatically opened, I wasn't prepared for what was on the other side

A battlefield (or what remained of it)

Burn marks, cracks, sand, dust and metal parts all over the place. Some kids were covered in some kind of gel or more like gum, others were just sleeping on the floor(I hope they were sleeping), and you could see the remains of some robots parts all over the place

It didn't take a genius to realize a big battle happened there. Since you couldn't see any wounded or dead around, they were probably taken to the infirmary after the fight, but it looked like they didn't have the time to clean up the place yet

Not that I thought all that at the time. All I could thing is what the f happen while I was out, and part of me was glad I was lazily watching TV instead of getting involved in what happened near the dorms

The sight shocked me so much, that I "accidently" dropped Mei. Well, I am 80% sure I did it accidently, but I think that in some corner of my mind, I didn't care enough about keeping her in my arms after seeing something like that(that, and my arms were really really tired)

"Ahu.... wwhaat is going on?"(Mei) said a little confused while opening her eyes and looking around

It took her a couple of seconds to realise that A) she wasn't in her bed, B) She was outside, C) outside was scary, D) she was naked


"Mei, calm down!"(Me) said while grabbing her arms and shaking her a little so she would stop screaming

I definitely didn't want to draw attention to us, thanks to being naked and all that

"Wwwaht hhappen?"(Mei)

"I don't know, I woke up naked in the recreation room with you and other kids I don't know. I was trying to take us to our rooms when I saw all this...."(Me)

"What doo wee do now?"(Mei)

"Come on, let's go to my room and get some clothes, we can figure it out later"(Me) said while extending my hand to Mei

Mei saw my hand, and after making a small nod, she took it and I helped get up. We went to my room, and luckily, we didn't found anyone on the way. Most were probably asleep, healing, afraid to come out or dead

I got close to the door, used the wristband in my hand, and the door opened like usual. I was just about to enter my room, when something suddenly tackles me, making me feel pain in the stomach and thanks to the fall, I also felt pain on my ass and back of the head

"Ouch"(me) Complained a little after feeling pain in multiple places

"WHWUEHAWEHWUERAE YOYUUOYUY(where were you, I think)"(Meg) Tried to say while sobbing

I did want to complain about the sudden tackle, and the pain that brought, but considering that my stomach was wet thanks to the fluids that came from Meg(if you think something perverted out of this, you got problems), I decided to let it go. I just waited for Meg to calm down a little

It took her a few minutes, but the sobbing finally ended, allowing me to finally be able to do something. Meanwhile, Mei asked me with some signals if she could come inside and I gave her the ok, so came inside the room and after taking some clothes, she went to the bathroom

"Are you ok now, Meg?"(me) said while still being on the floor, naked, hurt all over the place and full of mucus and tears

"Uhu..."(Meg) noded

"Can I get up?"(Me)

"Ok"(Meg) said while still holding me and not moving

"If you don't move, I can't get up"(Me)

"Ok"(Meg)reported but didn't move

"Fine"(Me) gave up and just got up while Meg kept holding on my belly

It took some effort, but I managed to stand straight, and since Meg didn't want to let go, I dragged her into the room and closed the door. Then, I just sat on my bed and waited for Meg to calm down a little more while petting her head

After she calmed down, I asked her if she knew what happened, and she told Mei and me that after she went to look for something to eat, everyone started to act strangely, and started to do all kind of weird stuff. After everyone went crazy, she tried to find us but she lost track of us in all the mess. Since she couldn't find us, and it was hard to find our scent with all the people moving around erratically, she went back to our room

She got more nervous as time passed alone in the room, and later, she started hearing a lot of people fighting and she got really scared. She hid in her bed all scared until everything calmed down, and then she got afraid that something may have happened to us since we didn't come back and started crying

It was when I opened the door that she finally relaxed and just jumped at me, ending with me feeling pain in the ass, the back of my head and full of tears and mucus all over my belly

Great day!

3 days later, everything was back to normal, and most students were back. Don't ask me what happened to those that didn't make it back

BTW, I had to spend 10 points to get a new phone, since my old one broke thanks to all the mess. Basically, I lost all the points I got from my revenge match......
Note: Thanks for the help Neiden. I hope the reason you found so few was because I got better, but it was probably a miracle :P 

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