Celebrating, a good thing to do after a "sweet" victory

Ok, I know I broke my fist and dislocated my arm, but it was the first time I won thanks to my own hard work and not some random luck

Why wouldn't I celebrate?

Sadly, there wasn't much stuff you could do to celebrate, and anything that would be considered a reward for winning cost my "oh so few" points

I did watch a movie with Mei and Meg like I said, but it wasn't enough, I wanted something else, something special

And suddenly, something special fell right into my lap

It was something rare, it was free, it was special, and I didn't have to do anything to get it. It was perfect

"Look, look, free pizza Friday!!!"(Me) said excitedly as soon as I watched a collective text they send to my phone

As soon as I said that, both of them took a look at their phone and smiled happily like me

You are probably thinking, don't you get food every day? why is pizza so special?

First of all, if you think pizza isn't something to be happy about, shame on you

Shame on you!

Second, we usually got what you could call school lunch. It's ok, but it isn't anything special

You can usually get pasta, rice, fruit, salads, vegetables, strange unidentifiable thing(it actually tasted good), sausages, meat(if you were fast enough), and some more stuff

But tasty things? like hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, pudding, stakes, etc

Once a week if you were lucky

So yeah, we were pretty excited when the offer came, and when I say we, it includes almost everyone else in the place. The only people not happy were the 3 guys that for some reason didn't like pizza since there would be pizzas for those with lactose intolerance and coeliac disease

Best of all, it included coke and the other type of Sodas! something we never get to drink since they only gave us water, milk and juices to drink usually

What a great night it was going to be

When night arrived, all three of us went to the dinner for the pizza party. Unlike most of the time, the dinner was full of kids before it opened its doors. Everyone wanted to arrive early and make sure they got some before they run out of pizzas

An understandable reaction since the meat was one of the first items to disappear in lunch and dinner, something that constantly bothered Meg. We also belonged to the group that was afraid of losing the pizza party so we went early like the rest

We didn't try to force our way through to the front of the mass of little children pushing other kids to try to get closer to the door. Instead, we were around the door and planned to rush inside as soon as the door opened

We really wanted some slices of pizza

In my case, the pizza brought good memories of my first time with Cat, even if it was the frozen cheap supermarket microwave type of pizza, so it was a fitting way of celebrating my victory

Even today, when I feel down, I order some pizza and it cheer me up. I also order some when I am too lazy to cook, but I also order Chinese or others types of foods, but when I have a bad day, I usually order pizza

It's pizza, ya know? I guess you could say it is one of my weakness and, at least, it is better than a stupid green rock that that super guy is so afraid off in the movies. Well, I am also weak to explosions, bullets, stabbing, lasers, black holes, falling from high places, deadly virus, crushing, cuteness, radiation, starvation, and 300 others things that can kill me, but pizza is one of them

What can I say, it is delicious, easy to eat, fast to make or order, and it brings back good memories. What else can I ask for in my food?

Healthy doesn't count

So yeah, we waited for the doors to open, and we all rushed inside while pushing each others to try to get there first. Luckily, it looked like the bastards at the research facility planned things well and decided to leave both sodas and pizzas on all the tables so you could sit and start eating instead of having to look for the pizza. There was more pizza were they usually brought the food, but having it serve already in the table stopped most from trying to go look for some more there

Like most, the three of us decided to just sit in one of the tables and start eating from the already present pizzas. That was the idea at least, but even thought me and Mei started eating some of the slices of pizza, Meg showed an ugly face and refused to eat

"What is wrong Meg? You don't like pizza?"(Me) asked a little worried, I mean, who doesn't like pizza?

"I don't like the smell"(Meg)

"Of pizza!?"(Me) BLASFEMY!!!

If there was a religion about pizza, I am sure I would check it out at least, and maybe joining if they make good pizza

"You should try some, it is tasty"(Mei)

"I don't like the smell"(Meg) repeated

"Fine, try some of the other ones at served over there, I am sure one of them should "smell" nice"(Me) said a little annoyed

In case you didn't get it, I really like pizza

"OK, be right back"(Meg) said without her typical cheerful attitude, probably realising something wrong from my tone

She got up from her chair and went to look for some food she may like. Meanwhile, me and Mei happily ate our pizza and drank  some soda until there was nothing left at the table and we had no choice but to get up and look for more

And it was at that moment that my memory starts to get  foggy. I remember getting up, and going to a table that still had pizza in it, but as I started to move, my memories start to get foggier and foggier, until I forgot everything that happened later

I am not sure how much time passed, but my first memory after everything went foggy was finding myself on a sofa next to Mei and two other kids I didn't even know, plus others 5 all over the floor. For some reason, we were all completely naked, with no clothes near us

My head was killing me even worst than went I woke up for the first time in the facility, so it took me a few seconds to realise I was in one of the recreation rooms, with the tv on showing the Teletubbies for some reason

I was never a big fan of that particular TV show, so I just kept watching for a couple of seconds before I thought I wanted to change the channel, still not really getting what the f-ck was going on

I wanted to find the remote to the TV so I could change the channel when I started to wonder who was paying for all this, so I decided to get up from the sofa. While trying to not wake up Mei, the others in the sofa or those in the floor, I went to the door so I could access the panel and see who was paying

Outside the recreation room was a hallway that leads to other recreation rooms like the one I was in, and at the end of the hallway, was a door that leads to the playground with all the rooms, including mine of course

The place was really quiet for some reason like it was 4 in the morning with no one coming in or out. There was one kid sleeping on the floor, but besides that, everything looked normal

I was still half-asleep, with a headache, and a little cold thanks to being naked, so I decided to take a look at the panel and see who was paying for the TV program since I had a bad, really bad, feeling. I used my wristband on the panel(the only thing I had on me) and the screen activated and read what the screen showed me

"Sara Mars 8:44:53"(screen) said my name with a timer that was going up


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