"Mei, good to see ya"(me)

I didn't notice her when I came inside or during breaks thanks to Meg constant bugging and Mei being in the back, but when Meg was dragging me away to go eat something, I just managed to catch a glimpse of her so I approach her

"Oh! Sara! I thought I would never see you again, where were you? I have been here a week and I never saw you"(Mei)

"You have being here a week already? I woke up in my room yesterday"(me)

"Ah! I guess we just didn't arrive at the same time..."(Mei)

Yeah, turned out people didn't arrive at the same time since some projects took more time than others. By the way, Meg came from a different batch that arrived before us, it's just that her development took a longer time

Also, I had no idea what date it was, since the phone only say the time and day(Monday, Friday, Saturday, etc)

"I guess so..."(Me)

"Is that "lovely" werewolf your friend?"(Mei) said a little scared

I then realized I forgot to introduce Meg, and she looked a little angry since she was being ignored

"Sorry about that, yes. Meg, I present you the lovely Mei, I met her the first day at the place they did all those tests. Mei, she is Meg, my roommate"(me)

"Hi"(Mei) said a little shyly

"Hi! can we get food now? I am hungry"(Meg) said a little disinterested

I wouldn't say she wasn't interested because she was unsocial, it was simply because food was her number one priority most of the time

Ok! Ok! it is a lie! it was her priority all the time

Especially meat, she even screamed meat in her dreams and sometimes even ate her pillow by accident

If I could read minds, I am sure half her thought would be about meet

"Fine, let's go. You coming with us Mei?"(me) Asked just in case, since she may had other friends

"Ok"(Mei) on the other hand easily agreed

And that's how Mei joined our group, and the three of us went to the dinner

As you can probably guess, it was full of people at the time we arrived so we had no choice but to grab a plate and eat outside

We went to the "park" near all the rooms and just sit on a set of stairs while holding a tray

At first, we ate quietly, but after a while, I started asking some questions about the place, about her and what she had being doing so far

Mei told me she had telekinetic powers (awoken artificially) that basically allowed her to move stuff with her mind. In a fight, she could slow down or even stop her enemy or throw stuff at them from a distance

She wasn't a Jedi, so mass actually mattered when she was levitating stuff, but it could be annoying to fight her. In team fights, she was great since she worked as support, but in 1v1, it was hard since it was difficult for her to finish the enemy

For example, her first fight that she had 2 days before we met her, she fought against a cyborg and she told me how it went. When she tried to throw stuff, he just blocked with his metal arms, and the metal arms had a long distance laser on them, so when she tried to slow him down, he just shot at her, so she had to use her powers to mess with his aim. In the end, she got tired both physically and mentally and lost with one punch from the other guy

Fights in the facility were like that, some had an advantage over specific powers but were weak against others, or work best under specific situations. Still, how you use your powers made all the difference in the end

Anyways, she told me that for what they told her, you usually get at least 5 days break up to even 13 days break(Monday to Sunday of the following week) but we could fight more times if we wanted

If two agreed, they could fight against each other and even bet points, or you could sign up for random battles whenever you wanted

Since the Facility battles were random battles if you did, at least, one before they assigned you one, it counted for the week, but you could do one every day if you wanted (but only 1 per day)

Mei also told me about "missions" that you could check on one of the apps for the phone

Basically, they were stuff you could do that would give you points like  "helping the new guys" that Susan did for 10 points

By the way, you could get 10 extra points each month if you reported your activities every day in a journal and 20 points in total if you told your biography. Most of the information you are reading right now come from me doing both during my stay in the facility that I also kept in a USB flash drive(bought with points)

Still, I had the sense of omitting anything related to Cat or most of my arrangement with Uncle Muscle in my "biography" since I remembered the conversation they had when they kidnaped me and I didn't want to get them in trouble. I did mention all my time with Max, John, and Jess in hope of maybe finding them in the facility since I still believed at the time that they would be there

I mean, the first week I spend checking everyone in the facility in hope of maybe seeing one of them (unsuccessfully of course)

You know what the saddest thing is? When I was writing my biography, and remembering everything that happened in the factory, thanks to the sh-t they did to improve my memory and the drugs that stop me from getting depressed, I could remember a lot more of what happened that day. I won't say I remember everything perfectly, but part of me knew at the time they should be dead, and I still refused to admit it, I still wanted to believe they were in the facility

I just avoided thinking too deep about it

I was like a kid that saw Santa lose his beard in the mall and still refused to believe Santa was fake

Well, let's stop with the depressing stuff and let's go back to the story

After we finished eating, we kept talking about different stuff while Meg suddenly decided to take a nap

Mei told me about some stuff about herself, and I told her some about me. It turned out that the reason she didn't get along with her roommate was because she was actually her second roommate. The first roommate disappeared one day(probably dead)  and she just didn't want to get close to another one. So, With no roommate, no one she knew, being a little shy, and finding herself in a strange environment, Mei couldn't make any friend this last week

Luckily, she wasn't bullied or something like that, just lonely

Not like there wasn't any bullying in the facility. If you beat someone in a fight that person was an a-s, that boy/girl would come after the fight with two or three friends and beat the crap out of you if you didn't have friends to back you up, or beat you when you were alone

Well, there were those that picked on the weakest guys just for fun like in any other place

The only good thing here was that you could "pay" half your points to the facility in exchange for protection. Your wristband would change color and anyone that messed with you (as long as it was unprovoked) would get punished by the facility

Luckily, we were 3 and fairly strong, so as long as we didn't mess with any big group, we were fine

We even spend the next few days without troubles

We woke up around 8, went for breakfast, went to class, eat again, chat, went to an extra class the days we had gym in the morning( 3 times a week), play at the playground, tried some of the free apps and even went to some of the reacreation rooms

For 1 point per hour, 4 people could watch from a selection of movies and tv series, so we enede up spending 2 points each and watched some tv shows

Of course, there were other recreations rooms like an arcade, console and PC gaming, pool, karaoke, and some more. Each with diferent pricesis

Since we only have 10 points each, watching movies were one of the cheapest

Anyways, we spend our days like that, until I got a notification on the phone

My first fight

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