"Victory goes to - Sara Mars!"(Voice) confirmed my victory

I wasn't exactly sure if a knee to the face would be enough to knock the guy out, but from the look of things, it was more than enough

"Please proceed to the teleporter, if you can't move, a robot will assist you shortly"(Voice) said  and the door at the end opened and a robot came out of it

It had tank wheels, something similar to a crane and two hands. He went to the boy side and slowly picked him up and put him on his crane part, then he turned and took the guy pass the door he just came

Meanwhile, I was trying to process everything that just happened....

Just how did I win? That was the question that was going over my head again and again. Just when he was about to punch me in the head, he just slipped for some reason giving me an opening to strike back. I just knew what happened, but I didn't know why. Luck? idiocy? some secret power I didn't know I had? A side effect of running so fast?

I didn't know what it was by just thinking about it so I simply turn my eyes to the spot the kid fell and I finally realised what happened

Hamburger and fries

I could see a shoe mark on the beautiful content that used to be in my stomach, making pretty obvious what caused him to slip. My puke

Nice, right?

My plan worked perfectly, from the puke to moving back just at the right distance to land a punch after slipping, to him moving in the route I predicted without zig zagging or paying proper attention to his footing. I even acted scared so he would feel confident and would fall into my trap


I am not Sun Tzu, ya know?

It just kind of happened. A mix of luck and stupidity that brought my first victory

Would you be surprised if I say I had mixed feeling about the win? for one part, it was my first victory, and it was a complete crush of my opponent without even sustaining any kind of injury. On the other side, I won thanks to puking......

"Please proceed to the teleport"(voice) said

After seeing the puke and realising what happened, I started reviewing everything that happened in my head, so enough time passed for them to send a warning

Since there was no point in watching my puke anymore, I just turned around and went to the open door

I went through the door and found myself in a hallway that led directly to another open door with the teleporter inside. The hallway also had one more door to the left that was closed, and marks on the walls and floor that showed that the walls could open themselves and robots came out. There were probably some for cleaning, other for taking care of the wounded and finally, some for suppression

I never saw the cleaning robots, but there are videos showing the suppression robots and the medic robots, so I suspected they were there

Suppression robots weren't lethal(at least the ones I saw) but I didn't want to stay long enough for them to throw a few at me, so I just went to the teleporter and waited for it to activate

Unlike when I came, it wasn't necessary for them to synchronise our arrival, so the countdown started instantly

I was teleported beside the Infirmary, but since I won without even getting a scratch, I just kept going

I just went to the playground near all the rooms and sit on a set of stairs. Why? because I was still a little shocked after the fight

For starters, It was really scary, and I mean REALLY SCARY. I Had met people that threatened me before for money or a-sholes that were mean just for fun, but it was my first time meeting someone that not only wanted to beat me, but I also had to beat

And the worst part was that I choked. If the guy didn't slip like an idiot, I would have been the one at the infirmary instead of him. I wasn't an idiot, I knew that I couldn't count on being lucky two times in a row. If I didn't want to lose miserably from now on, I had to make sure I would, at least, try to fight next time

Easier say than done

Well, there was also the chance I just choked because I was unprepared, but if you have to keep fighting from now on, would you leave it to chance?

So I made my mind, I decided to try a martial arts class. It cost 1 point per class and considering I had to few to spend and it was only a more specialised gym class, I also found it annoying to have to spend points on something I wouldn't enjoy

But after my first fight, my opinion about it changed. First, I needed to get used to fighting. Second, knowing how to fight would increase my chance of winning, meaning more points and fewer wounds. Third, martial artists in movies and tv were cool! Who wouldn't want to be like Bruce Lee?

The bruce lee pitch even helped me convince Mei and Meg to join me in the classes!. After deciding to become Bruce Lee, I went to look for them and told them both about the fight and what we should  do from now on and they agreed, I believe thanks to my Bruce Lee pitch!


Mei agreed since she panicked even more than me in the fights and Meg just went with the flow

To make matters worst, we ended up going to a boxing class instead of a Kung Fu class so I lost my chance of becoming Bruce Lee....

It was just more practical. When choosing a class, you have to select two things, Martial Art and language. Usually in class, you have everyone speaking the same language and during fights, it was only a countdown, and sometimes they even said it in other languages

But the Martial arts class were different. They were optional, so not everyone went to them, making it harder to make a full class. The first requirement for a class was to have 5 people in it at least. If it had 10, you get 2 classes for 1 point and if it had 20, you had 3 classes for 1 point

We were 3, so getting to 5 was easy but the more popular it was, the more class you had for the same amount of point so it was better to choose the most popular ones

Sadly, The most popular classes in English were Karate and Boxing, while Kung Fu was more popular in Chinese. By the way, for some reason Lucha Libre was also popular in Spanish speakers, don't ask me why someone would spend points on something like that

I seriously wanted to be like Bruce Lee but considering it was "cheaper" to chose Boxing or Karate, we ended up choosing Boxing

The classes were like this. We choose a day(generally the next day) and classes started after school as an extracurricular activity. The class place was inside the facility(no teleport) and was in a place similar to a gym with typical boxing equipment but at the right size for children. The place also had a big tv screen and a robot in the middle

As for how the class went, first, you use your wristband before entering inside the classroom.  If before the class ended there were more than 20, the next one would be free, and if it happened again, you would get a free class one more time. Still, ones it reached 30, you couldn't enter the class. Boxing reached 20 pretty often, so it was a great class to take

Well, after entering the class, the monitor would start and the "sensei" would start sending instructions.It usually started with a light run to warm up, followed by some training exercises and ended with a light spar (with globes)

The first few classes, I paired up with Meg since no one wanted to fight against a werewolf, but later, we realised that Meg coming to the classes was pointless since she wasn't in control in most of her fights and because she fought with her nails(more like claws actually) boxing wasn't really useful for her

In the end, only Mei and I went to the classes while Meg took a nap or played around. On the plus side, we made acquaintances with most of the class since it was beneficial for all of us if we worked together so we could get free classes. We were more like a Wassapp group than friends, but at least, we knew each other names and faces more or less and sometimes say hi if we walked by

But this happened slowly and over time, and before all this, I had to go through a lot of stuff in this wonderful facility

Like receiving a duel request from the vomit slip guy 3 days after our fight
Note: Thanks for the Help Neiden ::) I guess I need to pay attention to for/from now besides the been/being :P

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