I knew it was coming

Meg had her first fight already, and Mei her second, so it was about time I got mine

I received a message on my phone, saying that my fight had already been decided and that I had to go to teleported T-25 at 5 PM

I didn't know who I was fighting, or even what type of fight it was, only the time and place, with the option of betting in my favor for double the points

The a-s holes really wanted to foment gambling in kids....

Luckily, I wasn't the type to take risks, especially when I had few points to bet. I only had 26 at the time and 20 of those were thanks to the biography, a 1-time thing

So, I wanted to win

The three of us spend 2 points each and watched different fights recorded in the system, so we could develop different tactics

What we found out was that there were different types of powers, and you could pùt them among 2 groups, and among those groups there were levels

Kids powers were usually pure or mix. I was a mix of reinforcement and mental increase with the support of drugs and nanobots. Mei and Meg, on the other hand, were pure, with only 1 type of improvement and support of drugs and nanobots. Everyone had the support of drugs and nanobots, but they could have from o to 3 extra powers

By 0, I mean that the person only had a stupid amount of nanobots or drugs on their body. With a stupid amount of nanobots, you could heal your body and others really fast. Drugs, on the other hand,  didn't feel pain and unlocked all the body potential(limiters the human body had so it wouldn't break) leaving them half dead after a fight

The extra powers were Psychic powers(Mei), Chimera(Meg), Body reinforcement(me), Mental increase(me) and Cyborg parts

Of course, there were different types in each category and a different level of power. You had the balance type, that had good power and performance, and the unstable type, that had great power but big side effects

What did all this mean to me? Well, since I was a jack of all trades I didn't have a weakness but I also didn't have a strong point. When fighting an enemy, instead of using the same trick over and over again, I had to change my strategy according to the enemy, striking their weak point. Basically, the more I knew about the enemy, the better

I didn't realise that at the beginning actually. I just watched the videos to get a better grasp of how the fights went and what type of enemies I should expect

And it helped a lot. To be honest, the first thing I thought after watching a few fights was that I seriously didn't want to fight a chimera like Meg

I realised after watching a few chimera fights and talking with Meg after her fight, that they usually lost their consciousness in a fight and they go on a rampage. They didn't go for the kill, but a beast throwing everything they had without a care looked really scary for young me

Of course, going full killing machine had their good parts and bad parts, like all, but for young me, a monster coming with what looked like intent to kill was really scary. I even had to watch some horror movies to get over the fear

Luckily, my first fight wasn't ageinst a chimera

The day of the fight, I pumped myself up before the fight and went to the teleport after Meg and Mei wished me good luck

I was really nervous since it would be my first real fight ever. Before, if I ever run into trouble, I followed my brother Max advise and run for my life

Sadly, I couldn't run from this fight. There was no escape, I had to win or lose, no middle ground

Still, when I arrived at T-25, I was a little scared. Not only because of the fight but also was the teleport thingy. I never had used a teleported before(actually, not my first time, I was just knock out then) so it was kind of intimidating. I knew teleporting wasn't uncommon in today society thanks to the thinker that made it open source, but it isn't exactly common

Besides the expensive price of hiring an expert (you don't want to hire a newbie since it can easily kill you) and buying it parts, the energy cost of 1 is astronomical, and those guys had 45, and that was in one part of the facility, there were a lot more in different parts of it. The guys really didn't save money in expenses

And let me tell you, as someone that had to do it a lot of times, teleporting sucks. For starters, there is the fear of not being correctly deconstructed and reconstructed at some place else (something that happens from time to time), and even if you aren't afraid of that, you usually fell like sh-t after doing it

It's almost unavoidable actually. You have to suffer a sudden change in pressure and atmosphere, sudden movement of who knows what distance and your body is deconstructed and reconstructed in the blink of an eye. Not getting affected by that is really really hard

So I don't feel ashamed of showing what I eat for lunch that day. Well, not really really ashamed at least. Doing that is never something you feel proud of

To be honest, I was sweating more than a hooker in a church. I am surprised I didn't do it before the match or even when I got inside the teleporter and had to wait a few minutes until the match started

I even managed to hold it when the countdown before I was teleported started, but as soon as I arrived at the place.....

Hello hamburger and fries, I hope you like the floor

It took me a minute to get my composure back and see my surroundings. The place I was teleported to was actually the place I saw the most in the videos. It was a big white room with nothing in it except some cameras, a door, me and the guy I was supposed to fight

The other guy was a 6 years old black boy with long black hair and seriously buffed legs. It didn't take a genius to realise he was a runner. Usually, if they were seriously buffed, they were of the pure reinforcement type. There were some seriously buffed with an extra power, but those were the experimental type, and usually quite unstable

The reinforcement type came in different categories. There was the serious buffed type in individual parts, like legs or arms, and the whole buffed body. I belonged to the whole body type, and they usually were less buffed than the buffed parts, but still buffed overall

The only reason I wasn't seriously buffed was because I also had increased mental capabilities, so to not break my body and mind, they couldn't buff me too much. Well, maybe they didn't buff me too much so I could move faster, making me Mohamed Ali and the full reinforcement type Mike Tyson

It was like an RPG if a normal person had 10 in each stat, I had 15 in strength, agility endurance, speed and intelligence while others had 20, 25 or 30 in some and 10 in the rest

At first glance, at least, the other guy probably had 25 in speed and maybe 15 in strength and endurance. But in the end, it was only a guess that came because he had buffed legs

At the time, I wasn't thinking in numerical numbers, but he did give the impression that he relied on his legs mostly

So, what did I do? First, I jump backwards a little bit to gain some distance, and put a battle stance like I saw in some videos, then I waited

Since the guy would run at full speed as soon as the countdown started, my best bet was to hold my ground and hope for a lucky hit

"Battle Start in 5"(Voice) started the countdown

The other guy also put some runner stance and started to get ready


I could see his face full of confidence, already believing in his victory


Me? I was getting scared more and more by the second



Yeah, I could hear my own heartbeat going louder and louder


Full adrenaline rush. My perception of time increased by at least 3 times, making everything look slower, one of my powers I guess

But even with my enhanced perception, and seeing everything slower, I was seeing a bullet coming at me at full speed. It was like seeing a truck coming at you, and your legs gave up thanks to the fear

Why wouldn't I be? It was my first proper fight, against a super-strong boy that came with the full intent of hurting me

I could see him get closer and closer, meanwhile, I was paralysed by fear and didn't know what to do. I was scared, ok!?


15 meters

10 meters

5 meters

2 meters

He approached me at an unbelievable speed for a 6 years boy while I was completely paralysed by fear. I could even see him clenching his fist and preparing a hook to the head with a smug look on his face full of confidence

So you are probably thinking, this is the part where I conquer my fear and strike the bastard or get hit at full speed and get my head blown over to the other side of the room, right?

Well, wrong in both accounts

The guy was just about to hit me in the face when he suddenly slipped for some reason. I was still watching everything in slow motion, so I could see his smug face change to one of confusion and then panic as he slowly approached the ground

Me? My panic was suddenly exchanged for a realisation that it was my chance. I didn't know why he slipped, but seeing him defenseless, even if it was for less than a second, give me the courage (or at least, the reflex) to strike back

I just moved my knee to his falling head and landed a beautiful hit to the face

Note: Thanks for the help Neiden :) and by yhe way, hooker on church joke 

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