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Chapter 39: Newton third law of motion



The fight didn't last even 5 seconds

The guy just started running as soon as the countdown ended. Like before, the time slowed down a lot, allowing me to see his mix of anger in his eyes, plus a smile on his face showing he was sure to beat me this time

Unlike the others speedsters, the guy just ran in a straight line like a bullet while making a fist with his right hand and preparing a punching motion

It was the most basic of the basics. After seeing moves that would make a normal person p-ss their pants, seeing a simplistic action coming towards me, helped me calming down a lot, and part of me wanted to do a face palm for a second


What did he think? That I was an idiot? That I wouldn't know how to react to the SAME EXACT THING!?

True, I panicked the first time, and he was a kid, so he probably thought his amazing speed was enough to take me out, a weak girl that trembled in fear. That doesn't change the fact that it was a wrong move, especially when he lost the first time

So, what did I do? The thing I thought the first time, just punch him in the face when he got close enough

I did learn from watching the videos, and a little from my boxing class, the proper way to punch the guy

I just spread both my legs with my left up front and my right in the back. Then, I clenched my right fist, trying to make it as compact as possible while holding my other fingers  with my thumb. Finally, thanks to my improved perception, predicted the right timing to hit the guy in the face while avoiding his fist since he had better reach

Complete success

I could see how the guy approached me with a smug expression like before, now completely sure I didn't have a trick up my sleeve like last time. He was smiling while looking at me like I was a weak prey he was about to hunt, and he throw me a punch in the face with absolute certainly it would hit me

I don't think he had enough time to realise his fist miss before I hit him straight in the face without mercy

In case you don't know or forgot when I explained before, a cross counter not only gives the target the damage of your own hit but also the momentum of the adversary. Considering that the guy was moving at a stupid velocity, and was suddenly hit by a strong opposite force, the damage the guy got to his face wasn't something minor

Basically, it was an instakill

Sadly, the laws of physics also apply to me......

Like Newton said in his third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

It means that the force that was generated by hitting the speedster in the face also bounced back into my fist. To be honest, I am 80% sure I broke his skull, but I am a 100% sure I broke my fist and dislocated my arm

It didn't help that I hold my ground while punching the ground, increasing the force of my punch and at the same time, the force that bounced back

I have been punched, starved, operated, and a damn roof fell over my head, but the pain I felt after punching that guy was the most painful experience I ever felt. Well at least until that moment

The operations were under drugs, so I didn't felt a thing, the roof didn't felt over me so I wasn't hurt too much, and no punch would hurt as much as breaking your hand and dislocating your arm.....

Hunger, on the other hand, it's an annoying thing. It doesn't hurt as much, but it's a pain that constantly follows you and you have no choice but to try to ignore it or trick it the best you can. There is no way of ignoring or tricking a broken fist

So I screamed like a ***** and cried like one too

I didn't even notice I won until a robot took the poor guy away like before, making me realise that if I went to the teleporter, I could go to the infirmary

So I went to the teleporter while trying to hold my tears that started to come up who knows when

I must admit that everything looked kind of blurry with the tears in my eyes and all that, but the door was like a big black spot on a white wall, follow by a linear corridor, so it wasn't that hard to get to the teleporter, even with reduced vision

The thing is, the teleporter didn't take me to the infirmary in the school, but some place else

As soon as I teleported, I found myself in front of a robot with a big monitor instead of a head. It had arms at its sides and track tires to move, with a "person" showing on the monitor

"Hi!-I-am-nurse-Emily-please-follow-me"(Emily) said in a robotic voice through the monitor

What the monitor showed was a white screen with a 3D image of a 20 years old woman with a pink hat on her head with a red plus sign in the middle(like the one use in the hospitals)and a smile on her face

It started moving and it took me to a room with a big complex machine inside. It had a big red cross on the floor that basically said, stand there, so I did before I was instructed since I wanted to end the pain fast

"Please don't move while the lights are on"(big machine)said

A moment later, hundreds of lasers went all over my body for a couple of minutes, and then it suddenly stopped

"Please-give-me-your-left-hand"(Emily) said again in her robotic voice

And since the pain was still unbearable, I didn't hesitate even for a second. If I had known what was going to happen next, I am not so sure I would have done it as fast, or even at all

Basically, the robot relocated my hand without even saying a word, like it was taking a band-aid from a wound

Do I have to say I screamed like a ***** again?

It did feel better after a few seconds, but the pain I felt when it did that was worst than any kind of physical pain I ever felt in my life before. So yeah, it sucked

Did I hear an apologise, or even a word of comfort afterwards? Nope, just

"Follow-me"(Emily) said

And I reluctantly follow her

It basically took me to some kind of strange metal chair with human form instead of the typical scare form, and it basically meant I had to sit on it, so I did

Moments laters, my right arm was tied by a belt that came from the chair arm, follow by being completely encapsulated thanks to some stuff that came from the side of the chair, forming some kind of metal capsule in a cylinder form

After my arm was completely cover, some gel stuff started pouring inside the cylinder, until it was full

Half an hour later, my arm was completely healed

To be honest, I didn't dare to see how bad it actually was, since the pain was completely unbearable, but after 30 minutes of that gel stuff, my arm felt as good as new, so after trying to open and close my fist for a while to see if anything was wrong, I went back to the teleporter and found myself back at the facility

Usually, I would feel happy that I won, or happy that the pain was gone, but instead, I was more surprised on how effective that gel was. I wasn't a doctor, but even I knew that a wound like that would take to heal at least a month, under normal circumstances, so it was a little awe-spiring, even with all the sh-t I have seen so far

Anyway, I recovered after a while and went to tell the good news to Meg and Mei and was planning to celebrate my first proper victory with a movie since I have new points to spend

By the way, the guy challenged me again a month later, and many more times after that
Note:  Thanks again Neiden for the help with the grammar :)

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